Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

LONG RUN........LONG SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well since starting in the office the workouts have been getting a little more creative.  Went to bed last night at 7:30 P.M. and slept like a baby until 0230 when the alarm went off.  I was very rested and ready to roll compared to the morning before.  My wife had the coffee set and it was brewed and waiting for me.  Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm.   After eating a small breakfast and sipping on caffeine it was time.

0330 headed north out of town and met up with the twin and away we went.  Decided to take a course that we have in the past.  Decided to stray from the written plan and do out own.  This consisted of the easy pace plus 30 seconds but with the last quarter of each mile being a dead sprint.  By the last mile (16) I was ready to be done with those.  Only took in 4 sips of water and no calories on the run and felt fantastic.  I honestly could have kept going and cruised in with 20 miles.  I had to cut the 2:30 scheduled run a little short though cause life got in the way.  Honestly, I am glad cause I know I would have continued to run.

After work decided to go and get Friday mornings swim done but again changed up the written workout to a longer one and one of my own.  Just to be different and change things up.  It consisted of 4x1000 yards all at temp pace and times.
#2- 18:00
#3 (pulled) 16:32
#4 consisted if 10x100's....50 sprint and 50 easy.
Total time in the pool was 1:17:00

Things are looking good and as so many of my team mates have said we are feeling strong and getting excited for the race.  To quote the coach the Wisconsin course is a perfect set up for the EN athlete d/t the way we are trained to ride hills, descend the hills, and running off the bike.  Getting SOOOOOOOOO Pumped.

This weekend brings another EPIC Training log:

  • Saturday is a 4.5 hour ride but time is still needed in the saddle and plus getting use to the new cogg so we are going 5 hours then running 45 minutes.
  • Sunday is a 3 hour bike and I am following this with a 30 minute run.
Then on to week 8 training week.
Week 9 I will be in New York for the week so my training will consist of a very high running volume(Monday-Friday looking at 60 miles) but will be back Friday just in time for Saturdays RR#2!!!!  Then the slow taper is on!!!!

Well all time to relax and watch shows on sharks cause it is NATIONAL SHARK WEEK!!!!!!

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