Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday 9/26/11...Day one of the Out Season with Endurance Nation....Year #2

Today was the start of my Out Season plan with endurance nation.  Note it is not called an "off season plan" cause these workouts are so far from any off season I have eva been involved with.  This will be my second season with EN (Endurance Nation) and my second OS.  Last year I did the intermediate plan with the Nov crew.  Due to the fact I have an Ironman on the books for May 5, 2012 I am doing the October OS and bumped it to the Advanced level.  Hopefully I can hang.  I am not a fan of being on the trainer but this is Iowa and when it turns cold there just is not many other options.  This plan started today and will end on 2/12/12.  I will then take a week transitional period and drop into the Advanced 12 week Ironman program. 

Today consisted of what we call the FTP (functional Threshold Testing).  This is a 42 minute test on the bike.  20 minutes all out, two min break-if you want to call it that and then 20 minutes all out.  It then spits out your normalized power which is your FTP and this is what I will be training with for the next 8 weeks.  After 8 weeks we take the test again to see what improvements that we have hopefully made. 

Today my FTP was 240 watts.  So I lost 10 watts after my accident.  Not bad and I think I can make that up in 8 weeks.  I traveled 16.6 miles in 24 minutes.  My Ave heart rate was 175, Ave speed was 24 mph.  That puts me at 3.5 per KG.  Making improvements in the KG department and I love to see that. 

I wasn't going to swim this year during the OS but I have hired a stroke coach to see if we can get the catch and pull portion of my stroke better.  Would love to take a minute or two off my IM swim. 

Well things are progressing well with the left knee.  I was able to run 15 miles on Saturday on preparation for the Jamaican Marathon at a 9:30 pace.  With the OS we work on speed so prior to me getting hurt my TP was 6:22 a mile so we will see where I end up.  We took measurements today in physical therapy and the left quad muscle is only 0.4 inches off from the right now.  A weeks after the incident the quad muscle was not firing and I had lost almost 2 inches.  Love to see progress.

Well everyone try and have a great week. 

Train safe

Monday, September 19, 2011


Well welcome to Monday, Sept 19, 2011.

Things for me are progressing better than expected.  I have my last three physical therapy appointments this week.  This weekend I was able to log some good running miles.  Saturday 7 miles and Sunday 10 miles.  Last weeks total was a total of 24 miles, 100 miles on the spinning bike, and swimming.  I am pretty stiff during the run but things loosen up as we go.  Still with some minimal swelling in the left knee and not able to flex it all the way which makes my gait a little frustrating but working with it.

This morning I went to the 0500 spinning class and was able to log 29 miles, Ave watts were 202, RPM's 93.  We then lifted legs, hamstrings are going to need some special attention this off season.  Quads are starting to fire and coming back to shape :).  Going back to the gym to swim 2000 yards after the little one gets off to school.  Its homecoming here at SEP so she has a fun week ahead of her.

Keegan is playing in two golf tournament's this week so looking forward to watching his progress.  We went golfing this weekend and he beat me by one point.

Looking forward to getting my bike back this week.  It is suppose to be really nice so looking forward to a few nice rides outside before I am stuck on the trainer all winter.  Hoping being on a computrainer will make a little bit of difference for the 3-4.5 hour rides.  Will be riding the St. George and Wisc routes.  I refuse to be in the pain cave until I just can't take the cold anymore this year but at the same time refuse to ride outside if it is below 30 this year.  Did that a few times last year and things got really really cold that should not have.

My final marathon plan is not out the window yet it just wont be for speed but more for fun.  It is Dec 3 in Negril, Jamaica.  We ran this a few years ago and had a blast.  Running through the villages you have the kids run beside you and ask for your Ipods or anything else you have on.  The race starts at 0530 d/t the high humidity and heat.  We fly in the 2nd in the evening and run on the 3rd so there is no acclimation this year.  After 26.2 miles though we get to grab a red stripe and ahhhhhhh jump and relax in the Caribbean Sea.  It is truly the best.  The start and finish is about 3 miles from out resort so it is great for my wife and friends.  They keep jacking with our flights and connections so we will get there but just don't know the time.

Well have a great start to our week and be safe out there.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump Day

Well this week is moving right along and we are making slow progress.

Today I biked 25 miles on a stationary bike and it felt good.  A training partner and I worked on 30/30's.  Thirty seconds on at 120% of FTP and then 30 seconds off.  I then hopped on the treadmill and ran a very slow mile.  Came home and ran another .4 miles without stopping.  The running is the hard part for me cause it is what I really love to do and I want to speed up but fearful to cause I don't want to make this injury last longer than need to be.

