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Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 11/12....The numbers are in

Well the taper is in full effect now for Ironman Wisconsin.  All the pains that weren't present before are now upon me.  All I ask is please keep the sickness away!!  Lots of hand washing and keeping low for the next 9 days.

Its been quite the ride over the last 12 weeks.  After St George I took a week completely off and then banged out two big bike weeks then back to swimming and slowly introduced running with the high intensity stuff being last.  It was a great transition and will follow those guidelines if possible again for Ironman Cozumel which takes place Nov 25, 2012.

Well the numbers below are starting May first through August 31.  Ironman Wisc is my AAA race and looking to have a great race despite the time on the clock at the end of the day.  This is the race I will push myself to a place my body has never been before.  Still not planning on bringing the suck to me and really hoping not to feel it till around mile 22 of the run.  From there I will reach deep and hopefully be able to pull out some magic dust and finish strong~!!!!

I am very meticulous about my training logs.  I use Garmin Connect software for everything and WKO which is a software with Training Peaks.  The numbers below are from May 1st through August 31.

Count:177 Activities May-Aug
Distance:2,834.80 mi
Time:222:12:02 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:120,243 ft
Avg Speed:18.8 mph
Calories:114,773 C
Max Distance:118.47 mi
Max Power:785 W
Avg Power:171 W
Avg Bike Cadence: 88 rpm

Total running miles: May-Aug

Activities Count:63
Distance: 670.36 mi
Time: 57:09:25 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:12,593 ft
Avg Speed:7.0 mph
Calories:33,489 C
Max Distance:26.14 mi(This was Ironman St George)

Total Swimming Miles: May-Aug

Count:49 Activities
Distance:51.01 mi
Time:35:13:27 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:0 ft
Avg Speed:1.5 mph
Calories:12,185 C
Max Distance:2.67 mi

Total bike miles by the month: (From WKO)

Aug-2012 35:51:22 hours 681.93 miles
Jul-2012 41:04:41 hours 767.86 miles (EN Tri Rally included)
Jun-2012 33:56:46 hours 637.56 miles
May-2012 35:36:33 hours 655.80 miles (Including St George) (Training started for IM Wisc)
Apr-2012 32:00:58 hours 583.61 miles
Mar-2012 48:58:40 hours 827.62 miles 
Feb-2012 29:53:39 hours 493.96 miles (Training started for IM St George)
Jan-2012 28:19:12 hours 493.54 miles (Outseason)
Dec-2011 16:59:26 hours 257.18 miles (Outseason)
Nov-2011 22:07:31 hours 319.69 miles (Outseason)
Oct-2011 19:27:12 hours 369.78 miles (Outseason)

May-Aug Total miles = 2,743.15
Oct-Aug = 6,088.53 miles!!!!  Lots of buttocks time.......

As you can see from the numbers above this has been my second full time job.  Special thanks to my wife Alison whom has allowed me to partake in this hobby.  I work as a full time firefighter so I am on 24 hours and off 48 hours which makes the training hours more conducive.  I also work in the Pediatric ER and have only been working 8 hours a month just to keep my status par.  These workouts have been two a days and sometimes three times a day.  I workout, eat, try and nap, and workout again.  Often meeting training partners at 0400 in the morning and knocking out a 5 hour bike my 0900 then getting the run in and done by 10.  This way I have time to shower, take a short nap, and spend time with the family.  On several occasions I was on the road by 0330 and getting my workouts done before going to the fire department at 0600.  Therefore, after Wisc some downtime, family time will be needed before ramping back up for Ironman Cozumel.  We are excited to be traveling with the family and spending Thanksgiving together in this Carribean destination.

Finished my last big bike wko today.  Now it is all baby steps.  The hay is stacked high in the barn and ready to roll.  Now to stay loose, stretch, and healthy.

See you on the roads!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ironman number 2/3 approaching

Well I have made it to week 10 of 12 of this training plan!!  Please note I am just going to throw down in this blog what comes to mind.  Hope you don't mind.

Ironman Wisconsin sits on the Horizon now waiting for me.  The next 2.5 weeks for me consists of a very slow taper.  Now its time to be safe, stay injury free, and healthy.

This past weekend was my last race rehearsal which consisted of a hundred plus mile ride at my goal watts for the race and a 6 mile run at my goal pace.  We have trained hard over the past several weeks doing functional thresholds, super sets or VO2 max, and countless hours of riding and running to hone in this.   We were able to bring the 100 miles in at 5:14 but we were at .714 intensity.  The goal was to ride at .70.  Even though we were slightly over our TSS (training stress score) was only 266.  My goal for Wisc is to keep it under 300.  So what is TSS?  I am glad you asked.
It is explained in detail here:
During the ride we climbed ~ 4000 feet  and descended approx the same.
The Ironman Wisc bike course according to the website is:
I am not worried about speed on the bike.  Going to follow by goal watts to a T and whatever else happens will happen.

