Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, Sept 9th.....Madison

After a great night of laughs at the Dane and sleeping okay I woke up today and looked out my window and there was the beautiful sun, lake, and people already swimming.  Very jealous was I to the point that I made myself some of the Hilton in the room coffee-note to the world it taste like SHIT!!!!!  Then set off and met with the team at the entrance part of the swim.  Little pain with the knee putting the wet suit on but didn't pay much attention to it.  Started getting in the water and turned wrong and the knee and body reminded me that swimming was a very bad idea.  So I hobbled back to the grass, took off the wet suit, and cried inside, pouted like a baby, and just took pictures.  Yes, I know in order for this too heal I have to lay off it.
Then grabbed some yummy whole wheat and berry pancakes.

Endurance Nation/Coach Rich then gave the 4 keys speech to what appeared to be 50 peeps or so.  He always makes us laugh.  Coach Rich is looking to go Sub 10 hours for his race and qualify for Kona.  Best of luck to you coach and know we will be cheering and following you come Sunday.  I believe we have around 35-40 of our team racing here in Wisc and mark my word there will be some smoking ass fast IM times put up.  The training we do and the plans we follow are for real and proven.  They are proved time and time again.

Then met a training partner and we had to go and spend some cash and time in the Ironman store.  Just think about the cash they are making off of each of these races.  At 600.00 plus dollars a person and around three thousand people racing that adds up.  We got registered today and got our swag bags and not even a cheap t-shirt!!!!  They make you buy the damn shirt.  Which is all fine and dandy with me cause I would rather have a hat vs a shirt.

I still have to say it is the worst feeling in the world knowing come Sunday that all the time, dedication, and training that I did that I will be on the sideline cheering loudly for my team and friends knowing that I should be on that course and finishing the race before the sun set.

Well my wife and daughter fly in this evening so it will be fun to have them here and keep my company.

Well time to PT this left knee.

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