Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another recovery day

Well this morning started out very early with an MRI at 0545.  Never had one before and they are loud but it was nice to wear the head phones they provided and drift off to sleep.  Woke this am with moderate swelling and very minimal pain.  Carefully got out of bed and a few steps into my morning crawl the left knee wanted to remind me it was not going to support lateral movements.  Grabbed a quick cup of coffee and off I went.

MRI took about 30 minutes and the MRI tech said well I don't see anything that jumps out at you so I will be the first to tell you good luck on 9/11/11.  Man that really lit me up inside and made me smile ear to ear.  Deep inside I just knew something was not right with my knee but was starting to think okay maybe it is just badly bruised and this is how it feels. 

I came home ate some breakfast and decided I felt good enough to go for a little swim but only with a wet suit on d/t the moderate amount of road rash I still had.  Most of it is closed but a few tiny strawberries left. 

IT FELT AWESOME TO BE IN THE WATER.  Very minimal stinging to the road rash noted.  I did however note how swollen my left knee felt and when I would do a flip turn and kick off of the wall wrong it would smart out loud.  2300 yards and then I did a couple hundred yards of water running. 

Got home and drinking a cup of coffee and the phone rang.  Well it was the doctors office and she said well this is not the news you were expecting and I am so sorry.  "Your MCL is completely torn and your ACL has a partial tear"  Well I damn near cried right then and there.  She asked which ortho group I would like to use and that they were going to try and get me in.  I called my wife who has been my crutch and let it all out.  I just couldn't keep it in anymore.  All this great training and now I am not able to execute like a ninja with my other teammates.  My biggest fear had come true!!!!!  I was teaching a few trauma sections to our new recruits and I even mentioned my luck my last ride something will happen......well it did!!!!!!!!!  I am the strongest and most fit person I have ever been in my life right now!!!!  I have never worked so hard and dedicated so much time to any one program.  I just wanted to and want to lay it all on the line come race day and see what happens.  Then I had to take a step back and listen to my body, wife, teammates and doctors.  This is just one race and there are plenty more.  This will only make me stronger and everything else we tell other people when it is not yourself involved.  I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE I AM NOT GOING TO RACE....

Well I have my appointment tomorrow afternoon with the best sports ortho doctor in my opinion in the state.  Dr. Taylor.  He will let me know the game plan and we will go from there.  The biggest question is HOW MUCH OF THE ACL IS TORN?  I am hoping for like 10-15%.  Then we can just brace the MCL, do PT, strength ready to roll in 10-15 weeks.  OUT SEASON -2011-2012 will only make me stronger-hopefully.

Lots of peeps have asked about the bike.  Well my black beauty (Cervelo 2010 P3) was damaged and the internal bleeding was controlled for a while but we just couldn't stop it.  She is alive but missing her spleen, right kidney, broke both femurs, and had a large head injury.  She will make a full recovery and will be on display at a school and schools very close to you for bicycle safety week along with the very cracked helmet and clothing I was wearing.  What a great teaching aid she will make.  The great thing is her best friends daughter had a baby and she is being delivered on Friday.......A 2012 Cervelo P3 with Dura Ace components.  Yes I said a 2012.  Excited to get it and at least touch her and stare at her as I heal and dream of this winter in the pain cave. That sounds really bad but made me laugh.

To the love of my life Alison again I can't thank you enough for putting up with my whining, bitching, gloating, and well all of the running around we had to do.  I was glad you were there so I could lean on you.  You are the best!!!!!! 

To my training strong out there and have no mercy until you cross that finish line.  I will be right next to you cheering as loud as I can.

On race day be looking for my swim time cause damn it I am starting what I set out to do....I will at least swim the 2.4 miles in the Monona Lake and well maybe bike the 112 miles.  There will be at this time no run for me but still maybe a 26.2 mile walk.  It all depends on the doctors appointment in the am. 

Well it all happens at the blink of an eye so please be safe out there and always wear a helmet. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post crash day #1

Went to bed and sleep okay but woke up in severe pain so my best guess is the pain medications wore off.  I can say to date I have never felt pain like that.  I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow without grabbing my head with my hands.  Took a couple of the pain pills and tried getting comfortable in the chair and that was almost impossible till the pain meds kicked in.  My wife is the best.......she must have had her bionic ears in cause I tried to be as quiet as possible but she was there for me all day and night.  After about 45 minutes the pain was wearing off and I was able to get back into bed and fall asleep for a few more hours.

Woke up and tried getting out of bed hoping things would be a little better.  Took a few steps and well I was on the ground.  My left knee just does not want to cooperate with me.  I elevated it today, iced it, and applied an ace bandage to assist with the swelling.  There is just so much swelling that I am not able to bend my knee (flex) it with out pain.  I can get it maybe 20 degrees and then the knee just feels full and very tight.  I am very tender along the medial joint line.  I am seeing my family doctor for bone films tomorrow and hopefully a stat MRI.  I want to put my mind at ease that I do not have an ACL or medial meniscus tear.  I know at a minimum that my retinaculum is a little damaged but can hill over time.  I swear if my knee was not bugging me I could have worked out today.  The rest of the pains are just stiffness and soreness.

