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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ironman Wisconsin 2013......just around the corner.

Well as usual its been quite sometime since my last blog and I apologize to my few followers and my family but it has been one crazy, fun, non-stop summer.

Before we go any further I want to personally say THANK YOU to my beautiful wife Alison JC Noftsger, my son Keegan, and daughter Olivia.  Thanks for understanding and allowing dad to be gone in the early morning hours and then poking at me as I dosed off in the chair throughout the day.  Without the three of you this would not be possible.  Big THANKS to Coach RICH and PATRICK of ENDURANCE NATION, Kyle Robinson and his entire crew at Kyles Bikes in Ankeny, Iowa.  Dr. David Krohse of Compass Chiropractic for the ART and chiro treatments.  Nikki Vogel of Kneaded Relief Massage Therapy.  Mike Foote-Swimming Coach at the Altoona Campus, Tom-swimming coach of the Altoona Campus.  It finally clicked this year with swimming.  It was like a light went off in my head.  I can still close my eyes and remember Tom stating, "Carl you have to go over the barrel in front of you then pull".

A special thanks to ALL my training partners: Jonathan "pocket Hercules" Meyer, Kari Wikilund, Troy "power twin" Morris, Mike "Ironman" Morrison, Dr. Chad "Mr Oral" Johnson, Jonathan Barlow, Mike VanFossen, Austin Vanderlinden-note special thanks for the heated garage this past winter and up coming winter, his wife Katie for putting up with the early morning stink in the garage and for making us the best morning breakfasts after 2-4 hour bike workouts.  And many others Mike Peverill, Dotty Johnson, Steve Olsen, Stephanie Olsen and the master ----baby vamp, Randy Pickard.

Had the opportunity to join a local bike racing club known as: Sakari Racing Team and they really turned up the heat this year.  Looks like they took first place in the Iowa Cup.  I never competed with them but had the chance to train a few times with them and got to climb plenty of hills at 100%.  Hoping to do some cross racing with them after Wisconsin.

To bring you up to par Ironman Wisconsin 2013 takes place on September 8, 2013.  The cannon fires at 0700 and then we literally go to war in the water.  More on that later.

I started my season on Jan 1, 2013 in a program called the "OS" Outseason.  Note it did not say the off season but the out season.  This 14 weeks concentrated on speed on the run and power on the bike.  The last two years this was a 20 week program but after input from the hundreds of members it was tweaked and brought down to 14 weeks.  IMHO it was harder but it really made a difference in my training.  This was my third year with EN (Endurance Nation) so I was hoping for a few big gains on the bike and a few minor bumps on the run.  Started with a FTP (Functional Threshold Power) of 250 and ended right around 280 inside on the trainer and 300 tested outside.  I really concentrated more on the bike then I did the run.  We measure our runs my a tool called vDOT.  I started around 47 and ended at 53.  To be honest I have not tested since cause I have been very happy with the runs and know where the body wants to go vs what is just too much.  EN does not have you swim in the winter but I continued to swim two times a week.  One thing I think every endurance program or program in general should have is a flexibility program and a strength program.  I therefore included this in my program over the winter and spring.  For me I concentrated on my gluts, abductors, abductors, and quads.  Also hit the core very hard.

The OS came to an end and I was very happy with the ending results.  I then dropped into what was the most challenging plan for me as of today----the GFP, Get Faster Plan.  This 7 weeks of hell pushed me well beyond my limits but again I seen gains and it really paid off.  It really focused again on the bike and run.

In June I fell into the 12 week Advanced Ironman Plan for Wisconsin.

To put things in perspective since Jan1st to today I have trained: As you can see it has been my second job.
* 482 hours
*Running: 126 hours, 1,030,56 miles
*Biking: 284 hours, 5,657,40 miles
*Swimming: 71hrs13min, 131.37 miles

Just for fun the total calories burned:

  • 396,896 calories
  • Ave speed on the bike: 19.8 mph
  • Ave power: 210 watts
  • Ave Run Cadence: 97 strides per min
So as I have entered the taper mode for Wisconsin all seems to be going well and I am very excited for what could happen on Sept 8th.  I have goals in my mind but the biggest and baddest goal is to be able to cross the finish line within the allotted 17 hours.  I have truly put my heart and soul into training.  The actual training for Wisconsin has been 12 weeks and I have had the opportunity to attend two tri training camps during this time and have rode the course 9 times within this time period.  Bike goal is to beat last years bike time.  Doesn't get much easier then that.  

The race starts on Sept 8, 2013 at 0700 with the fire of a cannon.  We are the lucky ones who still get to experience the mass start.  Meaning 2800 athletes starting to swim all at one time.  Quite a site to see.

Lots of fightning for position but after the first turn it seems to calm down either that or we just get use to getting kicked, hit, punched, etc.  