I am being fitted for a functional Donjoy ACL brace tomorrow during my PT appointment.  Hoping that gives me the comfort level to start increasing the speed and intensity a little.  My goal is to still start my out season program with EN on 10/1/11.

Not much more to report.  Should have the new bike in house by next Friday and hoping to get in a few long rides before putting her on the trainer in the pain cave for the long winter a head of us.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The word = NO SURGERY!!!

I had my follow up appointment with the Orthopaedic surgeon today and we go the word we were hoping for = "No Surgery".  What we are doing is getting a functional brace that will protect the acl and mcl.  This will allow me to start biking, running, and doing everything as planned.  The surgeon feels this is more for my sense then anything.  He stated in a few weeks I wont need any form of brace that I will be comfortable mentally without it.  We were so excited to hear this.

Able to return to work finally on 9/26/11.  Ready to be back now.

Physical Therapy for the left knee has been making great leaps and bounds.  The quads and hamstrings are again firing and starting to build.  I have lost over 2 inches of girth in just over 2 weeks with this injury.  Today I rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes then we worked on lifting, working the stabilizer muscles with a balance ball and worked with some bio feed back.  Still not able to lock out the left knee with out minimal pain or feeling as if it is going to hyper extend.  Looking forward to getting my bike back from Kyle and ride it around town and then set her up in the pain cave and prepare for the coldness to come.

Well a couple of my friends signed up for Ironman Wisconsin yesterday and we will be raising money for a charity of some kind.  We are still in search but have a couple in mind already.  If you know of any please email us the names and their benefits.  It will be fun to compete in the marathon and know that we have raised monies for a great cause.  One of the guys competing with me are setting up a website and will post as soon as it is complete.  We will be in search of a few corporate sponsors-looking to get two main and lots of little ones.  Again we are in the brain storming phase at this time but looking to have fun with this project.

I will be competing in my first Ironman now on May 5, 2012 in St. George, Utah.  This is to be the hardest Ironman in the United States.  I am doing this to have fun and to take on such a great challenge.

Check it out here:

I will start my Out Season training with Endurance Nation on Oct 1, 2011 if the left knee is strong enough if not for sure on Nov 1.  This is a structured very high intense twenty week program.  Total hours for the weeks are from 5-7.  Five days on and two days off.  In these 20 weeks we work on getting faster and stronger only.

Little bit of Endurance Naton's info here:

I will then in mid February switch over to the Advanced 12 week Ironman plan in preparation for Ironman St. George.  Winters in Iowa mean some long times on the trainer.  In prep for this I have purchased a compu trainer and the St George and Wisconsin bike courses.  My weekend training rides for the Ironman plan are 4.5 hours on Saturdays and 3 hours on Sundays.  We also have two race rehearsals built into the twelve weeks which are a one hour swim, 6 hour bike, and 1 hour run.  Looking forward to the training but will be so ready for spring to come early this next year.

Now moving on to my two children: Keegan and Olivia.

Keegan played in his first high school golf match of the year and did well.  He is enjoying golfing and life as a freshman.

Olivia has started back up with dance and tumbling and the mid week keeps her and mama busy.  Her dance recital is the second weekend in June and we are looking forward to this.

Well take care and see you all soon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, Sept 9th.....Madison

After a great night of laughs at the Dane and sleeping okay I woke up today and looked out my window and there was the beautiful sun, lake, and people already swimming.  Very jealous was I to the point that I made myself some of the Hilton in the room coffee-note to the world it taste like SHIT!!!!!  Then set off and met with the team at the entrance part of the swim.  Little pain with the knee putting the wet suit on but didn't pay much attention to it.  Started getting in the water and turned wrong and the knee and body reminded me that swimming was a very bad idea.  So I hobbled back to the grass, took off the wet suit, and cried inside, pouted like a baby, and just took pictures.  Yes, I know in order for this too heal I have to lay off it.
Then grabbed some yummy whole wheat and berry pancakes.

Endurance Nation/Coach Rich then gave the 4 keys speech to what appeared to be 50 peeps or so.  He always makes us laugh.  Coach Rich is looking to go Sub 10 hours for his race and qualify for Kona.  Best of luck to you coach and know we will be cheering and following you come Sunday.  I believe we have around 35-40 of our team racing here in Wisc and mark my word there will be some smoking ass fast IM times put up.  The training we do and the plans we follow are for real and proven.  They are proved time and time again.

Then met a training partner and we had to go and spend some cash and time in the Ironman store.  Just think about the cash they are making off of each of these races.  At 600.00 plus dollars a person and around three thousand people racing that adds up.  We got registered today and got our swag bags and not even a cheap t-shirt!!!!  They make you buy the damn shirt.  Which is all fine and dandy with me cause I would rather have a hat vs a shirt.

