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Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ironman Wisc EN Camp ReCap

Endurance Nation Ironman Wisc Camp ran from Thursday, July 28th and ended on Sunday, July 31st after a long run.

Thursday consisted of the packing of the car, traveling to Madison, checking in to the Hotel, unpacking the car, 6 mile group run, then group meeting.  It was nice to put names to faces and meet many others joining the camp who were not members but eager to hear and learn how Endurance Nation teaches.  Meeting went long this night and therefore I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and a mac and cheese microwave bowl.  Tried to go to bed early but was pumped for Friday.

Friday consisted of me waking up with the chills and body aches.

  •  Pretty sure I had a low grade fever but I was not at this camp to lay around.  Therefore took some Ibuprofen and sucked it up.  
  • Met in the hotel lobby at 0730 for a 109 mile bike ride.  The ride consisted of the stick and both loops of the course.  We were short 3 miles cause where out hotel was located.  
  • Very happy with the day and the outcome of the ride.  I rode under my IF (.67) race goal is (.70) and TSS points came in at 237.  Thing I was not happy with was the VI of 1.1. Ave speed was 18.6, Ave cadence of 88, Avg HR of 133.  Note I was not aware of this cause I was not able to download the data while in Madison.  It makes since now though cause my brick run following was very difficult.  
  • Nutrition consisted of 250 calories of Infinite per hour.  I also consumed one Roctane gel that was 120 calories.  While peeps were refilling there water bottles I slammed down a 32 oz bottle of coke.  Stuff works.  
  • First loop came with a lot of learning, listening, and watching.
  • Second loop I had fun with it but damn those 3 hills at the end where brutal.
  • Overall time on the bike for 109 miles was 5:53.  
  • Returned to the Hotel and decided I was going to eat before the Admin meeting.  Chowed at the Great Dane.  Had an awesone pretzel bread with a burger, brat, fries, and a beer.  Yes, lots of water.
  • Bedtime at 2100.  Again tossed and turned and still with some chills.
  • Woke up feeling much better but the butt was very sore from the saddle
  • Had a few cups of coffee, two pieces of bread with peanut butter and a banana
  • Met two people out front of the hotel around 0645 and we decided to get started early cause it was to be DAMN HOT.  Yes sunscreen was applied before we left but it is hard to carry and reapply.  
  • Well things were going well until we started climbing a hill we didn't remember.  Well yep we took a wrong turn but that is okay cause my butt hurt so bad I was telling myself I was going to ride the stick, one loop and home.
  • Met a buddy from Iowa at the BP in Verona only after we went to the gas station in town so more miles added on there.  
  • Okay so we are off.  Decided to take the day easier than yesterday and try and ride more smoothly.  I was assuming my VI was hard cause the run was difficult on Friday or I just didnt feel well.  I was following Levi and another friend doing the race come Sept.  Just seemed a little too easy and decided we were all here for the experience and needed to ride the course as close to race day as possible so stepped it up a little.  
  • Got to the hills, down hills, straight aways and all felt good besides my ASS and getting baked by the sun.  The quads, calf's and muscular endurance overall felt awesome.  First loop done and Levi needed to refill his water bottles.  My ass hurt so bad my mind was telling me to just go back to the hotel and call it a day.  Physically though I wanted to go.  Coach talked about eventually the "SUCK will come to you".  I hadn't felt that yet so I sucked down a coke and decided what the hell I am in for the full Monte again.  Second loop the intensity was stepped up more and the hills were attacked but at the same time trying to keep the watts under my FTP.  Note it is impossible to ride the hills at 10 or 20% above your FTP.  You are doing lucky to keep it at or just under your FTP.  Took 8 minutes off the 2nd loop from the 1st.  
  • Levi got cramps and I looked back and the poor guy was walking his bike up "papa" hill.  I waited up and he said he was a mess and for me to just go.  I told him to hook up with us back at the Clarion.  I got up with a group from Endurance Nation and we were hauling some ass.  Hooked back up with another buddy from Iowa and we rode the stick back to the hotel.
  • Stats from this ride I was very pleased with.  114 miles in 6:08.  IF again .68, TSS 245, VI again 1.1 and I was or thought I was pretty smooth and consistent throughout but guess not.  Ave speed today was just 19.6.
  • It was very hot, humid, and I got burned.  
  • Group meeting then a Group dinner out.  Met at a nice restaurant in Verona.  Has pasta, pizza, and a few beers.  Needed to carb up for Sundays run.
  • To bed early again and slept decent.
  • Well after 223 miles of biking and 12 miles of running I got out of bed and didn't want to move cause I didn't want to feel where the hurt was.
  • Drank a few cups of coffee, had a banana, and a muffin for calories
  • Met a buddy in the lobby at 0600 and we drove to the beginning of T2.
  • We got out and went to see where the swim start is and the transition areas.
  • Long run from the water exit, up the helix, and to the bike.  Goal transition will be like 6 minutes.
  • We had a cue sheet printed for one lap of the marathon.  That is 13 miles.  Off we went.  Well the streets were not well marked and lots of construction going on.  We got lost a few times but found our way.  
  • Note to self.  If you think it is going to get dark on your run be sure to bring a head lamp cause on the bike path leading to Mendota Lake it will be pitch black unless they put up lights.  
  • Found a few hills 
  • Overall the marathon no matter how I feel coming off the bike is going to hurt.  
  • It is a double loop which always turns into a mental battle.
Lessons I learned
  • Getting an 12-27 or even a 12-28 for my bike this week cause the 12-25 I am currently running is not enough gears for me.  Over my watts several times and there was nothing I could do but short of walking my bike to get them down.
  • Coach Rich said "Don't bring the SUCK to you wait for it cause its coming"  Hopefully the SUCK will stay away until the "line" which for us is MILE 18 of the run.  When it comes I have that one special thing that I have been thinking about and will assist me through the rest of the run.
  • You have NO FRIENDS during the run.  Why-cause you will run to fast, to slow, walk when you could run, etc.  Remember this is not a race its an execution game.
  • Stay inside my own box, no one gets in and I can't escape.
  • Coca Cola is good for instant sugar, carbs, etc
  • When cars honk, yell, flip you the hand gesture, just smile and keep going.
  • Anytime you have a chance to ride and run the upcoming course DO IT!!!!  It is nice to know what lies around the corner :)
Packed the car up, put on the recovery tights and socks, and headed home.

