Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Monday, September 19, 2011


Well welcome to Monday, Sept 19, 2011.

Things for me are progressing better than expected.  I have my last three physical therapy appointments this week.  This weekend I was able to log some good running miles.  Saturday 7 miles and Sunday 10 miles.  Last weeks total was a total of 24 miles, 100 miles on the spinning bike, and swimming.  I am pretty stiff during the run but things loosen up as we go.  Still with some minimal swelling in the left knee and not able to flex it all the way which makes my gait a little frustrating but working with it.

This morning I went to the 0500 spinning class and was able to log 29 miles, Ave watts were 202, RPM's 93.  We then lifted legs, hamstrings are going to need some special attention this off season.  Quads are starting to fire and coming back to shape :).  Going back to the gym to swim 2000 yards after the little one gets off to school.  Its homecoming here at SEP so she has a fun week ahead of her.

Keegan is playing in two golf tournament's this week so looking forward to watching his progress.  We went golfing this weekend and he beat me by one point.

Looking forward to getting my bike back this week.  It is suppose to be really nice so looking forward to a few nice rides outside before I am stuck on the trainer all winter.  Hoping being on a computrainer will make a little bit of difference for the 3-4.5 hour rides.  Will be riding the St. George and Wisc routes.  I refuse to be in the pain cave until I just can't take the cold anymore this year but at the same time refuse to ride outside if it is below 30 this year.  Did that a few times last year and things got really really cold that should not have.

My final marathon plan is not out the window yet it just wont be for speed but more for fun.  It is Dec 3 in Negril, Jamaica.  We ran this a few years ago and had a blast.  Running through the villages you have the kids run beside you and ask for your Ipods or anything else you have on.  The race starts at 0530 d/t the high humidity and heat.  We fly in the 2nd in the evening and run on the 3rd so there is no acclimation this year.  After 26.2 miles though we get to grab a red stripe and ahhhhhhh jump and relax in the Caribbean Sea.  It is truly the best.  The start and finish is about 3 miles from out resort so it is great for my wife and friends.  They keep jacking with our flights and connections so we will get there but just don't know the time.

Well have a great start to our week and be safe out there.

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