To all my friends and family that have wrote, called, Leanda Cave(Female Pro-Kswiss sponsored) thanks for the discount codes-I promise to put them to good use. Kyle and staff of Kyles Bikes-thanks for rushing the black beauty into surgery.  I am hoping for a good outcome but if not we are ready to pounce.  Lazer helmets-I would not be here today without the product that you made and I had on my head during this accident.

To my beautiful wife Alison, Son-Keegan, and Daughter-Olivia thanks for all your love and support.  Love you.

Keegan got his first car Saturday which is a stick shift.  We had a good time driving it yesterday and today.  Started out really rough and today was a little smoother.  He drove from our house to Bass Pro Shop and did well.

We celebrated Olivia's 9th birthday party today at Bass Pro Shop today with a bunch of her friends with bowling and pizza.  We had a blast.

Well the leg is elevated again and ice was applied.  Thanks for all the good vibes and prayers.  You guys are the best.

Yes it is a picture of my butt....GET OVER IT.....this is the side I landed on and just a piece of the road rash and bruises I obtained from the wreck.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well I have always been scared of wrecking my bike while time trialing and that fear came true today.  Just think this was my last 3 hour bike ride and we were 20 minutes from being done.  Pure accident and it is what it is....

Traveling according to the Joule 29.7 mph and I was in the line in the 2 position.  We had been pushing hard for about the past 2 hours so we were getting tired but keeping it real.  Either I clipped the persons tire in front of me or I was clipped from the back not too sure.  Next thing I know I was in the oncoming traffic lane and trying to correct what was happening.  Well the correction didn't happen cause a training partner and I collided.  I fell and landed directly on my right lateral hip followed by my aero helmet smacking the ground so hard that I remember hearing that awful noise of something being smashed and then seeing stars.  I looked up and here comes my training partner in mid air and landed on top of me.  Well a body stays in motion until acted upon by an outside force and that force was me!!!!  I swear when he hit me he killed me.  I have never till today felt pain like that.

As I looked up we were in the center of the road and I new I had to get out of the road but I tried moving and my hips, pelvis and left leg hurt so bad I couldn't move.  I was screaming I think out in pain, fear, and upset cause my A race is around the corner.  I was always telling my training partners I was going to hit a dead animal in the road and flip my bike but it was worse.

Mike called my wife and woke her.  I told him to please be calm and tell her first thing that I was awake alert and talking to her.  It didn't work she went off!!!!  She later apologized but Mike knew she was shaken up and upset.  She and the children met me at the ER.  Thanks to my wife and family you are the best.

We decided since i could not move and was in a significant amount of pain to call 911.  Bondurant Fire responded and Altoona transported.  Rigid c-collar, fully immobilized, IV, monitor, and NRM.  Yep the critique was right on.  Both departments did well and I am thankful you were there and appreciate everything you do for us.  Arrived at IMMC and a doctor was on I like.  It was very smooth and quick.  He came in and said it doesn't look to awful bad but I want a radiologist to read them.  I was now thinking damn something is wrong.  Well the report came back and no fractures of the pelvis or tailbone.  I was sent home with instructions for ice, elevation and pain pills.

Well my favorite Kswiss bibs were destroyed from all the road rash so they provided me with a pair of scrubs.  I went to get out of bed and damn near fell.  My left medial aspect of my knee collapsed and just wouldn't support me.  It was very swollen but I was able to beat moderate weight with no increase in pain so they decided an xray was not warranted.  So I got dressed and hobbled out to the vehicle.

Well got home and decided to soak in the Jacuzzi tub and get all the gravel out of the road rash.  That was sooooooo painful but I am rock free anyway I think.  Throughout the day we have had to change bandages a few times d/t the fact all the oozing from the road rash.  The knee is very swollen medially and painful.  Has attempted to make me collapse a few times.

My bike remains at the surgeons office-Kyles Bikes in Ankeny and I will have a final verdict on Monday.  Sounds like the frame is a mess.  I have already been in contact with Bike World who is the dealer for Cervelo's here in Iowa.  Going there tomorrow to be sure they have my size so if Kyles gives the thumb down sign I can flip the switch and get it to Kyle so we can dial in the dimensions and fit.  It will be hard cause I have been training so long on the bike I went down on and all my RR have been done on it.

Insurance claim has been made in regards to the bike.

Well to Mike, Chad, Alison, Keegan, and Olivia thanks for everything.  You guys helped me more than you will ever know.  The lord above had someone very special with me today.

I am now praying for a speedy recovery.

Two weeks out from the race and its game on!!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well yesterday brought me a 3000 yard swim in the local SYP.  Tried a friends long sleeve wet suit and about fried myself (over heated) in the pool.  After 1000 yards I was done with that.  Took it off and I was drenched from sweat.  Then had a 60 minute run to include 3 one mile repeats at my threshold pace.  I think between the swim and run I lost some serious water weight and electrolytes.  Worked on replacing them yesterday.

This am got up and ran the 90 minutes as scheduled.  Very tough run for me following yesterdays mile repeats.  Today called for 40 minutes easy and 40 minutes at M pace (7:19).  I struggled holding onto that pace for more than 10 minutes so just ran the best/most comfortable pace that I could.  Ended just at 10 miles for 1:24.  Slower than I wanted but got it done.  Also lost another nice workout shirt this am :(...... But hey when you have to go then you have to go.

