Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Digging deep...the mental over physical battle

Today brought in a 120 minute run.  The run was broke down into:

  • 30 minutes at LRP-8:40-9:10
  • 2x12 minutes at HMP - 7:03 with 5 minute at LRP in between the two
  • 40 minutes at LRP
  • 15 minutes at MP - 7:20
  • then 5 minutes light jogging or walking
It was going to be a mental/physical battle from step one.  I was still feeling the effects of over pushing the bike yesterday and the brick run.  Just felt fatigued.  When I got out of bed all the thoughts were damn I have a two hour run today.  Poured a few cups of coffee, kissed my wife goodbye and wished her a great day at work and off I went.

First 5 minutes were really tough, lets were tight, hamstrings were pulling and my itb's were screaming at their neighbor the hamstrings cause they were so tight therefore making the ITB's work harder.  They just were not playing nice today with each other.  So I stopped for a minute, stretched, choked out the ITB's with my straps and off we went.  I finished strong and tired therefore knowing I put a good workout in.

Towards the end when I had to speed back up for the MP I was not happy and was hurting.  I thought to myself well all my training partners that are using this plan are all in the same boat and this is nothing like the pain will be on 9/11 so I fought through the physical part and just carried on a conversation with my brain and we got through it just fine.  

Ended the day with 15.3 miles.  Then sat in the hot tub and drank a liter of water.  Rest of the day will stretch a few times and take a nap.

Have a great day.  

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Greg said...

Hey Man,

Strong work! Those long workouts right in the middle of the plan were always the worst. Another day closer!