This week is a recovery week and back to the full swing of things by the weekend.  Falling asleep typing this so bed time is an early one but not till after True Blood the wife says.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 day's of camp why not do two century rides-EN Camp Tri Wisc

Saturday started at 0500 by a wake up call from the front desk.  Coffee was very strong and good this am.  Breakfast consisted of a home made blueberry muffin with peanut butter on it, a banana, two cups of coffee, and a glass of chocolate milk.

Today consisted of another 112 mile bike ride and 6 mile run.  We decided to leave a little early to try and beat the heat.  Well it was a good idea but we took a wrong turn and added on a few more miles but that was okay cause we were training.

The Wisc bike course consist of a stick which is 16 mile out to the beginning of the loop.  Note the loop is 40 miles and that is repeated twice then you bring the stick back to transition and start your run.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  It is not the hills alone that eat you up it is making the right decisions throughout the day.  Such as when to switch gears, when to slow down on a certain turn cause you are going 45 mph and know what is on the other side----example a sharp left turn followed by an immediate up hill.  There are three hills toward the end of the each of the loops.  Meaning you have to see these babies x2.  I have named then accordingly.....Mama, baby, and papa.  Mama is an ~ 1 mile climb of about 4-5% incline.  Just when you think it is flat for a few seconds the grade ups itself to about 7%.  Kind of funny when you look down and you are already over your FTP and only going 5-8 mph.  Like the coach said this is where you will here the bikes a creaking and slamming and these will be the people around you out of the saddle showing you just how to climb that hill.  I will be cheering you on and tell you how damn good you look.  Then when I see you on the run around mile 3 and you are walking you can tell me what a hellish bike split you had :).  Then comes baby hill not to bad but a steady climb.  Well you think it is over and you make a left hand turn and I am not kidding I swear you climb for over a mile and keep climbing.  Again important to stay IN THE SEAT and steadily climb these hills cause if not it will get you.  Loop # 2 today I actually seen a few people walking their bikes up daddy hill.

Loop # 2 we stopped so peeps could refill their water bottles and I grabbed a coke for some calories and sugar and threw in a No DOZ.  Yes a caffeine pill.  Damn when it hit me it was game on!!!!  40 more miles of constant gearing and thinking.  I had to talk myself into doing loop # 2 cause my ass and taint were not very happy with me.  Loop # 2 was GREAT!!!  Today I had a better loop two vs one.  It was good to see all the team out there getting it done.

Let me say this from a logistical point.  When you are done with the loops and back on the stick stay at your watts cause the hills are not over yet and remember you have 17 more miles to T2.


Also if you don't know the course please be careful when descending.  We seen a couple bad accidents today and one ended with a possible dislocated shoulder, fractured clavicle, and a trip in a local squad to a trauma center.  It was on the s curves and curve # 1.

At the gas station a local told us she counted over 100 bikes on the course today.  She wanted to know if there was a race today.  We asked if that was more than normal and she said 30 or more is normal but never like this.  We were invading there territory.  Not many issues but a few peeps honking and saying a few things.  No biggie :)

Picking up a special sunscreen Tucker told me about cause I got burned two days in a row and that is not a good feeling.  I was literally getting cooked today on the course.

Tonight's brings another team meeting.  Coach is going over tools of the trade.  We then have a team dinner at a nice restaurant.

Tomorrow at 0800 we are running 13.1 miles of the Marathon run course.  We are starting in t2 and taking one loop of the course.  Again it will be nice to know the lay of the course and what to expect.

Well be careful out there and train smart folks.  Until we talk again, be good :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


Well I see now why they say this is the second hardest course in the United States for a sanctioned Ironman event.  Besides the hills it is very technical.  You are going 44 miles per hour down a hill......well hell there is a sharp left hand turn or a right hand turn or loose gravel.  I am so glad I get to ride this course two days in a row and then come and lay it on the line 9/11/11.  Very valuable to know and understand the course.  Lots of free speed on this course if you know where to catch it and what lays around the corner.

