Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heat and wind today....

Today was the first BIG DAY of the 12 week plan.  Consisted of an hour swim, 4 hour bike ride, and 60 minute run or 6 miles whichever came first. 

Goals for today were to ride at .72 intensity.  Nail the run with the first 3 miles at 9:05 and the last three making a negative split.  Nail the nutrition and overall just have a great time doing it.

Morning weight: 159

Swim: 400 yard warm up, then ladders at tempo pace-200, 300, 400.  Then ladders at tempo pace minus 3 seconds-300 and 200.  100 splits were at 1:21-1:25 today.  Then we had 8x50 with odds fast and evens easy.  Then a 400 yard cool down.

Bike: First 30 minutes were to be at .65-.70 intensity, then 2 hours at ironman race goal.  I was going to ride at .71-.73.  Remainder of ride .65-.70.

Run: 6 miles or 60 minutes whichever came first but nothing over.  First 3 miles at LRP and second three miles to be a negative split.

Breakfast consisted of a Naked Protein shake, 2 cups of coffee and 4 doughnut holes.

Well d/t the gym here in Altoona we can't start until 0700.  That really bites when it is going to get hot.  Swim went well, 4 hour bike got really hot fast and it was much windy then we expected.  Nutrition wise I took in 250 cals of Infitnite an hour, 800 mg of Sodium an hour, a liter of water an hour, I supplemented one GU pack which was an additional 100 cals for the entire 4 hours.  Fluid wise probably close to 1/2 gallon. 

Bike numbers today were not impressive but that is how I learn and can build from here
Entire ride for me was 3:45-needed 4 but was torn down a little too much
Miles: 68
Intensity 0.69
Pnorm-159 (about 11 watts short)
TSS- 169
VI 1.08
MPH 18.2
RPM 82
Pw HR 2.09%
Pa HR 1.86%
Ave HR 143
Ave Temperature 84.2

Kcals burned on the bike 2001

Power at 5 min was 181
Power at 20 min was 171
Power at 60 min 166

So I have some adjustments to make for the next big day and before race rehersal number 1.

Arrived back and off on the run.  I became extremely light headed but attempted to plug away.  After 2.5 miles had to quit or pass out.  Wasn't sure what was going on.

Arrived back home and weighed myself:  The pre workout weight was 159 the post workout weight was 152.3.  I think therefore the light headedness came from the 7 pound weight loss.  That is all new for me cause it has never happened.  Any thoughts or ideas please throw them my way.  I need to increase my sodium intake to 1000 mg on hot days like this.  The wind was in our face for about 35 miles of the ride therefore couldn't feel or see the sweat factor.

Overall I am giving this ride a 3/10.  I am dissappointed with a few things I have to correct and after that we will see where everything else comes into play.

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