The past twelve weeks has been a blast training with others doing the race on 9/9/12.  Caleb Pike a teammate of IM4RM-  It has been a treat training this season and knowing we are doing this race for a cause and a meaning.  Mrs. Aryn Flood-this chicka when be chicking several men during the swim, bike, and run.  She has a lofty goal in mind so be on the look out for her.  Steve Mayberry-who swears he is over 50 years old but trains and competes like a young buck!!, Troy Morris(Power Twin)-rain, shine, blizzard, biking in 20 degree weather, hail, wind, we have trained through it all, Austin and Tyler Vander Linden(The V brothers), Jonathon Meyer-my so called swimming coach.  I made it point to swim with him cause he pushed me in the water.  I didn't have a choice and my times improved over the past twelve weeks.  Nothing out laddish but now swimming comfortably at 1:27-1:30 per 100 yards and able to go for 4000 yards, Kari Wiklund, Jonathon Barlow-the training partner who pushes me beyond my limits on the intervals.  I can't thank you enough for all the early morning runs and track workouts.

Onto the vampire....meaning the ones who got up as early as 0345 to ride with the moon.  Dr. Chad Johnson.  Note Chad is also training for an endurance event of his own called: RAID-Ride Across Iowa in a Day on Sept 29th.  Note there is a full and half version of this.  If you are looking for a fall challenge of your own check it out here:
Most of the mentioned above also ride early but not sure they truly embrace it like Chad and I do :).  Nothing like hitting it at 0345 and being done with a century ride at 0845!!

Need to give a HUGE shout out to Kyle Robinson and his crew at Kyles Bikes.
My bike has been in and out of his store several times and before my races he goes through the bike with a fine tooth comb.  I waited a little to long this last time.  My bike had not had a tune up since St George and well I put approx 2600 miles on it.  Well white lightning needed a tube up really bad, two new Conti 4000 tires, tubes, bar tape, tires trued up.  It was ugly $$ wise but was wayyyyyy needed.  They also found what appears to be two cracks in her carbon frame.  We are not sure if it is a crack or the paint but sure looks suspicious.  Safe to ride though he assured me.  Top notch service and prompt.  If you need anything bike, running, tri, etc check them out.  You can order online from their TriSupply store at:

As my 12 week plan is coming to a close and the race gets closer I have to say I feel stronger, more flexible, and better prepared for this race then I did for Ironman St. George.  This race is my AAA race and I am hoping for the best.  This week we slowly bring down the bike and run.  My longest bike of the week will be 3 hours and my longest run is 90 min.  Next week it is 2 hours and 70 min.  The swimming remains pretty steady this week.  3 days of 3000 plus yards.  For me the hardest part about the taper is my diet.  I feel like I am starving but can't consume the same amount of calories cause I am not burning as much.  I also crave pure junk food!!!!!!

Today's workout was an hour bike.  So the workouts are shorter but the intensity seems higher.  Of the 60 minutes forty five of those minutes were rode at 95-100%.
Bike Wko from today:
This was followed by a 1.70 mile or 3000 yard swim.

After Ironman Wisc I am taking two weeks off with the exception of a few fun races then will slowly creep back into another ~ 8-9 week plan to get me through Ironman Cozumel.

Well that's it until next week.

Be safe out there!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 9/12

Well week nine is finally here!!  This is my last hard week prior to tapering for Wisc.  Feel like I am peaking again at the right time.  Now just to be able to really keep the diet in check during the taper.  I am riding at 3.9 watts/kg which will really assist me in Wisc on the hills.

On top of this I was lucky enough to get a severe sinus infection and bronchitis.  Finishing up a dose of Prednisone which has me totally wired and a strong bout of Amoxicillin.  Hoping it knocks it out of me cause it really settled into the chest area.

So this week being the last big one really in perspective isn't all that bad.  It looks like this:
Run to include: 15 min Wu with 4x30 strides, then 3x1 mile repeats with a .25 mile recovery.  Run the remaining time at your HMP.
Swim for 60 min to include: WU: 200
MS1: 16 x 100 (20"), as 50 Sprint, 50 Easy Set Total: 1600
MS2: 16 x 50 (20") as 25 Sprint, 25 Easy Set Total: 800
CD: 200 easy
Total: ~2800

Only a swim but a little longer...May switch Monday and Tuesdays swim.  I have to work a 24 hour shift at the FD on Tuesday therefore must do the swim prior to and Mondays is a little less yardage.

The Workout:
WU: 200
MS: 6 x 500(30") @ your RR pace minus 2-3". Set Total: 3000
CD: 100 Easy
Total: ~3300

This is out last test day prior to Ironman Wisc.  This is to test your FTP (Functional Threshold).  I will not be doing the final test d/t the fact I am comfortable at racing at the power number I am currently at.  Again I am riding around 3.9 watts/kg.  Should get my bike back tomorrow from Kyle's Bikes where I had the front crank which is a 53/39 changed into a compact 50/34, new tires, wheels trued up, and new bar tape placed.  Plan is to take it out for a nice 2-3 hour ride and do some .8--.85 intensity riding.  