Very hot today.  Applied sun screen but didn't carry it with me.  Had to stop at the store in Verona to by some lip protectant cause these lips were getting fried along with a coke for some instant sugar and calories.  Woke up this a.m. with the aches and thought I had a fever.  Through 800 of Ibuprofen and off we went.  Took another 600 on the course and felt decent.
Hardest to easiest bike course

109 miles in about 5:48 minutes.  Havent downloaded yet but the Joule is telling me.  Pnorm at 162 and goal was 170.  That is 70% of my FTP but it then tells me I rode at almost 73% and was giving me and TSS of 313.  Will know the true numbers when downloaded into WKO.  Burned over 3000 calories and took in around 1200.  I thought I had rode hills before but never to the technicality this animal had for us.  I can see why it eats and spits so many ironman out.  If you are smart on the bike you will have a great run.  If not this EN member will see you walking on the run course as so many have in the past and you can tell me later how awesome your bike split was but then have to walk the entire marathon.  Like coach says a IRONMAN is NOT ABOUT FITNESS IT'S ABOUT EXECUTION!!!!!

Well we then went to the Great Dane for a burger/braut sabdwhich and a beer.  Ahhh Calories.

Now time for a meeting and bed time.

We get to repeat this whole process again in the am.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well yesterday was a fun filled day.  Started out with a 62 mile bike ride early in the mornning on the Ragbrai route.  Was fun to go through all the towns early in the morning and seeing them set up.  Then ran off the bike and legs felt very strong.  During the bike ride my legs felt very heavy and sore so I didn't push it.

We then watched all the Ragbrai people come into town and set up camp everywhere.  Got the bike and tire ready for camp.  Hand washed the car and laid clothing out.  Still this am I have not packed.  But like my wife says....."all guys do is throw things in a bag"  Yep that is me and then get mad at myself when I can't find something.  I can't forget to pack the fan.  I have a large box fan that have have on for the noise.  Started doing it at the fire station cause peeps snore and I am a very light sleeper.  Now I have to have one going or I can't get to sleep.  Last night went up to the concert....watched the Jimmy Buffet tribute band, Grand Funk Railroad, and Cowboy Mouth closed.  Altoona did a very nice job with Ragbrai.  My wife and I heard over and over though that they were camping too far from the concert, they closed the aquatic center, and they had to take buses to the concert and were not going to show.  When we left there was not as many peeps as we thought there would be.

This morning I am heading to Madison, Wisc for a Endurance Nation sponsored Tri camp.  There are 112 people joining me.  Today is a 6-10 mile run, Friday brings a 112 mile bike followed by a 6 mile run, Saturday is a repeat of Friday, and Sunday is a 13 mile run.  We are biking and running the Ironman Wisconsin course.  We are concentrating on learning the course inside and outside, turn to turn and pothole to loose gravel.
Packing all of you that have assisting getting me to where I am today.  You are the MOAB!!!!!  Mother of all bombs!!

Well time to get moving around !!!  Have a great day and be careful out there.

Made it to Madison, Wisc around 1345.  Had a little detour just outside of Dubuque on Hwy 51 d/t some flooding.  Time for some calories and a nap.  Group run at 1700 hours sharp.

Pic of Oki Tri
Well the first run of the camp is in the books.  6 miles in the town of Madison.  Got to see where the swim takes place and where I will be staying come Sept.  Very active city peeps biking, running, rowing, and boating.  We had a handful of people run with us.  We then had our meeting and got to meet coach Rich.  He put on a great talk.  Having a cup of cheerios and off to sleepy land.  Good night all.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swimming swimming and swimming

This am brought the second swim of the week in less than 12 hours.  For some reason really felt the pull in the lats today.  The swim was enjoyable cause a few of us were doing the same workout and worked on drafting off each other.  Well me drafting off Chad.


60 Minutes
WU: 200 yds/m
  • 4 x 300 (20 ) @ T-pace plus 3 seconds
  • 2 x 400 (30 ) @ T-pace plus 3 seconds
  • 1 x 500 (10 ) @ T-pace plus 3 seconds
  • Set Total: 2500
  • 400 (30 ) @ pace faster than 400's above
  • 300 @ pace faster than 300 above.
  • Set Total: 700
Total: ~3400yds/m

Really worked the heart today :)

As always enjoy your day and be careful out there.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Well this am brought the famous 60 minute run with mile repeats.  Legs were not happy this am....think they are feeling a little fatigue from this past weekends workouts.


WU x 15 min
5 x 30 second strides
3 x 1 mile repeats. (6:43) (6:18) (6:23)
15 min at MP
Total miles 8.02


400 WU
150 as 75 sprint 75 easy x 6 (30) at TP
100 as 50 sprint 50 easy x 6 (20) at TP
50 yard sprints x 6 (10)
300 yards at TP + 3 seconds
500 yards at TP + 3 seconds
500 yards pull at TP - 3 seconds

Total yards = 3500 yards

Tomorrow is just a swim in the am so the legs get to rest a little before Wednesday.  Hump Day brings back the good ole VO2 max workout of 30/30's x 16 followed by a 30 minute brick run.  Thursday is a 2:15 minute run in the morning and then I leave for my Wisc Tri camp sponsored and but on my Endurance Nation.  Looking forward to it!!!!!