I still have to say it is the worst feeling in the world knowing come Sunday that all the time, dedication, and training that I did that I will be on the sideline cheering loudly for my team and friends knowing that I should be on that course and finishing the race before the sun set.

Well my wife and daughter fly in this evening so it will be fun to have them here and keep my company.

Well time to PT this left knee.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, Sept 8, 2011....Madison

Well after biking 20 minutes, lifting biceps, triceps, swimming 1000 yards (all pulled), 60 minutes of intense PT, and mowing the yard I was headed to Madison.  How bitter sweet it would be.

After about 4 hours on the road I arrived in Madison at the Monona Terrace Hilton.  We have a Lake side view and a perfect peak at T1.

After getting settled I headed down to see if I could get registered and I missed it by 15 minutes.  So tomorrow at 0900 I am going to get registered.  The only reason I am still registering is so I can sign up for the race in 2012.

I am meeting the team in the am and swimming the lake x 2 and then headed to the 4 Keys talk at 1000.  I am then meeting with the computrainer dude and waiting for my wife and daughters arrival later in the eveing.

This evening I met up with a few of the team mates and had dinner and drinks.  Always good to talk with the coach and team mates.

Now in the room watching the opening game of football.  Go Saints!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow to see the newest of the new for 2012.  Hoping not to spend too much money but need to be ready for 2012.  I have already spotted some bibs and arm warmers.

Well enjoy the night.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off to Wisconsin

Well today is the day I would have had everything loaded and en route to the Monona Hilton for the beginning of an end to my Ironman journey for the year.  Well as you have read my life decided to take a different turn of events for the year and my family and I are still headed to Madison but will be cheering on Endurance Nation and all.

I am packing and leaving tomorrow morning after physical therapy and my wife and daughter are flying in on Friday arriving in the evening.  We didn't want to pull Olivia out of school and didn't want to have two vehicles in Madison.  Valet parking is not cheap :).  Next year we have purchased a tent and I - note I said I will be camping at some of the venues I am planning on attending.

How are things going.  Well I remain in a brace for at least one more weak.  I follow up with DMOS - Dr. Taylor on 9/13/11 and hoping to get the hell out of this brace.  The swelling is pretty much gone and all but a couple of spots from the road rash are gone.  Lots of Telfa bandages and Silvadene cream makes a HUGE difference.  The knee remains stiff and sore once out of the brace but with a little love, ice, and stretching it loosens up.  I swam yesterday but it was all upper body work.  Buoy between the legs and was very careful not to kick and pushing off the wall one legged made things interesting.  Today I sat on a stationary bike and after pedaling 1/2 strokes going back and forth for about 10 minutes I was able to take full pedal strokes but only with the seat all the way up.  This made my day and made me smile from ear to ear.  So the bottom line the leg is feeling stronger and stronger everyday and we are now hoping the ACL scars down and is able to give me some support and surgery is not needed.  I will update you all on that come 9/13/11.  While sleeping I am able to take the brace off.  Sleeping has been HORRIBLE!!!!  I toss and turn all night and if I am not careful and turn wrong meaning applying pressure to the MCL area then holy mama its shoots pains all the way up my head and brings tears to my eyes.  I have some pain medications but if I take that before bed I might as well just stay up and study cause the shit wires me.

We have been looking at races for next year and I am getting excited.  I have One B race, One A race, and one tripple A race on the horizon. One of my training partners is now doing Ironman Wisconsin with me as well as a few other friends from around the area.

My first race of the season all pending on what the surgeon says on 9/13/11 is going to be Ironman St. George.  This will be my B race.  I am looking to just complete this race and use as a building block for the year. Check it out here:

Why?  Because I want to :)....This is the hardest bike course in the United States on the Ironman Circuit followed by Wisconsin.  They are changing up the run course for St. George for 2012 and it is 3 laps in the shape of the M-Dot.  I just want to ride the hardest course and then back this up next Sept with my second IM of the year in Wisc.

Looking at a compu trainer for this winters workouts.  I am able to bike the actual Utah and Wisc Ironman courses.

My second race of the season will be my A race and will be a 70.3.  We have it nailed down to two but now just need to decide.

Oh yes please let me introduce you to White Lightning

Coach Rich with EN.  Looking to go Sub 10 in IM Wisconsin and qualify for Kona.

or Mont Tremblant, which takes place in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada  -
Again my training partner whom is doing IM Wisc is doing the same.  We are leaning towards the one in Quebec d/t it pure beauty and challenging course plus it is an inaugural race and it will be a great short vacation for our families.