Last run over two hours!!!!  This will be a 2.5-3 hour run.  Looking for 18-22 miles.  First hour will be around a 9 min pace then hope to finish off with 8:15-8:30's.  

This will consist of my last swim race rehearsal test prior to Ironman Wisc.  So a 500 warm up then 4200 yards.  I will split out each 1000 and try and negative split each of them.  I have to play head games in the pool otherwise I start to go a little crazy.  I can only stare at that black line for so long.  

My last bike/run race rehearsal!!!!  This will consist of 112 mile bike or 6 hours whichever comes first.  The goal is to ride this at my Ironman race pace.  I will be racing Wisc ~ .71-.72 intensity.  Therefore around 182 watts for power.  Should be a nice comfortable ride.  Shooting for a TSS around 290-300.  This will hopefully set me up for the marathon to follow.  Coming off the bike Saturday we have a nice 6 mile run or one hour whichever comes first.  Again this will be at Ironman pace.  So first 3 miles at 9 min and second 3 at 8:15-8:30's.

After this week my slow three week taper starts.  Its nothing overly aggressive but more if a slow steady decrease in all three disciplines.  This will be my second Ironman of the year but my Triple A race.  Again my only goal is to execute this race to a T and come down that finishing chute and cross that line hearing, Carl Noftsger you are an IRONMAN prior to my cut off time of midnight.  

Anything is possible if you just push yourself to the point of no return.  Free your mind and the rest will follow.  


The End Point!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Four (4) weeks till Ironman Wisconsin

Wow only 4 weeks until my second of three Ironman sanctioned events of the year.  This one will take place on Sept 9, 2012 in Madison, Wisc.  This was to be my first one last year until an unfortunate bicycle wreck took me out for the rest of the season.  What a perfect day it was last year.

Well this past week and today has been a real struggle for me training wise.  I am just constantly hungry, tired, sore, etc.  Looking back through my blogs and notes this is exactly where I was prior to Ironman St George.

The month of July was huge in training stress scores and hours.  The week of July 9 I logged 24 hours and the week of July 23rd I logged 26.4 hours of training (this included the Endurance Nation Tri Rally).  This past week and weekend I was just physically exhausted...the training cont and we had two pretty big house fires...Note the first one was the first time in my firefighting career I have ever vomited in my mask.  The second and please note in the same week myself and Iron Mike Broderick were the first in a multistory complex and physically carried and moved 6 people from the 4th floor.  Yep that added to the soreness.  Yet it was quite fun the use our training and bust open locked doors and seeing people laying on the floor and needing our assistance.  By fun I mean this is what we train for everyday but very seldom if ever get to use.

Today was the start of week 16 out of 20 for training.

Woke up to have a cup of coffee with Alison and see my daughter and Olivia off for the day.  Keegan was at golf practice then off to drum line.  School starts soon and the craziness begins.  My son turns 16 this year and is a Sophomore and Olivia turns 10 and is a 5th grader.  Can't wait to just not train and spend much needed time with them.  I am telling you they are growing so fast.

My last Ironman of the year is in Cozumel and we are arriving a week early to relax, deep sea fish, and just hang out.  Then staying for a couple days after.  This will be much needed family time for us all.

Today was just a swim workout and no run.  I had to skip a couple of the shorter runs last week cause my quads were just fried.  When I say just a swim trust me there was still some work.  I have been swimming with a training partner who really pushes me.  I tend to get lazy in the water and when he is there we go.  After the 400 wu I almost got out of the pool, pouted and went home.  I just was not feeling it.  I had to talk to myself and yep I answered to.  I told myself this is where the mental aspect of Ironman comes into play.

Here was the swim wko:
WU (warm up): 400 yards
MS1: (main set) 8x100 (15") as 50 sprint and 50 easy
MS2: 5x200 (20") and this was to be a negative split
MS3: 3x300 (30") Last 100 of each us @ Temp pace minus2-4 all out
CD: (Cool Down) 300
3400 yards.

Swim WKO from the Garmin:

This week looks to be around 18 hours of training and next week is my last race rehearsal but one long day of training.  So next weeks hours will be around 20.  Then weeks 18-20 we taper slowly.

I can't say how nice it is to have a network of friends that are always willing to ride, swim, and run.  Without this network things would be a little.....well a lot harder.

Tomorrow morning brings in a 0430 bike start with Dr. Chad Johnson.  So it will be a good hard ride probably to Monroe and back or the Colfax, Valeria, Mville loop.  Hills, hills, and hills.

Aug 18 is my race rehearsal.  It will consist of a 112 mile bike or 6 hours whichever comes first followed by a 6 mile run or one hour.  Looking for a gaggle of peeps to join.  Looking to be on the bike and headed down the road by 0600.