Be safe out there!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Ride

Went and seen Zoo Keeper last night with our daughter and wife.  What a great movie.  I as the other adults in the theather were laughing throughout the entire movie.  One sad part in the movie where Olivia and the little girl next to us cried but it was over quick and had a wonderful ending.

Todays ride was 180 minutes.
WU at 65-70%
then to be in the aerobars and work.  Rest of the ride was to be at 80-85% and only coming out of the aero position to eat, drink, or pee.

Went well!!!  The first hour was by myself and I rode my favorite Altoona-M'ville-Altoona loop which is right at 20 miles.  Then a friend by the name of Iron Mike joined me and we ventured to Elkart and raced hold 305 watts and damn we were moving.  Yes I ventured off the planet for awhile coach but it was fun.  The bad thing is the last 20 minutes I paid the price cause all the hills HURT.


Last two days of biking have netted  me 155 miles.  Bike miles for the week are 201 milesMiles for the month are at 591.30.  Miles for the year 3,209.

Running miles for the week ended at 48.58
Running miles for the year 997 miles

Entire workout:Duration: 3:01
Work: 1927 kJ
TSS: 173 (intensity factor 0.762)
Norm Power: 188
VI: 1.06
Pw:HR: 4.15%
Pa:HR: 7.38%
Distance: 61.684 mi
Elevation Gain: 1207 ft
Elevation Loss: 1261 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-54 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 66 161 134 bpm
Cadence: 30 201 87 rpm
Speed: 0 34.7 20.3 mph
Pace 1:44 0:00 2:57 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 23 6 lb-in
Altitude: 723 942 861 ft
Crank Torque: 0 913 172 lb-in
Temperature: 73.4 80.6 76.6 Fahrenheit

Time for a shower and calories and a recovery drink.

Have a great Sunday and for the 30 some members of Endurance Nation racing Lake Placid today~~~ Execute well my friends and the finish line will come before you know it:)  Proud of each of you.  All the hard work is done now just race and enjoy.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long bike and run

Well the alarm went off at 0300.  Slept well and felt rested.  Thanks to my beautiful wife for setting the coffee for me cause it was mmm mmmm mmm good.  Took in my vitamin packet from GNC to include Nitrox, glutamine, creatine, and more.  Had two cups off coffee and a glass of water.

Nutrition for the 4.5 hour bike included Infinite 250 cals per hour and back up was Roctane Gu with caffeine at 110 calories each.

Chance of rain was 50% and the wind was East at 14 mph.  Very humid and Dew point in the 70's again.  Tropical out.

Meeting a friend this am at 0400 whom is riding till 0700 with me then hooking up with a few more members of the aTc at 0700.

BIKE workout this am was brutal for the first 90 minutes thanks to all the FTP work.

270 Minutes
WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/z1-2/Easy
  • 8' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 10' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 15' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 10' (4') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 8' (4') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 5 x 12' (2') @ 80-85%/z3; for each interval include 2' standing WITHOUT spiking watts or effort, ie, standing for position change only.
  • Remainder of ride time is @75-80%/z2, in the aerobars, practicing steady riding: no surges, constant power, etc.
WD: 10' Easy spin.

The FTP numbers: Note my FTP or 100% is 247.  These are to be done at 95-100%.  Overall very happy.  Note this is my first test with the new numbers.  

Duration: 8:02

Work: 117 kJ
TSS: 13.2 (intensity factor 0.994)
Norm Power: 246
22.1 mph
92 rpm
HR 154

Duration: 10:05
Work: 145 kJ
TSS: 16 (intensity factor 0.976)
Norm Power: 241
Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Cadence:  93 rpm
Speed:  26.5 mph

Pace: 2:16 min/mi
Temperature:  75.2 Fahrenheit


Interval 5:
Duration: 15:04
Work: 210 kJ
TSS: 22.2 (intensity factor 0.94)Norm Power: 232
Heart Rate:  155 bpm
Cadence:  92 rpm
Speed:  23.3 mph
Pace  2:34 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 75.2 74.6 Fahrenheit

Duration: 10:06
Work: 138 kJ
TSS: 14.3 (intensity factor 0.923)
Norm Power: 228
Heart Rate:  151 bpm
Cadence:  85 rpm
Speed:  19.6 mph
Pace  3:03 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 75.2 74.9 Fahrenheit

Interval5-Duration: 8:06
Work: 107 kJ
TSS: 11 (intensity factor 0.901)
Norm Power: 223
Heart Rate:  147 bpm
Cadence:  86 rpm
Speed:  19.8 mph
Pace  3:02 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 73.4 73.4 Fahrenheit

Entire workout:
Duration: 4:32:55
Work: 2826 kJ
TSS: 269.3 (intensity factor 0.768)
Norm Power: 190
VI: 1.14
Pw:HR: 10.87%
Pa:HR: 0.59%
Distance: 93.455 mi
Elevation Gain: 1897 ft
Elevation Loss: 1955 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-66 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 136 bpm
Cadence:  88 rpm
Speed:  19.4 mph
Pace  3:06 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 410 6 lb-in
Altitude: 820 1044 952 ft
Crank Torque: 0 749 161 lb-in
Temperature: 73.4 78.8 75.2 Fahrenheit

Bike overall felt great.  Got caught in two down pours that lasted about 20 minutes each.  The first one felt great cause I was dripping wet and started to smell so it was like a natural shower.  The second one was during the last 20 minutes of my ride so I was just ready to be done.

