Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year

Well 2011 was a great year with its normal ups and downs.  More ups then downs.  Best of all I had my family and friends there for it all.  Not a ton to say here cause I wear my emotions on my sleeve and write about how I feel and say what I mean.  Yep, I am one of those whom is not afraid to say it out loud.  It is a free country and I have my opinion.  Its really loud when I know I am right :).

I did not ring in the new year but instead dreamed in the new year.  I was in bed by 10 pm and up this am bright and early.  I have not heard from my son yet this am he was staying at a friends house as he has the past several years and brought it in by playing pop bong, Nerf wars, and all those things teenage boys do.  Olivia told mommy at 10:30 she was tired-which is not her and went to bed.  Alison stayed up and rang in the new year by channel surfing and snacking (her words).  Yes we are a lively bunch.

We as a family are sooooooo looking forward to 2012 and say, "Bring it on!!"  We are willing and ready.

Yesterday was to be an 75 minute bike but just not feeling that well so cut it to 60 minutes kept the intensity high.  Decided to skip the run.

Bike consisted of 15 min of ON time (vo work) I had to cut these to a minute each.  First time during this OS that has happened but the 2:30 min just were not going to happen. Again, my goal is to be at 290 watts and anything above is even sweeter.

305 (1.26%), 303 (1.25%), 303 (1.25%), 311 (1.29%), 306 (1.26%), 316 (1.31%), 311 (1.29%), 297 (1.23%), 311 (1.29%), 308 (1.27%), 304 (1.26%), 301 (1.24%) and 311 (1.29%)

Broke the remainder down which was 15 minutes to a 10 min and 5 min section and goal was to keep at or above 80%.  Rode them at .82 IF and .90 IF.

Total workout was 61 minutes, .93 IF, 17 miles, Pnorm of 225, Ave HR 150 and 83 RPMs.

Yearly totals: 

  • Bike 4,782 miles, with a monthly ave of 400 miles.  Big month was July~this is when I attended the Ironman Wisc Camp.
  • Running: 1,148 miles for the year
  • Swimming~didn't keep track so this is an educated guess.  I swam on ave 3x a week and my weekly ave was around 10,000 yards.  Therefore for the year ~ 38,000 yards.  
  • Ave weight for the year 154.7 pounds.  I was down to 144 pounds two weeks from Ironman Wisc.
  • Closing indoor watts for 2011 is 242 watts
  • Closing outdoor watts for 2011 259 watts

Goals for 2012

  • Give praise to GOD
  • Love, laugh, and spend time with my family!!!!
  • Outdoor watts before closing out the year will be 300 watts
  • 5K goal will again be a sub 20 minutes
  • 10K goal will be sub 40 minutes
  • Stay injury free
  • complete the three Ironman races I have signed up for.  St. George on May 5th, Ironman Wisconsin on Sept 9, and Ironman Cozumel of 11/25.  
  • Endure the physical and mental aspects of this game and most of all try to soak it all in, enjoy the scenery, make new friends, and learn from each race and apply what I learned to the next.