Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well we made into New York-Manhattan after a few delays in Chicago d/t weather on the Northeast coast-yes you guessed it New York.  I swear this weather follows me.  Our first experience was with a cab at the airport who wanted us to pay $60.00 for a ride to the New York Sheridan.  Well one of the guess traveling with us has a brother who frequents this city and he told us to walk around the corner and there is another line with cabs.  So we did and there it was.  There was five of us in our group and we could not find a cab to take 5 so we split up.  Final cost $26.00 :).

It was very fast paced getting to the hotel.  I can see why there are a lot of pedestrian deaths in this town.  I am assuming that cause of the way we were flying down the narrow roads, swerving, honking, etc.  The cab driver said it is always this way.  I couldn't live here and can't say I would not want to.  Would love to bring the wife here to visit for she would be in heaven.  Not a lot for the kids to do.

We are located 8 blocks from Time square and about 12 blocks from Central Park.  We are kind of in the middle.

Monday morning got up early and started my journey on the treadmill.  Traveling even though we are not doing much zaps me.  I felt sore and tired for some reason and did nothing.  The plan was for E pace run and at the end to include 6-8 strides.  After a couple of nice easy paced miles I decided to do the strides in the middle of the run.  They felt great.  Finished off the run on the treadmill with 5 miles.  Then went and stretched and rolled for another 20.  After the opening session we decided to go and run the long loop in Central Park which is just over 6 miles.  After getting there and watching everyone we found the outside loop and it is marked for runners, bikers, etc.  Off we went-it was a little humid and a slight breeze.  Around mile 3 into the run we turned a corner and started climbing and climbing and climbing.  According to my watch the climb was .68 miles.  I had to laugh cause one of the guys running with us asked if the hell was ever going to end.  Well it got better cause down came the rain.  I love running in rain but this was a back flash of Okiboji's flood rain minus the lightning and thunder.  Nothing we could do so we cont to run.

So Monday's total miles were 11.2.

We then met up with one of the others locals from Iowa (Davenport) and ate at a Italian restaurant.  I think I ate until my back hurt and had my share of bread.  Very good.  Took lots of pics of Time square.  It reminded me of being in Las Vegas on the strip just much faster paced.

Slept like a baby again

Tuesday started with a Starbucks coffee and a roll with egg whites.  Off to class-Today's class is, Functional Fitness parts one and two.  A doctor out of Canada talked about back injuries and the prevention of them.  This afternoons class is Physical Demands of Firefighting.

Run this am was 60 minutes and included 3 one mile repeats which I nailed at 6:52, 6:44, and 6:18.  Felt a little soreness after yesterdays runs but not bad overall.  Ended up with 7.67 miles.  This again was on the treadmill and I think we are going and running the small loop at Central park this afternoon which is 3 miles.  So should end up at or over 10 miles today.  From our hotel to central park I'm guessing is a mile or just over.

That will put my two day total at 21 miles.  Ahead of target !!!!!  Maybe pushing close to 50 miles in 4 days :).  We will see though cause tomorrows run is 45 minutes with strides and I might need to stick to that cause Thursday's run consist of 2.5 hours and should net me around 18 miles.  My plan at this time is to walk to Central Park and then run the big loop 3 times so that should net me 18.4 miles.  If raining it will all be on the treadmill.  The weather outlooks shows it to be stunning that day.

Well be safe out there and train smart.


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