Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday= Swim day

Kind of like this swimming after work thing.  I actually have gotten to sleep in the last couple of days and when I get to the pool at 3:45 P.M. there is hardly anyone there.

Todays swim :

WU: 300 yds/m
MS1: 6 x 400 (30 ) @ your RR pace minus 2-3 Set Total: 2400
MS2: 6 x 100 (15 ) as 50 Sprint, 50 Easy Set Total: 600
CD: 100 Easy
Total: ~3400yds/m

Towards the end the lats started to hurt and despite my effort I felt shot.  Had to be going anaerobic for the last few 100's.  The 400's were completed around 1:38/100 yards.  Felt very comfortable.

Coach posted the green light to try and bike and run tomorrow after this past weekends epic workout.  If it seems like a struggle though I am going to drop the intensity and ride in zone 2 for the entire ride then run a very comfortable easy plus 30 second pace.  Thurday though the long run is all 2 hours and 30 minutes of work!!!

Feeling more resting but still note some tiredness when climbing stairs throughout the day.

Well about 5 1/2 weeks out from the race. The race diet hit hardcore starting yesterday.  I tell you it feels as if I am constantly starving!!!  Lots of chicken, Tuna, and well a few home made cookies so far.  Mmmm

Well all be safe out there.

BTW on race day I will have a GPS tracker on so you will be able to track me on the bike and run.  It is much better then the Ironman updates.  You will be able to track my exact location.  It will tell you my exact speed, altitude, distance traveled and more.  Really neat.  When I am giving the tracking satellite number I will post it.  

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