My third race of the season will be Ironman Wisconsin and this is the AAA race :).   I truly fell in love with Wisc bike course and was looking forward to rocking it.  I had my bike split down to ~ 5:40 and that was with me riding within my power zones.  My swim was coming in around 1:12-1:20 and the run would have been completed in 4 hours.  So a total time of ~ well 11 hours or under.  I had two race reheasals and they were showing this was going to be the case.  Granted lots can go wrong in an Ironman such as flat tires and that is why we carry extra tubes and co cartridges to fill them.  Gastric shut down, nausea, low blood sugar, etc.  This is why when we train we train with what we will be eating, drinking, etc.  Come race day all the hardwork has already done it is just time to RACE and take it all in.  I will be there next year and that is a PROMISE.

I will again be training with Endurance Nation:

I will be with them for the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012.  Please if you are looking at taking your training to the next level get rid of your personal coach and check this out.  This is a family and we are well supported.  I along with 99.99999% of my team mates had HUGE PR gains and went places we didn't think we could.  You are trained as an age grouper and not a pro.  I can tell you I never trained over 15 hours ever and that was pushing it.  I had a 43 min PR in Kansas in one year and my power went from 171 to 250 watts at my last test.  My vDOT went from 45 to 51.  I was in the best shape of my life.  I had one injury (ITB flare early in the season and then this wreck but you really cant count the wreck cause it was uncontrollable).  The coaches from EN are PROVEN!!!!!!!  Both are Kona qualifiers more than once.  Coach Rich is racing Wisc with us and is pushing for a sub 10 and qualifying for Kona.  Coach Patrick ran a sub 10 this year and qualified for Kona.  So they are able to back up there training plans.  You can get in and create a 5 day free pass and see it for yourself.  You have 400 team mates so if there is ever a question the cool thing is you get answers immediately.  I can't say enough about this PROVEN team and coaches.  Just check them out.

Now for the most important piece-  I want to take a few moments and lines here to thank my family.  My wife Alison JC Noftsger, my son Keegan, and daughter Olivia.  You three are my rock stars.  You allowed me the time to train, whine, scream, travel, go to bed before the sun set, etc.  When I was down and frustrated you three were always telling me I could do it and not to give up.  Olivia would always tell me when I was coming off the bike-----go dad all you have left is the run and that is nothing.  Always made me smile inside.  Keegan was my logistical brain.  He would tell me what time it was, give me food and fluids, always know where things were and the best way to get them done.  Alison-you are my life line, my love, and this just is not possible without your support.  The past two weeks have been very rough on US.  You were the first to see me in the hospital after the wreck and you told me everything was going to be alright and you know what IT WAS AND IS.  You set up with me when I was in severe pain, you dried my tears of frustration, dedication, pain and always motivated me!!!!

A special thanks out to Kyle and his entire crew at Kyles Bikes in Ankeny, Iowa.
Kyle's Bikes-please click on the link and check them out.  I can tell you that they have taken care of all of my bike and triathlon needs for the past two years.

I am looking forward to the next year and all of our accomplishments.  Thank You very much.

Too my training partners and friends.  All I can say is you are the bombs.  If we as a family ever needed anything you were right there.  Chad my friend you took great care of me on that terrible day and even though I knew black beauty was a wreck as a good friend would do you told me well you need a new chain otherwise she looks good.  I look back and laugh now cause I was laying in the road, middle of the road not able to move my legs and I was more worried about my bike.  I knew at that time my race was not going to happen.  It was great having you as a training partner and look forward to training with you for the next season.  One thing though-I am not biking at 4 am when it is below zero and the wind blowing.  I want to feel my hands this whole next year :)
Ahh Carribean Sea after the Jamaica Marathon.  

Well time to watch a little tennis, golf, history channel and study a bit.

Be safe out there.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 12 of 12

Well today has been somewhat of an emotional day cause it is week 12 of 12 in the training plan.  My phone reminded me and said congrats you made it.  Just upset cause all of the hard work was done and I was tapering when this damn accident happened.  All the road rash is pretty much gone except for a spot on the left medial knee and right above the right ischium.  All my team mates are and have written up their race plans and they look good.  Endurance Nation crew is going to rock this course.

Today is my first day back working in the Emergency Room since the accident.  I am working triage so off my feet and going to try and keep the leg elevated.  My follow up is Sept 13th and hope to have a few more answers then and step up the physical therapy.  Seems to be going great so far.

We are making the trip to Wisconsin to cheer on the team, learn the lay of the land, and see how things work on race day.  We will be returning as a family next year with me racing.