Again need to pay attention to my intake (nutrition) I only took in 2 hours worth of infinite so 500 calories and one gel at 110 cals for a total of 610.  I did make a stop though at Caseys and got a full strength coke and drank 1/2 of that but not sure the calories intake.  I had no effects regarding the nutrition.  I felt great on the bike.  Wore my bibs and was without butt or taint pain.  No chamois butter either.  They just stay put and don't move.  Not so sure I wont be wearing them in my race.  So far they are by far the most comfortable.  

Arrived home and it was till pouring rain so I decided to quickly change go to the basement and run on the treadmill.  The run was 30 minutes.  First 15 at LRP which is 9:05 for me and the second 15 was EP or MP but needed a negative split.  I ended up at 3.57 miles in 30 minutes.  I started at 9:05 and played each quarter moving the speed and incline up and down.  Held the Marathon pace for the last 10 minutes with a 2% incline.  Felt really strong throught the entire workout today.

Tomorrow brings a 3 hour bike ride at 80-85% concentrating on staying in the aerobars!!!  Usually Sundays are a challenge for me.  No the three hour ride but holding the 85% the entire time.  We will give it a strong go though.

Watched the tour and good for Evans!!!  He delivered when he needed to.

Going to watch the Zoo Keeper tonight with Olivia and Alison. 

Have to throw in a plug for our local tri club, aTc (Altoona Tri Club) we are putting on our 3rd annual 5K race which is called STINKFOOT. 

It is October 2nd and benefits a great cause please check it out and sign up. Wish we would be there to join you all but we will be in Pierre, South Dakota celebrating Alison's parents 50th wedding anniversary!!

You can register direct on our website www.altoonatriathlonclub.c​om. Proceeds to benefit AT Cure, www.atcp

Time for some calories and a nap.

Friday, July 22, 2011

TGIF!! Run and Swim day

Slept in this am and got started about 10 am.  Woke up and watched some of the tour while drinking coffee trying and hoping my mojo would return.  Minimally sore after yesterdays long run.  Thanks to my recovery drink, Anabolic Recovery Matrix provided to me by Max Muscle through Pat Thomas.  Check the specifics on this drink out here:

Quads and hamstrings minimally sore.  The hamstrings are tight just distal to my gluteal muscles so this are hard to target and stretch.  So got to them by rolling to elongate first and them using a tennis ball to pinpoint and get in deep.  Ahhhh always feels good to feel that release.

Off to the gym to do 40 minute of running with 8 sets of 30 seconds uphill strides.  Incline was from 2-4% and speed during the sets were 9.3-11.  Overall miles today was 5.18.  Weekley mileage after today is 44 miles.

WU-15 minutes at LRP
6-8 uphill 30 second strides
Remainder of run at LRP or MP depending on how you feel

  Then stretched for a few minutes, changed, and got into the pool.  Note the pool I swim in is a 25 yard pool and they keep it around 82 degree's so it gets hot fast.

SWIM:  Weekly total 10.800 yards.

  • Warm up today was 400 yards and I concentrated on front quadrant drills, rolling drills, and bilateral breathing.  Someday the bilateral breathing will get easier, I hope.  Felt weak during the warm up and noted some left elbow pain.  Concentrated on once the arm enters the water to pull all the way through and brush my hand off the hip.  A friend in our local club was watching and noted I was not pushing or pulling all the way through so I was cheating myself.  I have to say I have noticed when this is being done it makes a big difference.  Other issue I have really been concentrating on is the dropping of the right elbow and this is coming slowly but surely.  Over all swim today was 3300.  Today was another day of endurance and then ended with 50's for speed work.
Just think that is Monday through Friday.  This weekend is the bulk of our bike workouts.  Saturday is a 4.5 hour ride followed by a 30 minute run.  We are pushing the bike out just 30 more minutes for a total of 5 hours.  Saturdays bike workout brings us 60 minutes of FTP work then 36 minutes of 85% intensity with the last two minutes of each interval out of the saddle but concentrating on not spiking the watts.  This drill is very difficult for me cause my watts always want to take a jump.  Remainder of the ride is .7-.75 intensity.  Hoping to get 100 miles in. 

Nutrition for Saturdays ride will be 250 calories of Infinite an hour.  This will be mixed in 2-3 hour bottles. I will also have 42 oz of water in the speed fill and will carry gels for supplements if needed.  These are 110 calories each and 60 mg of caffiene.

Sundays ride is 3 hours and the goal here is 100% in the aerobars at 80-85% intensity.  Only time out of the bars is to eat/drink/stretch/pee.

After this weekend we start week 6!!!!!  YEA this is the halfway point.  

  • Wednesday of next week I am riding from Boone, IA to Altoona, IA with some friends in Ragbrai.  
  • Thursday I leave for my Tri camp in Madison, Wisc and will be doing some big time riding and running.
  • Thursday is a piece of heaven cause it consists of a 6-8 mile run.
  • Friday is a 112 mile bike on the Ironman Wisc course followed by a 6 mile run
  • Saturday is a repeat of Friday
  • Sunday we are running one loop of the Ironman Wisc run course.  So will consist of leaving from T2 and running 13.1 miles.   We are then dismissed and heading home.  

