Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another week in the books and a new one starting.......WEEK 8 OF 12

Well it HUMP DAY already.....where does the time go?  Ecpecially out summer time.  Well week 7 is in the books and what a great week and volume of training it was.  Week 8 is kind of what I call a step back week to allow for the body to do some healing.  Not easy by any means and it is a test week for the run.  So hopefully I can bring in a new vDOT. 

Monday was another day in the office-Our new recruits started and I am charged with teaching portions of the EMT-B part of the class.  I enjoy sharing with others what I know and assisting them in learining it.  A few chapters have been added to the Basic Curriculum so we are spending a fair amount of time on the Anatomy, Physiology, and medical terminology portions.  They will be done with this portion of the recruit class in 5 weeks!!!!

For training purposes I have been sleeping in a little and doing my swimming in the evening.  Monday was a 3600 yard swim and it concentrated on sprint, 100's, 200's, and 300's.

Tuesday I got up and hit the bike at 0400.  It was a 75 minute bike with FTP work.  Ended with 27 miles in 1:12, Intensity Factor of 86 and TSS of 84.  Then the brick run was 20 minutes of easy pace run.  I really had to dig deep for this entire workout.  Not so sure why but the quads remain very tired.  Maybe still some fatigue from the weekend.

Wed (HUMP DAY)  Since I am going to be leaving Sunday morning very early and missing the 180 minute bike ride I will be doing that today after work and then get the 3400 yard swim in.  Today the swim conists of a WU, then MS: 4x400's at race pace -2 to 3 seconds, MS2: 4x400's one second slower than the ones from MS 1.  Then a easy cool down.

Well all time to grab a quick salad and drink then off to teach.  BTW what a wonderful and well needed cool down this week.  It was 58 degrees this am.  LOVE IT.

Be safe out there. 

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