We then exit the water and transition and get ready for the 112 mile bike.  Ironman Wisc is known for one of the hardest most technical bike course in North America.  Technical meaning you are always making gear changes, leaning, turning, climbing, etc.  Like the coach states if you make all the right changes throughout the day you will have a great marathon but if it goes the opposite you will have 26.2 miles of hell.  Last year I had 32 min of coasting time.  My goal is to cut that in half and take about 15 minutes off my bike time.

We then come in and transition to the run.  

Currently read that less then 20% off all Ironman ametuer athletes run a marathon that is less then 4 hours.  Last year I ran a 3:57 marathon and my goal this year is the match or beat that time.  Now maybe its just me but I think the run course in Madison is very demanding and taxing along with several rolling hills.  I was able to run Observatory hill the first round last year and walked the second round.

Race Plan:

Wake up at 0200 and drink 2-3 bottles of Ensure for a total of 1200 calories.  Back to bed and then wake up at 0500.  We are staying right on sight and transition is out our back door so going to sleep in a little.  Breakfast then will be a baggle with peanut butter, one banana, and a cup of apple sauce, one liter minumum of gatorade or water with a Nuun tab.

2-3 cups of coffee, excrete the bodily fluids.

Nutrition: Infinit non protein long course, 275 calories per hour, one Roctane GU 100 cals,  and one honey stinger waffle-160 cals per hour.  I also will drink ~ 120 0z of water of the 5+ hours.  Hope to pee 2-3 times on the bike.  At mile 90 I will drink a 6 oz coca cola that I will carry with me

  • I will take a Rocatane GU about 15 minutes before the swim start, finish my coffee, finish my liter of Gatorade, had my shoes to my wife, look her in the eyes and give her the biggest kiss and tell her with a smile on my face that I will see her in about 12 hours or so,
  • Plain and simple.  I just am not the strongest swimmer therefore my goal is to seed myself in the middle of the pack again and when the cannon fires just go hard for 400-500 years and then try and settle in behind someone.  I am going to go as fast as I can but once I feel my form is breaking then I will slow things down.
Bike: 2013 Cervelo P3.  Note I have been training with a 53/39 crank including riding the course every time with it on.  Concern is on a few of the hills my rpm's fell to the low 60's therefore switched into a compact crank 50/34 and will run an 11/28 cassette in the rear.  Gorilla cages in the back to hold my nutrition(again infinit) and a speed fill on the down tube that holds 42 oz of water.  
Wheels: 404 Zipp Fire crest in the front and a 808 fire crest with a G3 Power meter and a wheel cover in the rear.
Tires: Continental 4000S
Seat: Cobb Vflow
Pedals: Look Keo

**** Will be using a power meter and my goal is to race at .73-.75 of my current FTP.  This has been tested and holds true for 5 different runs.  My best VI has been 1.05 but my TSS us always over 300 which seems to be normal for me and does not effect me on the run.****  I do not ever look at my speed until after the race when I download my power.  I look strictly at power and rpms.  

BIKE GOAL: Not entering any times cause there are just too many factors that could go wrong
  • I will keep this very simple.  Since last year I had 30+ minutes of coasting and stopped 2x to pee is to beat my last years time by 15 minutes and pee during the ride vs stopping.
  • Be sure to take my nutrition in on time and be sure I am drinking plenty of fluids.
  • NO penalties
  • As EN teaches the first few miles, so the stick for me I am going to eat like I am starving and drink, drink, drink. 
  • Once I hit the loops I am going to attack and keep my #'s very true and try and stick everything,
  • Thank all the volunteers
  • Mile 90 be sure and drink the 6oz coca cola I will be carrying with me.
  • Most of all listen to my body and just be very realistic
  • First of all to find my wife in transition cause she will be close and get a kiss from her big puffy lips.....mmmmm that is worth 26 miles alone.
  • I will then let the body go to its comfort zone which seems to be around 8:30.  If its any faster then I will need to slow it down and if that means walking for awhile then I will.  I will cont 8:30's for the first 6-12 miles. 
  • I will be WALKING through every aid station and getting what I need to eat and drink alternating between perform, water, coke in the later miles as the sugar will be needed.
  • Mile 18-22 this is what I call my play time.  I am going to try and drop my time and hold it-why, because I have been training this way with my local coach and it has been paying off.
  • Miles 22-26 its head down, mind and lungs wide open and just dropping the hammer and giving it what I have left.  
  • Would really like to beat last years marathon but just going to go with the flow.  Again, just to many factors to promise anything
Finish chute:
  • Make that left hand turn and enjoy my time coming down the chute!!!!
  • Yes, I will have tears in my eyes and pumping my arms in the air
  • I will see my friends and family but most of all I will hear her voice over all the other screaming, we will lock eyes, share a few smiles and tears, and know that WE have completed another Ironman Event.
Post Race:
  • Go shower and change real quick
  • drink recovery shake.....ARM(anabolic recovery matrix)
  • eat and have several drinks
  • Give mama lots of loves and hugs and kisses cause I know it was a long day for her also
  • Turn on my other friends racing GPS, track them and be at the finish line to watch then all finish

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