Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July the build to Madison

Just a quick note to let you know the build is in full effect for Ironman Wisconsin. This is my tripple A race and I have set a goal that I feel is attainable. We will see come Sept 9, 2012. It all starts at 0700 when the cannon fires and all hell breaks loose in Lake Manona.

 I have been labeled, "Lil Liebs" by a individual and I just want to say with all my heart and soul, "THANKS"!!!! I could not have asked for a better "Label". Mr. Liberman is one of the most outgoing, out spoken, hardest working individual you will ever meet. To be called "Lil Liebs" I just hope I can keep up with him. Liebs I will give it my best shot. To the labeler if you will maybe someday you will be able to hold a match to him. Note I said a match (singular).

I was told that 3 Ironman events (Long course) in one year is just not feasable and well pretty much couldn't be done.  Well I am holding strong my friends :).  My goal is to finish each one under the 17 hour time frame and with a smile on my face.  When I finish my 3rd I will smile, laugh, and then have a cold one for me and then for those of YOU who think this was impossible.  KABOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!

Currently I am in week 4 of my 12 week advanced plan. Again my training is with endurance nation. My swim, bike, and run are all stronger then they have ever been. It is good to see all the hard work is paying off. Really only 6 more weeks of really digging and giving it all each workout and then the slow taper starts. Works out have been 7 days a week and usually 2x a day. One in the morning followed by caloris, nap, work, stretch and then the 2nd in the evening. This also allows the body to somewhat recover that way I can give that second workout 100% vs 75-80%. I still do brick off the bike but only once a week.

My current week of workouts are at a glance:

Monday-Intervals on the track x 60 min and a 60 min swim again these are usually intervals. 

Tuesday-Swim-60 minutes. This is always a minimum of 4200 yards for me. I follow the guidance of EN but make my own workout up. This is usually followed by a 45 minute run. On this run we concentrate on strides and do 8-10 sets.

Wednesday-This is my brick day. So I start with a 90 min bike and this is a WORKOUT. FTP's followed by a 30-45 minute run. The run starts out at my EP (easy pace) and then we finish with HMP (half marathon pace).

Thursday-This is always my long run. No run ever exceeds 2 hours and 30 minutes. The runs are easy pace in beginning, then the work is in the middle and end again with easy pace. So for ex. 30 min at EP, then 2x10 min at HMP (7:00), then 20 min at EP, then 20 min at MP (7:20) then finish out remainder as you feel. Towards the end of the 12 weeks the focus switches to Ironman pace. So the first hour will be my LRP then try and hold the rest of the workout at my MP. Workout number two for this day is usually 60 minutes of stretching and Yoga.

Friday-usually a 45 min run with hills and strides. Workout #2 is a 60-90 min swim. Again here I shoot for 4000 yards. I do the prescribed EN workout but always make my warm up 500 easy with some drills and 500 yards at race pace. 

The weekends are where the brunt of the biking is done.

Saturday is 4+ hours and this usually involves close to an hour of functional threshold work, followed by .80-.85 intensity sets then finish off at ironman pace. This is often a brick of 20-30 minutes.

Sunday is a 3.5+ hour day on the bike. For me Sundays are the hardest day. After a 20-30 minute warm up the goal is to ride most of the ride at .80-.85 intensity. This is also followed by a 20-30 min run.

Most of my weeks are 13-15 hours. I peak a few weeks at 18-19 hours but that is usually when the weekend involves a race rehersal. A race rehersal consists of a 112 mile bike ride followed by a 6 mile run. Depending on your FTP and vDOT this could take up to 7 hours to complete.

Looking forward to the next few weeks. We are headed to Pierre, South Dakota to visit with my wife's family. While there it will be nice to train with a different view. Also planning on fishing a few days and just relaxing with the family and kids. It will be nice to get away.

After a week in South Dakota we head straight to Okiboji, Iowa for a quick weekend. This has started to be an annual visit for us. We meet up with the Morris's there. Troy and I partake in the sprint tri they have there. Nice course and fast. Growing by gaggles every year. We took on the marathon a couple of years ago and swore we would never do that again. If you like heat, humidity, hills, and a double loop of hills then this is the spot for you. BUT if you like a sprint a 500 yard or so swim with the buoys as floating black tires, a 18 mile bike course with lots of traffic :), then a run that you just really never know the distance then please join us. It truly is a blast.

We then come home for 4 days then head to Madison, Wisc for 4 days of some heavy training on the Ironman Wisconsin bike and run course. Looking forward to the training. Well that abouts wraps up whats been going on.

Once again none of this could be possible without the total support of my family. I know I say this but probably not enough. Thanks a million Alison-my beautiful wife, my children Keegan and Olivia, and our sponsors!!!!