Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Race is to my family, Camryn Storbeck, and to the brothers and sisters that gave their lives on 9/11

Hello to all of you whom follow my blog and thanks for doing so.  Please note you can leave me some comments below.  I love to read them and often take your comments and thoughts with me on my workouts.  They often make me smile, LOL, and even tear up. 

This up coming race had often left me thinking, "What in the hell am I doing" there are times in my training that it hurts so bad that I stop, talk to myself, and even answer myself.  That is a very true statement. 

I have put a lot of time, dedication, sweat, and tears into this training and even into this past year.  I have a support system like no other!!! 
  • My support system and number one fans are my family-My beautiful wife Alison, my son Keegan-he is my updater during races and my nutrition supplier, my daughter Olivia that no matter what I look like or am feeling she tells me, "Dad it is not much further, now you just have to run".  I always smile.  When I come out of the water, in from the bike, etc I am always looking for them and know their voices when I hear them.  For that this race is dedicated to them for all the time they have spent without their papa, for allowing me to go to bed sometimes as early as 0730, for picking me up when i was down, and just for everything!!!
  • Being a firefighter we get to meet a lot of people and get close to our friends.  The fire department is like and extension of your family per se.  A friend of mine who I was in recruit class with by the name of Paul Storbeck or better known as BULL or BULLDOG to me has a beautiful daughter by the name of Camyrn who developed a rare form of cancer and has been a fighting machine.  I have been following the updates on facebook that he posts and yesterday during my long run I thought with all the pain/endurance/sleepless nights she has been through that this would be another great cause for me to run and compete for.  I then sent BULLDOG a text message yesterday asking him and his family if that would be okay if I did and completed this race in Camyrn's honor d/t the fact we know she is a fighter and will always fight no matter what.  Therefore when I start getting that feeling of pain and want to stop Ms. Camyrn Storbeck I promise you I will keep plugging away and we will cross that finish line no matter what!!!!!
  • I am also running this race to honor the 343 brothers and sisters that gave the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/2001.  We shall never forget!!!
I woke this morning again feeling sore but slept well.  This am brought in a 40 minute run to include 8 uphill strides.  First 1.5 miles were at my easy pace plus 30 seconds.  Did the uphill strides from 2-5% inclines at speeds of 9.7-11.  Then finished off the run at my M pace.  Then spent some time stretching and foam rolling. 

Tomorrows workout is going to be a good one and several training partners are joining in.  5 hour bike and a 30-45 minute run.  Over an hour of FTP work included. 

Well enjoy your Friday my friends and until we meet again be safe.

Great video and will make you laugh :)
Ironman Wisc last year.  The last finisher....Check the crowd out and its almost midnight.


Anonymous said...

What an absolute wonderful blog ! Your family loves you more than you can imagine and know that you will make us and little Camryn proud ! You are sooooooo prepared whether you believe it or not ! ; ) love u

Alison said...

Mama Noftsger wrote that ! ; )