Weighed in this am at 150.1.  Race goal weight is 145.  Very doable.  That will but me close to 3.5/kg on the bike.  Just think when I started in Nov I was at 2.6 so very happy with the improvements.  Started to look as if my weight is needing and intervention and being told I look anorexic and the cheek bones are starting to show.  Every year when my A race is here this is what I am told so I know I am where I need to be.  They are just all jealous. :).

Well tomorrow brings in a 60 minute swim and a 40 minute run.  Ahhhhhhhh a little bit of a break.

Be safe out there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Good afternoon-

Just catching my breath here as the week so far has been very busy.  Monday started the 1st day of my slow taper of the next three weeks.  Lots of work yet this week but the volume is slowly decreasing.

Monday consisted of a swim:
200 WU
20x100's, 10x50's and a 200 CD
Did this workout with a couple of training partners and it was a good one.  One of them was trying on his new wet suit that he ordered back in June and just got last week.  He was swimming like 1:09's...the guy is like a freaking killer shark.  It was nice though to just swim and not have an hour run afterwards.

This am consisted of only an hour bike workout but built into that hour was 2x20 minute FTPS.  This workout was done with my bike light training partner.  He swears that I only use him for his 5 million watt power bike light....soooo maybe I do :)/  Glad he was there this am cause I would have been down for the count.  Just missed a dead coon lying in the middle of the road.  That would have hurt!!!!

Our numbers were decent....
One hour and 15 minutes we traveled almost 25 miles.  This included a 15 minute easy warm up, 2x20 min FTP's (100%) and a 5 minute cool down.  Pnorm was 215.  Ave speed was 21 mph, Ave cadence was 88, Ave HR was 138,  .86 intensity factor, 89 TSS.  #1 FTP was .97 and #2 FTP was .96.  Happy with the numbers but I have to tell you I think I was still feeling some fatigue from the past week and weekends bike and run workouts.

Tomorrow brings a 60 minute swim and we are working on Endurance vs Speed followed by a 60 minute run with 3x1 mile repeats at my threshold pace.  Thursday is a 90 minute run with 45 of those minutes at my marathon pace.  Friday is a 60 minute swim working on speed followed by a 40 minute run to include hill strides.  Saturday is a 3 hour bike ride with lots of FTP work followed by a 30 minute run and Sunday is a 2 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run.  Just think that is a taper :)

After Saturday's workout we are taking our son Keegan to get his first car.  Yep Keegan has a school permit and will be driving.  Boy, where does all the time go just yesterday he was in diaper and now a freshman in high school.  Very proud of all his accomplishments.  He is just so busy in school this year-Golf, band, and after school activities it will be nice for him to drive back and forth vs always riding his bike.

Olivia is our big 4th grader and is doing dance again this year.  Tap, ballet, and Jazz.  Always a busy time for us.....well mainly Alison and her regarding dance.

They both started school yesterday and Alison did not cry this year!!!!! Ahhhhhhh it was the first time no tears were shed in years.

Well time to go and mow.  I swear every 2-3 days I am mowing.

Be safe out there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home and last RR done :)

Wow we finally made it home.  The week long trip to New York that started last Sunday and ended yesterday around 1800 hours was wonderful.  The conference was great but just not a lot of new info fed to us this year.  Lots of goals and stuff coming in the future so the next 5 years in the fire service will be interesting to see what all happens.

I did learn that Manhattan would not be a spot for me to live.  It is very fast paced and very expensive.  Not sure how you could own a car living there.  Explains all the taxi's, subways, and rail systems.  My wife would like to visit someday and she would love all the stores and sight seeing.  Did most of my runs in Central Park every morning and afternoon.  Great route and always surrounded by runners and bikers.  Large amount of officers patrolling this area.

Woke up Friday morning a little stiff and sore but nothing unusual after a long run  However all the sitting around in the airports and airplanes made me sore and stiff.  We arrived to LaGuardia Airport a little late d/t the fact the ass of a taxi driver we had thought he heard Kennedy airport instead.  It started by him telling us after we were in the cab and all the luggage loaded that unless we were paying with cash then he was not taking us.  Well this went on for a couple of minutes then he told us to just get in.  All in all I thought it was funny.  Poor guy.

Arrived at the airport and luggage checked at the curb.  Great.  Get to our gate and the flight is delayed 45 minutes.  Well we get on the plane and get out to the run way and I notice all (I mean like 20 planes) just sitting.  Then our engines go off and the pilot states d/t a weather system over the coast no flights are headed west at this time and he was not sure of the delay.  After about 50 minutes we were air bound.  Knowing we were going to miss our connector in Chicago we were brainstorming.  The flight was very smooth once the pilot reached our cruising altitude of 39,000 feet.

About 2 minutes before touching down I brought up the flights and noticed the flight to Des Moines was delayed d/t mechanical issues!!!  It was to depart at 4:00.  Well we got off of our flight at 3:59 and made it over two doors to the flight and they were still boarding.  Long story short we made it home just a little over and hour from the original flight time:)/

Arriving home Alison and Olivia came out to greet me with a huge hug and kisses.  Alison had pizza waiting on the table for me.  I love pizza before a big day of training.  She knows me too well.  Before I could eat though I had to get the gifts out cause Olivia was itching to see her stuffed animals.