The camp is being put on my Coach Rich from Endurance Nation.  He will also be giving his 4 Keys speech, going of the transitions with us and giving other insider pointers.  This will be nice d/t the fact come race day 9/11/11 I will have spent some hours on the course.  

As always be safe out there and always be on the defense when riding.  Remember to be respectful and stop at all stop signs, obey the traffic lights, and when you get the occasional honk and mouth just wave and smile.

GOD Bless!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Run # 5 done!!!!

Well after working 12 hours of a time trade at the firehouse and getting 2 hours of sleep I decided that I had better knock out my long run for the day or it wasn't going to get done.  BTW you owe me Sposeto!!!

Workout today was:

WU: 30' @ z1/LRP
  • 3 x 8' (4') @ z3 / HMP-Pace is 6:55
  • 45' @ z1 / LRP---Pace is 8:50
  • 20' @ z2 / MP----Pace is 7:19
CD: 5' easy jogging / walking.

After yesterdays VO2 max work I had some left knee pain but today's run faired me well.  Ended up at 15.26 miles in 120 minutes (2hours). 

Since Sunday I have now logged 38 miles with Friday and Saturday left to run.

Getting excited for Saturday cause I will be hopefully be logging my first ever century ride followed by a 30 minute brick run. Getting up at 4 am and hitting it then meeting some members from our local tri club and finishing off the last 1.5-2 hours of riding.  Trying to find the ride tri shorts to ride in.  So far the most comfortable is my K-Swiss bibs.  Need to fiqure it out my Wisc.  

Post recovery drink I am using is:  ARM from Max Muscle.  Info below:

Now feet up watching the tour.  

Sending prompts out to Endurance Nation for the coaching this season.  Please check them out here:

Check out our local tri club...aTc (Altoona Tri Club)

Looking for a local coach who wil spend time with you and explain things in detail...Check out coach Bernie at Thrive Multisport LLC below:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well today was to be an hour ride working on VO2 max bursts at 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off with 16 sets of them.  The ride turned into a two hour ride in 88 degree freaking weather, humid with a dew point at 80 degrees.  The vo2 max started well and by number 14 I thought my heart was going to burst.  Max HR though only hit 169.

I new it was going to be long when a training partner said well lets take the Farrar loop that will be about an hour.  I was down with it but was smiling inside cause I new it was extra training miles for me.  The funny part of this story is the person that wanted to do the Farrar loop disappeared and never made it for the 30 min run.  I got a text that said......quote "I am pooped you will be doing the run without me.  Thanks for the ride".  We smiled.......

Goal race weight 145 pounds.  Weight today 149.6.  Looks like I get doughnut holes and chocolate milk for the perfect balance of carbs, fat, and protein.  Ahhhh, mmmm so good :)

entire workout ():Duration: 1:53:53
Work: 1089 kJ
TSS: 126.7 (intensity factor 0.828)
Norm Power: 191
VI: 1.2
Pw:HR: -3.47%
Pa:HR: 16.96%
Distance: 36.558 mi
Elevation Gain: 565 ft
Elevation Loss: 574 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-4 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 651 159 watts
Heart Rate: 67 169 146 bpm
Cadence: 30 246 88 rpm
Speed: 0 36.7 19.2 mph
Pace 1:38 0:00 3:08 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 27 6 lb-in
Altitude: 904 1103 1021 ft
Crank Torque: 0 1007 154 lb-in
Temperature: 82.4 93.2 88.2 Fahrenheit

The run following the bike was a hot suffer fest but we mustard through it.  We decided with the hot and humidity to adjust our slow pace and overall it wasn't to bad.  Stopped at someones sprinkler system and wetted down the running hat....ahhh that felt great for 30 seconds. 


Working at the firehouse fulfilling a time trade from 1900-0700 then to get in the 120 minute run tomorrow morning.  I have decided in order to nail my half marathon and marathon pace's that I will be doing the run on a treadmill vs in 90 degree heat.  Then a nice dip in the pool and a soak in the hot tub.

As always be safe out there and train smart.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Well after a very busy shift I came home and mowed the lawn before it got sizzling hot and headed off for my swim.  Decided to do Fridays swim today instead of Tuesdays.

Swim consisted of: Total time 1:15
WU: 300 yds/m
3 x 400 (20 ) @ T-pace plus 3
4 x 300 (15 ) @ T-pace plus 3
5 x 200 (10 ) @ T-pace plus 3
Set Total: 3400
MS2: 6 x 50 (20 ), as odds Fast, evens Easy Set Total: 300
CD: 100 easy
Total: ~4100yds/m

Babying a headache I have now but time to go work in the Emergency Room with the gang for the next 8 hours.

Continues to be blazing hot here in Iowa.  With heat index as of 1410 the temp is 108 degrees F, Wind SW at 6 mph, Humidity 46% but the dew point is 73 degrees F. UV index 8-very high.  Be careful out there.

Tomorrow brings a 60 minute ride but with 16 30/30's at Zone 5 followed by a 30 minute brick run.  Going to be doing these first thing in the am to beat some of the heat.

