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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A week after the crash

Wow, a week after the crash already!!

I will be the first to tell you it has been a very emotional week for me.  I think I have went through the stages of dying-which include-denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  My wife, family, and friends have been by my side this entire time.  THANKS

Lots has happened in the week.  First of all I want to say it is amazing how things happen for a reason and with the blink of an eye the whole world is upside down.  I am not sure what the good Lord had or has in store for me but I was not meant to race on 9/11/11.  That day has has so much meaning to me and I was ready to lay it all on the line.  My family and I are still making the journey to Madison to cheer on my team mates from Endurance Nation and soak in the Ironman atmosphere.  I am signing up for Madison and looking forward to fulfilling my dream to finish an Ironman in 2012.

Lots of appointments were made, attended, and plans set in place for the future.  Family doctor for xrays of the left knee to be sure there were no bone fractures, then off the next day for a MRI.  Later that day my family doctor called me and said, "well dear this is not the news you were hoping for and I am so sorry.  You have a complete MCL tear and a partial ACL tear."  As I stated before I damn near started to cry right there and dropped the phone.  Well I new a few good Ortho doctors so called and spoke with their Administrative Assistance.  I got an appointment for the next day with Dr. Taylor of Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons (DMOS).  My left knee was very unstable and at times painful if medial pressure was applied.  My training partner Troy tore his MCL several years back and still had a hinged brace.  He let me borrow it and it was a great choice.  No more knee collapsing.  Well met Dr. Taylor and he examined the left knee and was not too impressed with the ACL on his exam but very impressed with the MCL.  He said on his exam the MCL appeared to be tore more posteriorly.  He then pulled up the MRI and said it looks to be a grade 2 MCL tear with some involvement of the ACL.  Then Dr. Davick appeared in the room and he examined the left knee and he was able to get the tibia to slide more then Dr. Taylor.  He still thought it wasn't too bad but something in the room meaning the vibe I didn't much care for.  I will always wonder what the outcome may have been if I was seeing the doctors in reverse.  The bottom line from the visit was continue to wear the brace but be on the leg as much as possible.  May take the brace off only at night for bed and see me in two weeks.  Okay to that is the plan and we are following it to a TEE.

I decided to start myself in physical therapy and am glad I did.  We have started with heel slides-working on firing the quads, heel digs-working on firing the hamstrings, straight leg lifts, and pushing the knee to a neutral position.  I have lost almost 2 inches of girth in the left quad compared to the right in only a weeks time.  Our goal at this time in PT is to build the supporting muscles around the MCL and ACL and be sure we are getting good blood flow to the area.

Regarding my TT bike.  Well on a tri bike where the rear derailleur attaches to the bike it was bent and the hole was way stretched.  There was no fixing this and unfortunately it ruined the entire carbon frame, the seat, pedals, shoes, left nothing of the speedfil.  I was surprised by all the damage but never seen the bike after the accident.  I got to see it a few days later.  Our insurance thank GOD covered my bike and accessories on the bike.  We had the best agent!!!!  A new bike was ordered the day after the accident, shipped over night, put together, and I went and picked it up yesterday and it is at Kyles Bike's in Ankeny getting put together.  Note we rushed the order cause in my head I was still going to be racing come 9/11.  Big THANKS to BEN at BIKEWORLD!!!!!  I will be riding and racing a 2012 model Cervelo P3 Dura Ace.  My power meter is a pro + built into a Zipp 808.  My Joule 2.0 survived the crash and I will be using that for all my power and heart rate data.  The seat is a Cobb V-flow, Pedals are Look Blades, and my shoes well not yet decided but I was wearing the specialized carbon and they are smoked and tore all to hell.  Probably go with the same cause they were really comfortable.

Today I am headed to the gym and will start a lifting regime.  I am going to start back very light today with upper body but going to punish the abs.  I have been eating like I have still been burning 4000 cals a day.  The body, mind and soul still have not adjusted.  We are use to going 100 mph and in a few solid weeks of PT and listening to the body I will be back to where I was.

IM Wisconsin.  If my knee is in place and we are ready to go I am seriously thinking about doing Ironman St. George as my epic ride and run.  It never sells out and the state is BEAUTIFUL.

Again to my family and friends.  Your support and kind words have meant the world to me.  I do not ever wish this to happen to anyone.  2 weeks out and tapering this should have never happened to me either but it did and we are moving forward.

Be safe out there and take care of each other.


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