Well bed time came before long and here it is 0300 and I am up having a cup of Joey, checking the weather which it appears we may get a few drops on us this am but most of the storms-strong anyway are staying south of this area.

Woke up at 0300 after a very poor night of sleep.  I just tossed and turned as I do the night before a big race.  These RR's make me a little anxious and giddy like a child.  Coffee was brewing and smelled wonderful.

Prepped everything to be sure we were set.  Nutrition on the bike was Infinite 250 cals per hour x 5.  Made enough for 6 hours just in case.  These are two 30 oz bottles mixed with 3 hours of concentrate each.  So I had a total of two bottles in the hydrotail and 42 oz of water in the Spedfill.  I also took 1000 mg of salt tabs per hour and a few gel packs for emergency back up.

Off I went and met with the crew at DQ.  What a beautiful morning!!!  All the storms stayed to the south of us.  We started off and headed to Colfax.  First hour was to be at 168 watts.  Very comfortable and getting warmed up.  Letting the body settle down and the gut adjust.  Remember in Wisconsin I will be coming out of the lake after swimming 2.4 miles.  It is fun to look back and see 5 bikes cruising at 0400 with the head and bike lamps and red blinking tail lights.  After 50 miles a couple of friends dropped off and we were cruising back into town.  One of them just was not having a good day and was  having a hard time holding a pace.  The other decided to vomit three or four times but felt better afterwards. Made into town and hooked up with the rest of the crew and off we went again.  The goal watts for the rest of the ride was 180.

Bike leg finished up at 5 hours and 40 minutes.  Pnrom was 184 so just a little high but I will take it.  IF however was .72.  I am comfortable with that but may bring it to a .70-.71 on race day knowing I have a 26.2 mile run ahead of me.  You would not believe was a .1 of a difference makes to you and your TSS points.  Just not worth it.  I burned around 3900 calories on the bike.  My ave heart rate was 131, My ave cadence was 88.  My overall ave speed was 19.7.  So very happy.

Transitioned to a run-plan called for 6 miles but we decided to only run three.  Why?  Well after my big volume week in New York and just finishing riding the ride of my life I was afraid of pushing things and flaring up my ITB this close to the race.  I have had one flare up this year compared to 8 last year.  I have learned to listen to my body.  Funny what it says if you listed.  The three miles we decided to increase the intensity to make up for it.  We ran the three miles in an ave pace of 7:38.  Note my E pace for the first 6 miles of the marathon will be 9:00 then miles 6-18 will be 8:45 min miles.  From mile 18-26.2 it will be whatever the body allows it to be :) but hopefully it will be faster than slower.

They say the pain you feel in an Ironman towards mile 18 -26 is a pain that makes you hurt from the inside out.  They say your mind is trying to tell your body enough is enough.  It is where the "suck find you".  You have to have that special place in our mind, heart, and soul to go to at this time.  I have found mine and know where to find it.  Mile 26 to 26.2 they say the crowd is so loud that all your pain disappears for that moment, you get very emotional and in that .2 tenths of a mile you become and IRONMAN.  All that handwork, dedication, and commitment pays off.

Be safe out there my friends.
Let the taper and mind games begin.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well after a great night of sleep we rose to a venti skinny Carmel latte with an extra shot of espresso, ahhhhhhh :).  Breakfast consisted of a 3 egg white, Swiss cheese, turkey, wheat wrap.  Trying to keep the protein and carbs up for healing and energy.  Also drinking about 3 liters of water a day.  Broke down this afternoon after visiting the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center area and had a large chocolate cone and just finished a yummy large peanut butter with m&m cookie.

Went to Central Park and ran a loop for the run today which was 6.2 miles.  Total miles for the week now is close to 31 miles.  Tomorrows run is my last big one and I really excited to run it but also a little sore.  Relaxing tonight with my feet up/in bed at the hotel while the gang is all out.  With run tomorrow which should net me 18 miles my weekly total will be 49!!!  I will then spend some time stretching and rolling and stretching and rolling.  Will then put on the compression gear and continue this throughout Friday while traveling home in preparation for my race rehearsal # 2 which takes place Saturday.

After Saturday we start week 10 of the twelve week workout and this means TAPER.  During this slow taper it will be important to cont to eat very healthy and do nothing to injure myself during this time.  We have came so far and to get injured and not be able to race would kill me.

Well gang enjoy the night and see you soon.

To my family I miss you guys so much and love you.  I am ready to come home.  Tomorrow is the closing ceremonies and we are honoring the ten year anniversary of the World Trade Centers and the 343 brothers and sisters who gave all that day.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well we made into New York-Manhattan after a few delays in Chicago d/t weather on the Northeast coast-yes you guessed it New York.  I swear this weather follows me.  Our first experience was with a cab at the airport who wanted us to pay $60.00 for a ride to the New York Sheridan.  Well one of the guess traveling with us has a brother who frequents this city and he told us to walk around the corner and there is another line with cabs.  So we did and there it was.  There was five of us in our group and we could not find a cab to take 5 so we split up.  Final cost $26.00 :).

