Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

another day in Boji

Well today was a blast and full of good times.

Actually slept in today until 0715!!!!  Loved every minute of it.  No workout today until Troy arrived.  We then took the boat out and went for an approximate 1200 yard open water swim.  Def going to be a wet suit swim tomorrow cause the water was a bit chilly but once in it for awhile it felt great.

After boating with the kids we headed to packet pick up.  Swift and easy.  Informed the race director of the incident that happened on his race course.  He noted it and stated that is why they are having police escorts and several other officers on the bike course tomorrow.  That will be nice :).

Then met at our annual carb loading place for our dinner.  Hell I have did nothing but carb load and eat junk all damn weak and it feels good to just let loose of it all.

Sitting in Hotel now while the wife and children are out looking at shops, the pool and just traveling about.

Have all tri stuff laid out I think.  To bed early.  Morris picking me up at 0530.

My swim wave is 39 and under.  When I asked they stated we all go at once.  Looks to be about 200 in my age group so it should be a good time.  No big goals tomorrow but to just go all out and leave nothing on the race course.

Be safe out there friends.


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