Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 12 of 12

Well today has been somewhat of an emotional day cause it is week 12 of 12 in the training plan.  My phone reminded me and said congrats you made it.  Just upset cause all of the hard work was done and I was tapering when this damn accident happened.  All the road rash is pretty much gone except for a spot on the left medial knee and right above the right ischium.  All my team mates are and have written up their race plans and they look good.  Endurance Nation crew is going to rock this course.

Today is my first day back working in the Emergency Room since the accident.  I am working triage so off my feet and going to try and keep the leg elevated.  My follow up is Sept 13th and hope to have a few more answers then and step up the physical therapy.  Seems to be going great so far.

We are making the trip to Wisconsin to cheer on the team, learn the lay of the land, and see how things work on race day.  We will be returning as a family next year with me racing.

Next year is looking to be an EPIC year for me.  It all depends on my follow up on 9/13 so don't want to get carried away quit yet.  I am planning on a double Ironman year.  i am tackling a couple of the toughest courses on the United States Ironman Circuit :).

Be safe out there and enjoy the weather.


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