It was very fast paced getting to the hotel.  I can see why there are a lot of pedestrian deaths in this town.  I am assuming that cause of the way we were flying down the narrow roads, swerving, honking, etc.  The cab driver said it is always this way.  I couldn't live here and can't say I would not want to.  Would love to bring the wife here to visit for she would be in heaven.  Not a lot for the kids to do.

We are located 8 blocks from Time square and about 12 blocks from Central Park.  We are kind of in the middle.

Monday morning got up early and started my journey on the treadmill.  Traveling even though we are not doing much zaps me.  I felt sore and tired for some reason and did nothing.  The plan was for E pace run and at the end to include 6-8 strides.  After a couple of nice easy paced miles I decided to do the strides in the middle of the run.  They felt great.  Finished off the run on the treadmill with 5 miles.  Then went and stretched and rolled for another 20.  After the opening session we decided to go and run the long loop in Central Park which is just over 6 miles.  After getting there and watching everyone we found the outside loop and it is marked for runners, bikers, etc.  Off we went-it was a little humid and a slight breeze.  Around mile 3 into the run we turned a corner and started climbing and climbing and climbing.  According to my watch the climb was .68 miles.  I had to laugh cause one of the guys running with us asked if the hell was ever going to end.  Well it got better cause down came the rain.  I love running in rain but this was a back flash of Okiboji's flood rain minus the lightning and thunder.  Nothing we could do so we cont to run.

So Monday's total miles were 11.2.

We then met up with one of the others locals from Iowa (Davenport) and ate at a Italian restaurant.  I think I ate until my back hurt and had my share of bread.  Very good.  Took lots of pics of Time square.  It reminded me of being in Las Vegas on the strip just much faster paced.

Slept like a baby again

Tuesday started with a Starbucks coffee and a roll with egg whites.  Off to class-Today's class is, Functional Fitness parts one and two.  A doctor out of Canada talked about back injuries and the prevention of them.  This afternoons class is Physical Demands of Firefighting.

Run this am was 60 minutes and included 3 one mile repeats which I nailed at 6:52, 6:44, and 6:18.  Felt a little soreness after yesterdays runs but not bad overall.  Ended up with 7.67 miles.  This again was on the treadmill and I think we are going and running the small loop at Central park this afternoon which is 3 miles.  So should end up at or over 10 miles today.  From our hotel to central park I'm guessing is a mile or just over.

That will put my two day total at 21 miles.  Ahead of target !!!!!  Maybe pushing close to 50 miles in 4 days :).  We will see though cause tomorrows run is 45 minutes with strides and I might need to stick to that cause Thursday's run consist of 2.5 hours and should net me around 18 miles.  My plan at this time is to walk to Central Park and then run the big loop 3 times so that should net me 18.4 miles.  If raining it will all be on the treadmill.  The weather outlooks shows it to be stunning that day.

Well be safe out there and train smart.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Training week 8 comes to a close.

Well week 8 of 12 came to a close today after a great workout.  This week I attempted to get some volume in d/t the fact I am leaving for New York at 0400 tomorrow morning and will not be back until Friday evening.

Total running miles for the week: 41
Total biking miles for the week: 208
Total yards swimming for the week: 13,000

I am feeling strong and ready to roll.  We have one more hard week of training left which includes next Saturdays race rehearsal.  This will consist of a 6 hour bike ride or 112 miles whichever comes first followed by a 6 mile or one hour run whichever comes first.  Thursday of next week is our last long run which consist of 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Going to try and get in 20 miles that day.  Looking forward to that day cause after that THE SLOW TAPER IS HERE!!!!!!

Since I am New York for the week I am doing a high volume run week:
Monday-45 min to include strides at the end
Tuesday-60 min to include 3 one mile repeats
Wed-45 min to include strides at the end
Thursday-2:30 (last long run)
Friday-I am putting on the compression tights and socks and hopefully will be ready for Sat.
Hoping to get around 40 miles in 4 days.

Today's bike landed me 101 miles in 5:06.  What a beautiful morning here in Iowa.  We got started at 0400.  FTP work was included.  Lots of fun stuff happened.  My training partners seat broke so he had to call his wife at 0445 to come and get him.  We came to a stop at a red light and didn't see anyone (at 0400) so we proceeded through....Well we were wrong on came the PoPo's cherries.  He pulled us over.  We acted as if we didn't see him at first and he came on the loud speaker and made sure we heard him.  Lucky for us he gave us a warning.  Thank You to the Colfax Cop.  He said it was like a 130 dollar fine.

Bike Numbers from today.
FTP # 1-Duration: 8:03
TSS: 13.3 (intensity factor 0.995)
Norm Power: 246
Power: 53 352 243 watts
Cadence: 72 170 92 rpm
Speed: 20.3 33.6 25.6 mph

FTP # 2-Duration: 8:07TSS: 13.2 (intensity factor 0.986)
Norm Power: 244
Power: 106 421 245 watts
Cadence: 73 123 95 rpm
Speed: 15.3 35.7 26.8 mph

FTP#3-Duration: 11:21TSS: 17.8 (intensity factor 0.988)
Norm Power: 244
Power: 0 403 243 watts
Cadence: 47 141 95 rpm
Speed: 10.4 31.7 19.4 mph

