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Friday, July 26, 2013

Ironman Racine 70.3 report

Ironman Racine 70.3 Race Report 2013

Travel Time ~ 6 hours from Altoona, Iowa and the route we took was two pay tolls.  

Arrived in Racine, Wisconsin on Friday and after checking into the Hotel(Super 8) which was about 5 miles from the race.

We went directly to the swim venue and decided to take a dip.  We seen several people laying on the beach cause it was like 88 degrees and a blazing sun but not many in the water including the children.  After speaking with the lifeguard he said the current shifted and took all the top warm water out and brought in some nice cold crisp water.  He stated last week the water was 76 and today it was around 54. I thought to myself hmmmm when I raced St George it was 62 and tolerable so this is going to be brrrrr.

Well on went the wet suits and out we went.  Holy balls batman was it cold.  I mean it was so cold it hurt my feet and hands.  After standing in it for awhile hoping my body would adjust I just said the hell with it and went under water and started to swim.  After ~ 20 strokes up I came cause my hands were stinging/hurting along with my face and ears.  I then tried this 4-5 more times and became frustrated thinking there is just no way I can swim 1.2 miles in this on race day.  So we went back to the car and put on our running shoes and ran one loop of the run course.  Hit a few hills, seen the back of the zoo and lots of beautiful scenery.  Wish I had taken more pictures.  We ran into several other athletes and they seem as frustrated or scared is a better word about the water temp and race day.  I decided to take a deep breath and told myself we are all in the same boat.  We then went and picked up our race packets to get this out of the way before the crowd came on Saturday.  It was pain free  and fast.

Saturday we slept in a little then backed up the car with the bikes and stuff and back to the race venue we went.  We met up with a couple other teammates and then road one loop of the run course to be sure the bikes were ready to go.  We then checked in the bikes and went back to swim.  A huge difference for me it was in one day.  The water temp was now ~ 60-62 degrees but very tolerable.  I was able to swim for about 30 minutes non-stop and it was just right for me.  Plan was still to wear silicone earplugs and two caps. 

Race Plan/Goals

I was not sure what to expect for the race cause I was coming off a huge build week(500 miles of biking, 58 miles of running, and 15 miles of swimming) after spending a week in Madison riding and running the course.  So I told myself to get through the swim, hammer the bike, and just hang on for the run.  That all changes though the once we toe the start line.  We are just competitive beasts in nature. 

SWIM: Goal under 40 minutes after seeing the conditions
Actual Time: 40:04

In the morning the announcer stated it was very rough at the break but he was meaning told about 300 yards off shore it is much calmer so not to worry.  Note when starting the swim you swim out three buoys or about three hundred yards.  I laughed out loud cause I have been told that so many times and it was very obvious it was going to be a rough swim.  Afterwards a friend of mine whom was volunteering posted pictures of one of the rescue boats being overturned by the rough waters and the kayaks and boards having a very difficult time staying the course.  Another friend whom had some complications and had to DNF posted some statistics and it appeared about 75 peeps DNF's just from the swim.  

My goal was to simply stay inside my box and when I felt as if I was loosing my composure to just slow my stroke down and take it one stroke at a time.  The first 300 yards, which consisted of us swimming out to the first right hand turn was a blast for me.  We were able to high step and dolphin dive for about the first 100 yards then we were swimming and fighting through the break.  Once we made the right had turn the tide was trying to push us towards the shore but I was able to keep a verily straight line and found myself sighting every 6-7 strokes.  One thing I noted was the taste of diesel in the water.  There were 4 yellow sighting buoys then 4 red ones then we made a right hand turn and headed towards the shore.  During the swim I found myself needing to shorten my stroke in order to fight through the breaks.  Once in awhile when sighting I was not able to see the next buoy so tried following feet and bubbles.  Noted several swimmers hanging on to the floating docks, buoys, and boats.  Finally 300 yards or so left and I am telling you I thought the tide would just push me into the beach but not so lucky the rip tide was horrible and it was pushing and pulling us.  So I just kicked and swam as hard as I could until both hands hit the sand.  I then stood up and started high kneeing it to the shore.  I was able to get my wet suit down to the waist.  Then exited and note this is one of the longest transitions from swim to bike I have seen BUT they had wet suit strippers.  BIG BONUS!!!! 