Be safe out there......

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday....Week 5 of 12 weeks plan

This am brought a 3300 yard swim.  Felt good but a little stiff from the weekend.

Swim consisted of:
WU: 400 yds/m
  • 2 x 500 (20 ) @ T-pace plus 3 seconds
  • 2 x 400 (15 ) @ T-pace plus 3 seconds
  • 2 x 300 (10 ) @ T-pace plus 3 seconds
  • 100 easy
  • Set Total: 2500
MS2: 6 x 50 (20 ), as odds Fast, evens Easy Set Total: 300
CD: 100 easy
Total 3300 yards

Workday so hopped out, dried off and headed to the station.  Did rig work, house work, made a bed, and then to the treadmill for the run.

Runs consisted of: 60 minutes total:

WU: 15' easy, including 4 x 30 strides.
MS: 5 x 1/2 mile (3') @ z4-5/TP
WD: 5' easy.

Went just a shy long and ended with 8.78 miles.  Again a little sore from last week and this weekend but got it done.

Throughout the day will stretch and roll.  Concentrating more on the diet and trying to hone in on the 145 race weight goal.  I have been holding steady around 152-155 consistently.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

okiboji tri done

Well the tri is over and another PR to add to add to my resume for the year of 2011.  Overall power numbers will have to add later cause I can't download it till home.

Weather here was perfect!!!  A little humid, slight south wind and not a cloud in the sky.

Swim was 0.6 of a mile and time was 15:14 (31/287)

Bike was 18 miles and time was 45:09....6th fastest bike of the day!! 6/287  According to my computer my average speed was 23.89.  Not sure what my Pnorm was but at one time I looked down on a slight uphill and it was 389 watts so I thought for sure I was going to fall apart on the run but didn't care cause I wanted to really push the bike.  I felt great the whole ride.

Calories on the bike = 120
Drank 1/2 liter of water

Run: was suppose to be 5.5miles but ended up being 4.56 and my time was 32:47 (29/287).  I really did have a lot left in the tank at the end.  I was saving a little for the last two miles but it was a little to late once we were entering the park and found out the course was a mile short.

Felt strong afterwards and wanted to go for a little ride with a group but we had some boating and tubing to do.

Came back to Hotel sat in the hot tub, then showed, and relaxed for awhile.  Then met up with Troy and Lea for some boating time.

The kids tubed for a couple of hours and then we headed to Barefoot bar for a couple cold brews, chips, salsa, and nachos.  Afterwards came home and relaxed.

We then met up for supper.  Had a great chef salad with sea food and probably a gallon of water.

Now in the room, feet up and watching the Tour.

Meeting Troy in the morning for 2 hour or so run.  Need to try and nail my goal miles for the week but just don't think that 60mile mark will be nailed.  Should end up around 47 but I will take it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

another day in Boji

Well today was a blast and full of good times.

Actually slept in today until 0715!!!!  Loved every minute of it.  No workout today until Troy arrived.  We then took the boat out and went for an approximate 1200 yard open water swim.  Def going to be a wet suit swim tomorrow cause the water was a bit chilly but once in it for awhile it felt great.

After boating with the kids we headed to packet pick up.  Swift and easy.  Informed the race director of the incident that happened on his race course.  He noted it and stated that is why they are having police escorts and several other officers on the bike course tomorrow.  That will be nice :).

Then met at our annual carb loading place for our dinner.  Hell I have did nothing but carb load and eat junk all damn weak and it feels good to just let loose of it all.

Sitting in Hotel now while the wife and children are out looking at shops, the pool and just traveling about.

Have all tri stuff laid out I think.  To bed early.  Morris picking me up at 0530.

My swim wave is 39 and under.  When I asked they stated we all go at once.  Looks to be about 200 in my age group so it should be a good time.  No big goals tomorrow but to just go all out and leave nothing on the race course.

Be safe out there friends.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day of everything

Alarm went off at 0400. Coffee was made and was mmm mmm good. Actually slept well. Open screen stepped out on deck and noticed it was windy and had rained. It was 66 degree's. 98% humidity, and 13 mph winds. Wanted to get started at 0500 but still to dark and not being very familiar with the area I waited till 0530.
Plan was 4 loops to total 80 miles then run 5.5 miles. The run would be the run course for the tri on Saturday.
Loop one well I got got in the second worst storm of the year. Had to stop and tried waiting the storm out but got cold, started shivering, and hungry. After an hour I got a lift by a guy passing by. Thank GOD cause it rained till almost noon. To pass time we went shopping at three sons.
Second loop the wind was now SSE around 18 mph and snapping me around the road. Gets very interesting when the cars drive right up on you.
Loop three all hell broke loose. We had a man in his 60's get next to us and told us to quote get your asses off the road and on the F'n path that's what my taxes went four. We just continued to ride till he squeezed us off the road onto the gravel and he had the balls to stop. We had our words with him and a couple that were behind him pulled over and told us they had witnessed the entire incident and called the police. Ends up they were driving the tri course for Sat. At this time he wanted nothing to do with the police coming and left. They stayed they had his license plate and were going to follow. They took our info for police. I have not been so pissed in a long time!! Turned that anger to the nine course. My 3rd lap ended at .87 IF

Ended with 60 miles today at .84 IF!! Unfortunately I did not run so hitting my 60 miles of running for the week just isn't going to happen. I've decided to run the 5.5 mile course tomorrow at LRP cause I really want to do well at this tri and feel rested unlike my last one where the run hurt from step 1!! Long run will be Sunday.