Duration: 5:06:14
Work: 3233 kJ
TSS: 309.2 (intensity factor 0.787)
Norm Power: 194
VI: 1.1
Distance: 100.459 mi
Elevation Gain: 2296 ft
Elevation Loss: 2369 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-71 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 576 176 watts
Cadence: 30 239 90 rpm
Speed: 0 39 19.6 mph
Pace 1:32 0:00 3:04 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 33 6 lb-in
Altitude: 785 1018 907 ft
Crank Torque: 0 954 166 lb-in
Temperature: 66.2 77 70.3 Fahrenheit

Bringing week 8 to a close is a good feeling.  Myself and my teammates are starting to feel the itch and ready to hit it.  A lot of the double top secret Iowa sleeper cell are in Madison this weekend riding and running on the course and will return next weekend to do their final race rehearsals.  Wish I could be with you all.  Be safe up there and enjoy.
Coach posted on the wall in Endurance Nation that the water temp had dropped so it looks like at this time it will be a wet suit legal race.  Please if you are reading this say a prayer starting today for beautiful weather come 9/11/11.

I will be renting a GPS chip from My Athlete so you all came track me.  It will show you exactly where I am on the course, how far I have traveled, how far I have left, my elevation, and speed.  Once I have this I will post what you need to track me come race day.

Well everyone have a great Saturday and we will talk again soon.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another week in the books and a new one starting.......WEEK 8 OF 12

Well it HUMP DAY already.....where does the time go?  Ecpecially out summer time.  Well week 7 is in the books and what a great week and volume of training it was.  Week 8 is kind of what I call a step back week to allow for the body to do some healing.  Not easy by any means and it is a test week for the run.  So hopefully I can bring in a new vDOT. 

Monday was another day in the office-Our new recruits started and I am charged with teaching portions of the EMT-B part of the class.  I enjoy sharing with others what I know and assisting them in learining it.  A few chapters have been added to the Basic Curriculum so we are spending a fair amount of time on the Anatomy, Physiology, and medical terminology portions.  They will be done with this portion of the recruit class in 5 weeks!!!!

For training purposes I have been sleeping in a little and doing my swimming in the evening.  Monday was a 3600 yard swim and it concentrated on sprint, 100's, 200's, and 300's.

Tuesday I got up and hit the bike at 0400.  It was a 75 minute bike with FTP work.  Ended with 27 miles in 1:12, Intensity Factor of 86 and TSS of 84.  Then the brick run was 20 minutes of easy pace run.  I really had to dig deep for this entire workout.  Not so sure why but the quads remain very tired.  Maybe still some fatigue from the weekend.

Wed (HUMP DAY)  Since I am going to be leaving Sunday morning very early and missing the 180 minute bike ride I will be doing that today after work and then get the 3400 yard swim in.  Today the swim conists of a WU, then MS: 4x400's at race pace -2 to 3 seconds, MS2: 4x400's one second slower than the ones from MS 1.  Then a easy cool down.

Well all time to grab a quick salad and drink then off to teach.  BTW what a wonderful and well needed cool down this week.  It was 58 degrees this am.  LOVE IT.

Be safe out there. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Well it was another early morning but enjoyable.  Four of us met early this am and headed out for a lot of work today.  We had over an hour of functional threshold to do as well as hours of biking.  It was in the mid 70's but very humid and the dew point had to be high cause it was wet humidity.  The bike workout looked like this:

WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/z1-2/Easy
  • 10' (2') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 12' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 15' (4') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 12' (5') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 15' (4') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 3 x 13' (2') @ 80-85%/z3; for each interval include 2' standing WITHOUT spiking watts or effort, ie, standing for position change only.
  • Remainder of ride time is @75-80%/z2, in the aerobars, practicing steady riding: no surges, constant power, etc.
I felt tired at the beginning and really struggled hitting my .95-100% goals on my FTPs.  Here are the results for each of them.
  • #1- IF (intensity factor) .91, Pnorm 225, Ave speed 23.7 mph
  • #2- IF .93, Pnorm 229, Ave speed 21.6 mph
  • #3- IF .95 (:) yea!!!, Pnorm 235, Ave speed 21.9 mph
  • #4- IF .94, Pnorm 231, Ave speed 19.2 mph
  • #5- IF .92, Pnorm 228, Ave Speed 23.1 mph
ENTIRE BIKE WORKOUT NUMBERS (courtesy of the Joule 2.0)
Duration: 5:06:09
Work: 3089 kJ
TSS: 282.6 (intensity factor 0.753)
Norm Power: 186
VI: 1.06
Distance: 100.198 mi
Elevation Gain: 2092 ft
Elevation Loss: 2135 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-36 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 499 168 watts
Cadence: 30 246 89 rpm
Speed: 0 37.3 19.6 mph
Pace 1:36 0:00 3:04 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 29 6 lb-in
Altitude: 828 1062 949 ft
Crank Torque: 0 788 161 lb-in
Temperature: 73.4 78.8 74.6 Fahrenheit

Overall very happy with the bike work out.

We then got home and decided damn we feel so good lets go for a run!!
Run consisted of 6 miles with each mile at or under 8:38!!!

Rating for today's workout is a 7/10.  Why a 7? Cause I should have hit at least .95 IF for each of the intervals.  If I would have this baby would have been a 10!!!!!!!!!