T1-I actually took my time grabbed a Roctane GU and drank a bottle of perform I had laid out.  Then away I went. 

BIKE: Goal was 2:30 or better
Actual: 2:28:32 -Speed: 22.62 mph---PR
Bike: Cervelo P3
Gearing: Crank 53/39 and rear cassette 11/28
Wheels-Front-Zipp 404 Firecrest and rear Zipp 808 Firecrest with a G3 Power meter
Tires-Front-Conti 4000s size 23 and the rear Conti 4000s 20.  
Goal intensity: 80-85%, Actual was .80 so I was happy
one three hour bottle of Infinit, 3 roctane GU’s, one bottle of Perform and one bottle of water

I was told the bike course had several turns on it so was worried about keeping the speed and power up as well as being told how rough the course was.  I decided not to drive or bike the course cause I wanted it to be a surprise. 

The first few miles I just sit back and relaxed sipping on some Infinit.  Right out of T1 we had that baby hill and I couldn’t believe all the people standing up and grinding the hell out of their bikes and quads.  I thought to myself I will be seeing a lot of peeps walking this run. 

I actually really enjoyed the bike course and the roads were no rougher then what I am use to training on here in Iowa.  Same with the wind.  The Midwest is windy so it truly didn’t bug me but I do think every turn we made the wind was there to greet us head on J.  

I was able to hold my power during the climbs and descents.  I powered through the corners and was able to stay aero 97% of the time. 

I started in wave 14 so once I started passing some of the females (note I say this because they were all in the first several waves)  I knew I was making good progress.  The last 5 miles of the bike I was able to hold 275 watts and an ave of 26 mph.  I was not suffering at all and felt as if I could have cont to ride.  About 1 mile out I took my feet out of my shoes and allowed the puppies to breath cause they were hot.

My variable index ended up at 1.04 which means I was able to ride a very steady ride. 

Bike Details Division Rank: 22
Split Name
Split Time
Race Time
Div. Rank
Overall Rank
Gender Rank
30 mi
30 mi
22.96 mi/h

56 mi
26 mi
22.24 mi/h

56.0 mi
22.62 mi/h

T2-came off the bike and again didn’t push it very hard.  I actually put on a pair of socks cause I noted a few hot spots on the bottom of both feet.  Ate a Bonk Breaker, drank another Perform, went to the bathroom for the first time…..ahhhhh and off I went. 

RUN: Goal 1:45
Actual: 1:43:02

Out on the run course I went out not knowing really what to expect or how the body would handle it and the heat.  I had to make myself walk a few times cause when I looked down at my watch I was running a 6:45 and I knew that meant one thing only: I would blow up and literally shart myself.  After mile one I came upon my coach Rich of EN and he said, “remember 3-7-3” and it clicked.  I was able to settle into a comfortable pace for the first three miles, then drop my pace to my HMP(half marathon pace) for the next 7 miles and finally the last 3 miles I just emptied the tank and the body responded.  Around mile 9 I had to go to my spot that only I know how to unlock it and when this happened I actually became very emotional, shed a few tears, and felt very light on my feet.  I was smiling ear to ear now and felt like a damn locomotive on the course.  The run course was like a small war zone – people walking, sitting, stretching everywhere versus running.  I was able to run the entire course but my treat was every nutrition stop I walked from the beginning of the first table to the last.  I drank one water and one Perform.  Around mile 9 I started drinking one Coke and one water.  It got very hot on the second loop.  I ended up having a great run and when I came down the last hill and into the finishing chute I could not quit smiling for I knew I was pretty darn close to going sub 5 hours for the first time.  I found out my time about 40 minutes later when I made it back to my car and my wife had texts my times and splits to me.  A few first pumps  and a huge smile it was time to go watch my teammates finish their first 70.3.

Rank: 19
Overall Rank: 184

Altoona IA
Fire Fighter

Closing out this race report I just want to say it was a true pleasure racing with both of my teams: Endurance Nation and IM4RM.  I got to meet several of you that have joined us on the Ironman Wisconsin 2013 Facebook site and met some old friends I had not seen for awhile. 

Looking forward to seeing many of you Aug 1-4th at the Endurance Nation Triathlon Rally in Madison, Wisconsin and then during Race week in Sept. 

Remember this is 90% mental !!!!!!

Carl F. Noftser

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