Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post crash day #1

Went to bed and sleep okay but woke up in severe pain so my best guess is the pain medications wore off.  I can say to date I have never felt pain like that.  I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow without grabbing my head with my hands.  Took a couple of the pain pills and tried getting comfortable in the chair and that was almost impossible till the pain meds kicked in.  My wife is the best.......she must have had her bionic ears in cause I tried to be as quiet as possible but she was there for me all day and night.  After about 45 minutes the pain was wearing off and I was able to get back into bed and fall asleep for a few more hours.

Woke up and tried getting out of bed hoping things would be a little better.  Took a few steps and well I was on the ground.  My left knee just does not want to cooperate with me.  I elevated it today, iced it, and applied an ace bandage to assist with the swelling.  There is just so much swelling that I am not able to bend my knee (flex) it with out pain.  I can get it maybe 20 degrees and then the knee just feels full and very tight.  I am very tender along the medial joint line.  I am seeing my family doctor for bone films tomorrow and hopefully a stat MRI.  I want to put my mind at ease that I do not have an ACL or medial meniscus tear.  I know at a minimum that my retinaculum is a little damaged but can hill over time.  I swear if my knee was not bugging me I could have worked out today.  The rest of the pains are just stiffness and soreness.

To all my friends and family that have wrote, called, Leanda Cave(Female Pro-Kswiss sponsored) thanks for the discount codes-I promise to put them to good use. Kyle and staff of Kyles Bikes-thanks for rushing the black beauty into surgery.  I am hoping for a good outcome but if not we are ready to pounce.  Lazer helmets-I would not be here today without the product that you made and I had on my head during this accident.

To my beautiful wife Alison, Son-Keegan, and Daughter-Olivia thanks for all your love and support.  Love you.

Keegan got his first car Saturday which is a stick shift.  We had a good time driving it yesterday and today.  Started out really rough and today was a little smoother.  He drove from our house to Bass Pro Shop and did well.

We celebrated Olivia's 9th birthday party today at Bass Pro Shop today with a bunch of her friends with bowling and pizza.  We had a blast.

Well the leg is elevated again and ice was applied.  Thanks for all the good vibes and prayers.  You guys are the best.

Yes it is a picture of my butt....GET OVER IT.....this is the side I landed on and just a piece of the road rash and bruises I obtained from the wreck.


Bill Russell said...

Tegaderm; your friend for the next week.

Joe Matchette said...

Or Silvadene cream. It worked wonders on my road rash from earlier this year.