Recovery shake consisted of ARM from max muscle.

Well everyone be safe out there and enjoy your Saturday!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Race is to my family, Camryn Storbeck, and to the brothers and sisters that gave their lives on 9/11

Hello to all of you whom follow my blog and thanks for doing so.  Please note you can leave me some comments below.  I love to read them and often take your comments and thoughts with me on my workouts.  They often make me smile, LOL, and even tear up. 

This up coming race had often left me thinking, "What in the hell am I doing" there are times in my training that it hurts so bad that I stop, talk to myself, and even answer myself.  That is a very true statement. 

I have put a lot of time, dedication, sweat, and tears into this training and even into this past year.  I have a support system like no other!!! 
  • My support system and number one fans are my family-My beautiful wife Alison, my son Keegan-he is my updater during races and my nutrition supplier, my daughter Olivia that no matter what I look like or am feeling she tells me, "Dad it is not much further, now you just have to run".  I always smile.  When I come out of the water, in from the bike, etc I am always looking for them and know their voices when I hear them.  For that this race is dedicated to them for all the time they have spent without their papa, for allowing me to go to bed sometimes as early as 0730, for picking me up when i was down, and just for everything!!!
  • Being a firefighter we get to meet a lot of people and get close to our friends.  The fire department is like and extension of your family per se.  A friend of mine who I was in recruit class with by the name of Paul Storbeck or better known as BULL or BULLDOG to me has a beautiful daughter by the name of Camyrn who developed a rare form of cancer and has been a fighting machine.  I have been following the updates on facebook that he posts and yesterday during my long run I thought with all the pain/endurance/sleepless nights she has been through that this would be another great cause for me to run and compete for.  I then sent BULLDOG a text message yesterday asking him and his family if that would be okay if I did and completed this race in Camyrn's honor d/t the fact we know she is a fighter and will always fight no matter what.  Therefore when I start getting that feeling of pain and want to stop Ms. Camyrn Storbeck I promise you I will keep plugging away and we will cross that finish line no matter what!!!!!
  • I am also running this race to honor the 343 brothers and sisters that gave the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/2001.  We shall never forget!!!
I woke this morning again feeling sore but slept well.  This am brought in a 40 minute run to include 8 uphill strides.  First 1.5 miles were at my easy pace plus 30 seconds.  Did the uphill strides from 2-5% inclines at speeds of 9.7-11.  Then finished off the run at my M pace.  Then spent some time stretching and foam rolling. 

Tomorrows workout is going to be a good one and several training partners are joining in.  5 hour bike and a 30-45 minute run.  Over an hour of FTP work included. 

Well enjoy your Friday my friends and until we meet again be safe.

Great video and will make you laugh :)
Ironman Wisc last year.  The last finisher....Check the crowd out and its almost midnight.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

LONG RUN........LONG SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well since starting in the office the workouts have been getting a little more creative.  Went to bed last night at 7:30 P.M. and slept like a baby until 0230 when the alarm went off.  I was very rested and ready to roll compared to the morning before.  My wife had the coffee set and it was brewed and waiting for me.  Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm.   After eating a small breakfast and sipping on caffeine it was time.

0330 headed north out of town and met up with the twin and away we went.  Decided to take a course that we have in the past.  Decided to stray from the written plan and do out own.  This consisted of the easy pace plus 30 seconds but with the last quarter of each mile being a dead sprint.  By the last mile (16) I was ready to be done with those.  Only took in 4 sips of water and no calories on the run and felt fantastic.  I honestly could have kept going and cruised in with 20 miles.  I had to cut the 2:30 scheduled run a little short though cause life got in the way.  Honestly, I am glad cause I know I would have continued to run.

After work decided to go and get Friday mornings swim done but again changed up the written workout to a longer one and one of my own.  Just to be different and change things up.  It consisted of 4x1000 yards all at temp pace and times.
#2- 18:00
#3 (pulled) 16:32
#4 consisted if 10x100's....50 sprint and 50 easy.
Total time in the pool was 1:17:00

Things are looking good and as so many of my team mates have said we are feeling strong and getting excited for the race.  To quote the coach the Wisconsin course is a perfect set up for the EN athlete d/t the way we are trained to ride hills, descend the hills, and running off the bike.  Getting SOOOOOOOOO Pumped.

This weekend brings another EPIC Training log:

  • Saturday is a 4.5 hour ride but time is still needed in the saddle and plus getting use to the new cogg so we are going 5 hours then running 45 minutes.
  • Sunday is a 3 hour bike and I am following this with a 30 minute run.
Then on to week 8 training week.
Week 9 I will be in New York for the week so my training will consist of a very high running volume(Monday-Friday looking at 60 miles) but will be back Friday just in time for Saturdays RR#2!!!!  Then the slow taper is on!!!!

Well all time to relax and watch shows on sharks cause it is NATIONAL SHARK WEEK!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wednesday brought in an hour bike with some VO2 max intervals. 
Horrible night of sleep.  For some reason I just tossed and turned.  Alarm clock went off and it was a slow go but the coffee always is a good addition to the day. 
Met a training partner this am and off we went.  We noticed a brisk northly wind so we decided to ride into the wind for the first half and enjoy it on the way home. 
VO2 max consisted of 15 x 30 seconds in zone 5 and 30 seconds off.  Sounds easy but give it a try and then let me know what you think. 