Any how the kids are out sitting by the lake watching and trying to catch frogs. Love it;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well we made it to Arnolds Park,Iowa. We are relaxing in Troy and Lea's condo. Beautiful!!! Currently watching the Tour on TV.
Coming of shift this am got in a quick 25 miles on bike. IF of .87 and total time was 1:06. Then came home and bagged the yard. Very thick and green.
Weekly total for bike 180 miles
Weekly run miles at ~ 25
Tomorrow we will bike the tri course which is 18 miles so plan is to do the loop 4x then jog the 5.5 mile run route x 2. Then tagging Friday off.

Have a great day

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Station day.....

After a very hard 3 days I decided to sleep in a little and get a run in here at the station. 
Slept horrible last night just tossed and turned and I know I seen every hour on the clock until I got up at 0500 for some coffee, shave, and shower.

Today at the station I ran a very easy 16 miles so I am still on the path for my big bike and big run week.  Goal is to log 400 miles in 7 days and 60 miles of running.  Note I am taking Friday off however to have halfway decent legs for a tri I am competing in this Saturday in Okiboji, IA.

Looking forward to getting away for a few days, spending time with family and friends, and training in a different part of the state and seeing new sights.  Alison has been packing, baking yummies, and getting everything rounded up so we can leave at a decent time tomorrow.

Got and email from one of my coaches from Endurance Nation and it sounds like our Wisc Tri Camp that takes place on the bike and run course of Ironman Wisconsin now has 125 participants.  So that will be a great weekend of training and meeting new peeps. 

Once again bed time early here at the station and pray for safety tonight and some zzzzzzzzzz's.

Train smart, be safe, and have fun.

As always if you haven't checked out Endurance Nation you should give them a look here:

If you are looking for a local coach that can spend time with you then you need to check out: Thrive Multisport here:

If you are looking for a local running/Tri club that has a great family involvement, great sponsors, and great discounts then you need to check out the aTc (Altoona Tri Club) here:

Monday, July 11, 2011

NEW FTP OF 247!!!!!!!

Well all the hard work is paying off...I have never work so hard in my life in 90 degree freaking weather.  Dry heaving and sweat dripping in the eyes so damn bad it burned but it is done.....

When I started this journey on 11/1/10 my FTP was 171 and after todays test it is 247!!!!!

Note Saturday and Sunday were both big days for me.
Saturday was a one hour swim, 70 mile bike, and 2.5 mile swim
Sunday was a 3000 yard swim, 42 mile bike at .80 IF, and a 5 mile run

Since Nov 1, 2010 to today my bike odometer (Joule 2.0) reads 2,974 miles!!!
My FTP has improved .69% (that is just an all around sweet number)

Numbers from bike test...Note the bike test consists of 2 x 20 minutes all out on the bike with a 2 minute break in between.....

Interval 1:Duration: 20:03
Work: 301 kJ
TSS: 37.9 (intensity factor 1.092)
Norm Power: 252
Distance: 8.483 mi
Elevation Gain: 120 ft
Elevation Loss: 243 ft
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 497 251 watts
Heart Rate: n/a n/a n/a bpm
Cadence: 38 134 90 rpm
Speed: 4.4 34.8 25.0 mph
Pace 1:43 13:36 2:24 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 25 7 lb-in
Altitude: 803 967 932 ft
Crank Torque: 0 657 236 lb-in
Temperature: 89.6 93.2 90.7 Fahrenheit

Interval 3:Duration: 20:07
Work: 293 kJ
TSS: 36.6 (intensity factor 1.057)
Norm Power: 244
Distance: 7.701 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 358 243 watts
Cadence: 47 212 87 rpm
Speed: 8.8 29 22.7 mph
Pace 2:04 6:51 2:39 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 19 7 lb-in
Altitude: 791 929 821 ft
Crank Torque: 0 460 236 lb-in
Temperature: 87.8 89.6 88.6 Fahrenheit

NEW FTP!!!!!!!!!

FTP TEST IM WISC: Duration: 42:12
Work: 616 kJ
TSS: 76.6 (intensity factor 1.068)
Norm Power: 247

Entire workout Duration: 1:46:29
Work: 1164 kJ
TSS: 136.7 (intensity factor 0.896)
Norm Power: 207
VI: 1.14
Pw:HR: 41.3%
Pa:HR: 26.65%
Distance: 36.454 mi
Elevation Gain: 561 ft
Elevation Loss: 569 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-2 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 497 182 watts
Heart Rate: 80 151 127 bpm
Cadence: 30 239 84 rpm
Speed: 0 34.8 20.3 mph
Pace 1:43 0:00 2:57 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 27 6 lb-in
Altitude: 786 967 890 ft
Crank Torque: 0 965 182 lb-in
Temperature: 78.8 93.2 88.3 Fahrenheit


Big thanks to Coach Rich and Patrick of Endurance Nation.  Check them out here: