Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another recovery day

Well this morning started out very early with an MRI at 0545.  Never had one before and they are loud but it was nice to wear the head phones they provided and drift off to sleep.  Woke this am with moderate swelling and very minimal pain.  Carefully got out of bed and a few steps into my morning crawl the left knee wanted to remind me it was not going to support lateral movements.  Grabbed a quick cup of coffee and off I went.

MRI took about 30 minutes and the MRI tech said well I don't see anything that jumps out at you so I will be the first to tell you good luck on 9/11/11.  Man that really lit me up inside and made me smile ear to ear.  Deep inside I just knew something was not right with my knee but was starting to think okay maybe it is just badly bruised and this is how it feels. 

I came home ate some breakfast and decided I felt good enough to go for a little swim but only with a wet suit on d/t the moderate amount of road rash I still had.  Most of it is closed but a few tiny strawberries left. 

IT FELT AWESOME TO BE IN THE WATER.  Very minimal stinging to the road rash noted.  I did however note how swollen my left knee felt and when I would do a flip turn and kick off of the wall wrong it would smart out loud.  2300 yards and then I did a couple hundred yards of water running. 

Got home and drinking a cup of coffee and the phone rang.  Well it was the doctors office and she said well this is not the news you were expecting and I am so sorry.  "Your MCL is completely torn and your ACL has a partial tear"  Well I damn near cried right then and there.  She asked which ortho group I would like to use and that they were going to try and get me in.  I called my wife who has been my crutch and let it all out.  I just couldn't keep it in anymore.  All this great training and now I am not able to execute like a ninja with my other teammates.  My biggest fear had come true!!!!!  I was teaching a few trauma sections to our new recruits and I even mentioned my luck my last ride something will happen......well it did!!!!!!!!!  I am the strongest and most fit person I have ever been in my life right now!!!!  I have never worked so hard and dedicated so much time to any one program.  I just wanted to and want to lay it all on the line come race day and see what happens.  Then I had to take a step back and listen to my body, wife, teammates and doctors.  This is just one race and there are plenty more.  This will only make me stronger and everything else we tell other people when it is not yourself involved.  I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE I AM NOT GOING TO RACE....

Well I have my appointment tomorrow afternoon with the best sports ortho doctor in my opinion in the state.  Dr. Taylor.  He will let me know the game plan and we will go from there.  The biggest question is HOW MUCH OF THE ACL IS TORN?  I am hoping for like 10-15%.  Then we can just brace the MCL, do PT, strength ready to roll in 10-15 weeks.  OUT SEASON -2011-2012 will only make me stronger-hopefully.

Lots of peeps have asked about the bike.  Well my black beauty (Cervelo 2010 P3) was damaged and the internal bleeding was controlled for a while but we just couldn't stop it.  She is alive but missing her spleen, right kidney, broke both femurs, and had a large head injury.  She will make a full recovery and will be on display at a school and schools very close to you for bicycle safety week along with the very cracked helmet and clothing I was wearing.  What a great teaching aid she will make.  The great thing is her best friends daughter had a baby and she is being delivered on Friday.......A 2012 Cervelo P3 with Dura Ace components.  Yes I said a 2012.  Excited to get it and at least touch her and stare at her as I heal and dream of this winter in the pain cave. That sounds really bad but made me laugh.

To the love of my life Alison again I can't thank you enough for putting up with my whining, bitching, gloating, and well all of the running around we had to do.  I was glad you were there so I could lean on you.  You are the best!!!!!! 

To my training strong out there and have no mercy until you cross that finish line.  I will be right next to you cheering as loud as I can.

On race day be looking for my swim time cause damn it I am starting what I set out to do....I will at least swim the 2.4 miles in the Monona Lake and well maybe bike the 112 miles.  There will be at this time no run for me but still maybe a 26.2 mile walk.  It all depends on the doctors appointment in the am. 

Well it all happens at the blink of an eye so please be safe out there and always wear a helmet. 

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