WU: 10-15' Easy, then 3 x 1' (1') Hard/z4/100% to open up your legs.
  • 3 x (5 x 30/30), 3' easy between sets.
  • Remainder of session at 75-80%
WD: 5' Easy

Duration: 1:03:38 Work: 654 kJ
TSS: 63.3 (intensity factor 0.785)
Norm Power: 194
Distance: 21.171 mi
Elevation Gain: 448 ft
Elevation Loss: 470 ft
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 446 171 watts
Cadence: 32 170 85 rpm
Speed: 0 34.8 19.9 mph
Pace 1:43 0:00 3:01 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 80.6 74.7 Fahrenheit

Was to be a 30 minute brick run but after going a block this was stopped.  Too much residual fatigue from the past weekend and didn't want to push it.  I have a 2 hour and 30 minute run tomorrow with lots of working sets within that time frame. 

Well time for some calories, shower, and head into the office. 

Have a great hump day!!

Tomorrow we will discuss what happens inside a cell when it is aerobic vs anarobeic.  Hmmmm one is more detrimental then the other and one converts energy more easily then the other but then why is it important we train at this level.........Tune in for Thursdays podcast and more.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday= Swim day

Kind of like this swimming after work thing.  I actually have gotten to sleep in the last couple of days and when I get to the pool at 3:45 P.M. there is hardly anyone there.

Todays swim :

WU: 300 yds/m
MS1: 6 x 400 (30 ) @ your RR pace minus 2-3 Set Total: 2400
MS2: 6 x 100 (15 ) as 50 Sprint, 50 Easy Set Total: 600
CD: 100 Easy
Total: ~3400yds/m

Towards the end the lats started to hurt and despite my effort I felt shot.  Had to be going anaerobic for the last few 100's.  The 400's were completed around 1:38/100 yards.  Felt very comfortable.

Coach posted the green light to try and bike and run tomorrow after this past weekends epic workout.  If it seems like a struggle though I am going to drop the intensity and ride in zone 2 for the entire ride then run a very comfortable easy plus 30 second pace.  Thurday though the long run is all 2 hours and 30 minutes of work!!!

Feeling more resting but still note some tiredness when climbing stairs throughout the day.

Well about 5 1/2 weeks out from the race. The race diet hit hardcore starting yesterday.  I tell you it feels as if I am constantly starving!!!  Lots of chicken, Tuna, and well a few home made cookies so far.  Mmmm

Well all be safe out there.

BTW on race day I will have a GPS tracker on so you will be able to track me on the bike and run.  It is much better then the Ironman updates.  You will be able to track my exact location.  It will tell you my exact speed, altitude, distance traveled and more.  Really neat.  When I am giving the tracking satellite number I will post it.  

Monday, August 1, 2011


Welcome to week # 7 of 12 with the Intermediate IM Plan from Endurance Nation.

After watching True Blood with my wife last night I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I was so ready for bed so took my ZMA (Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) and some Ibuprofen for my aches and pains I turned the fan on next to the bed and I was out cold.  Don't think I moved until my wife woke me up telling me it was 0630.

Info in ZMA here:

I got out of bed and OMG was I sore.  It was that sore that makes you smile cause you know you accomplished what you were out to do.  Took a quick ice bath, foam rolled, and stretched.  A few cups of coffee and off to the office for the day.  

Took my files from WKO to review cause I was and can't quit thinking about why my variable index from this past weekends rides were so high (1.1).  I was very careful riding the course-meaning I watched my watts, stayed in the saddle, etc.  After getting a few responses from my teammates and the coach we hit the hammer on the head.  My total time of zero watts, meaning I was coasting was over 30 minutes for each day.  That with the hills adds up to the high VI.  Therefore we all know there is a lot of free speed on the Wisc course and things will be done differently.  How?  Well I am glad you asked.

  • I will be riding a Rotor 3D TT (Round 53/39) in the front and a Shimano Ultegra 6600 12-28 cogg in the back.  Note I had a 12-25 for race rehearsal and it was not even close enough for me.
  • I will be coming over the hills and going until I am spun out and then getting right back on it for what lies ahead.  Therefore there will me minimal coasting and a lower VI hopefully.  There are a few spots on the course you just can't help but to coast.
  • Stay aero when feeding, drinking, itching, etc.  
  • Pee on the bike no matter what it takes-ahh now that will feel good.
Well the day in the office was uneventful.  Preparing power point for the up coming recruit class.  I am assisting teach the EMT portion to the new recruits.

After work got the scheduled swim in which consisted of:

WU: 500 yds/m
MS1: 4 x 200 (30 ), last 50 of each is a sprint. 50 Easy
MS2: 5 x 150 (20 ), last 50 of each is a sprint. 50 Easy
MS3: 6 x 100 (15 ), Negative Split. 50 Easy
MS4: 8 x 50 (15 ), as 25 sprint, 25 easy.
CD: 200 easy
Total: ~3000yds/m

Then came home and my wife had dinner ready.  Had grilled chicken and a Turkey hot dog, watermelon, and some of her yummy homemade cookies!!  Chocolate milk for recovery.