Next year is looking to be an EPIC year for me.  It all depends on my follow up on 9/13 so don't want to get carried away quit yet.  I am planning on a double Ironman year.  i am tackling a couple of the toughest courses on the United States Ironman Circuit :).

Be safe out there and enjoy the weather.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

A week after the crash

Wow, a week after the crash already!!

I will be the first to tell you it has been a very emotional week for me.  I think I have went through the stages of dying-which include-denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  My wife, family, and friends have been by my side this entire time.  THANKS

Lots has happened in the week.  First of all I want to say it is amazing how things happen for a reason and with the blink of an eye the whole world is upside down.  I am not sure what the good Lord had or has in store for me but I was not meant to race on 9/11/11.  That day has has so much meaning to me and I was ready to lay it all on the line.  My family and I are still making the journey to Madison to cheer on my team mates from Endurance Nation and soak in the Ironman atmosphere.  I am signing up for Madison and looking forward to fulfilling my dream to finish an Ironman in 2012.

Lots of appointments were made, attended, and plans set in place for the future.  Family doctor for xrays of the left knee to be sure there were no bone fractures, then off the next day for a MRI.  Later that day my family doctor called me and said, "well dear this is not the news you were hoping for and I am so sorry.  You have a complete MCL tear and a partial ACL tear."  As I stated before I damn near started to cry right there and dropped the phone.  Well I new a few good Ortho doctors so called and spoke with their Administrative Assistance.  I got an appointment for the next day with Dr. Taylor of Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons (DMOS).  My left knee was very unstable and at times painful if medial pressure was applied.  My training partner Troy tore his MCL several years back and still had a hinged brace.  He let me borrow it and it was a great choice.  No more knee collapsing.  Well met Dr. Taylor and he examined the left knee and was not too impressed with the ACL on his exam but very impressed with the MCL.  He said on his exam the MCL appeared to be tore more posteriorly.  He then pulled up the MRI and said it looks to be a grade 2 MCL tear with some involvement of the ACL.  Then Dr. Davick appeared in the room and he examined the left knee and he was able to get the tibia to slide more then Dr. Taylor.  He still thought it wasn't too bad but something in the room meaning the vibe I didn't much care for.  I will always wonder what the outcome may have been if I was seeing the doctors in reverse.  The bottom line from the visit was continue to wear the brace but be on the leg as much as possible.  May take the brace off only at night for bed and see me in two weeks.  Okay to that is the plan and we are following it to a TEE.

I decided to start myself in physical therapy and am glad I did.  We have started with heel slides-working on firing the quads, heel digs-working on firing the hamstrings, straight leg lifts, and pushing the knee to a neutral position.  I have lost almost 2 inches of girth in the left quad compared to the right in only a weeks time.  Our goal at this time in PT is to build the supporting muscles around the MCL and ACL and be sure we are getting good blood flow to the area.

Regarding my TT bike.  Well on a tri bike where the rear derailleur attaches to the bike it was bent and the hole was way stretched.  There was no fixing this and unfortunately it ruined the entire carbon frame, the seat, pedals, shoes, left nothing of the speedfil.  I was surprised by all the damage but never seen the bike after the accident.  I got to see it a few days later.  Our insurance thank GOD covered my bike and accessories on the bike.  We had the best agent!!!!  A new bike was ordered the day after the accident, shipped over night, put together, and I went and picked it up yesterday and it is at Kyles Bike's in Ankeny getting put together.  Note we rushed the order cause in my head I was still going to be racing come 9/11.  Big THANKS to BEN at BIKEWORLD!!!!!  I will be riding and racing a 2012 model Cervelo P3 Dura Ace.  My power meter is a pro + built into a Zipp 808.  My Joule 2.0 survived the crash and I will be using that for all my power and heart rate data.  The seat is a Cobb V-flow, Pedals are Look Blades, and my shoes well not yet decided but I was wearing the specialized carbon and they are smoked and tore all to hell.  Probably go with the same cause they were really comfortable.

Today I am headed to the gym and will start a lifting regime.  I am going to start back very light today with upper body but going to punish the abs.  I have been eating like I have still been burning 4000 cals a day.  The body, mind and soul still have not adjusted.  We are use to going 100 mph and in a few solid weeks of PT and listening to the body I will be back to where I was.

IM Wisconsin.  If my knee is in place and we are ready to go I am seriously thinking about doing Ironman St. George as my epic ride and run.  It never sells out and the state is BEAUTIFUL.

Again to my family and friends.  Your support and kind words have meant the world to me.  I do not ever wish this to happen to anyone.  2 weeks out and tapering this should have never happened to me either but it did and we are moving forward.

Be safe out there and take care of each other.