Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day of everything

Alarm went off at 0400. Coffee was made and was mmm mmm good. Actually slept well. Open screen stepped out on deck and noticed it was windy and had rained. It was 66 degree's. 98% humidity, and 13 mph winds. Wanted to get started at 0500 but still to dark and not being very familiar with the area I waited till 0530.
Plan was 4 loops to total 80 miles then run 5.5 miles. The run would be the run course for the tri on Saturday.
Loop one well I got got in the second worst storm of the year. Had to stop and tried waiting the storm out but got cold, started shivering, and hungry. After an hour I got a lift by a guy passing by. Thank GOD cause it rained till almost noon. To pass time we went shopping at three sons.
Second loop the wind was now SSE around 18 mph and snapping me around the road. Gets very interesting when the cars drive right up on you.
Loop three all hell broke loose. We had a man in his 60's get next to us and told us to quote get your asses off the road and on the F'n path that's what my taxes went four. We just continued to ride till he squeezed us off the road onto the gravel and he had the balls to stop. We had our words with him and a couple that were behind him pulled over and told us they had witnessed the entire incident and called the police. Ends up they were driving the tri course for Sat. At this time he wanted nothing to do with the police coming and left. They stayed they had his license plate and were going to follow. They took our info for police. I have not been so pissed in a long time!! Turned that anger to the nine course. My 3rd lap ended at .87 IF

Ended with 60 miles today at .84 IF!! Unfortunately I did not run so hitting my 60 miles of running for the week just isn't going to happen. I've decided to run the 5.5 mile course tomorrow at LRP cause I really want to do well at this tri and feel rested unlike my last one where the run hurt from step 1!! Long run will be Sunday.

Any how the kids are out sitting by the lake watching and trying to catch frogs. Love it;)

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