Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well yesterday was a fun filled day.  Started out with a 62 mile bike ride early in the mornning on the Ragbrai route.  Was fun to go through all the towns early in the morning and seeing them set up.  Then ran off the bike and legs felt very strong.  During the bike ride my legs felt very heavy and sore so I didn't push it.

We then watched all the Ragbrai people come into town and set up camp everywhere.  Got the bike and tire ready for camp.  Hand washed the car and laid clothing out.  Still this am I have not packed.  But like my wife says....."all guys do is throw things in a bag"  Yep that is me and then get mad at myself when I can't find something.  I can't forget to pack the fan.  I have a large box fan that have have on for the noise.  Started doing it at the fire station cause peeps snore and I am a very light sleeper.  Now I have to have one going or I can't get to sleep.  Last night went up to the concert....watched the Jimmy Buffet tribute band, Grand Funk Railroad, and Cowboy Mouth closed.  Altoona did a very nice job with Ragbrai.  My wife and I heard over and over though that they were camping too far from the concert, they closed the aquatic center, and they had to take buses to the concert and were not going to show.  When we left there was not as many peeps as we thought there would be.

This morning I am heading to Madison, Wisc for a Endurance Nation sponsored Tri camp.  There are 112 people joining me.  Today is a 6-10 mile run, Friday brings a 112 mile bike followed by a 6 mile run, Saturday is a repeat of Friday, and Sunday is a 13 mile run.  We are biking and running the Ironman Wisconsin course.  We are concentrating on learning the course inside and outside, turn to turn and pothole to loose gravel.
Packing all of you that have assisting getting me to where I am today.  You are the MOAB!!!!!  Mother of all bombs!!

Well time to get moving around !!!  Have a great day and be careful out there.

Made it to Madison, Wisc around 1345.  Had a little detour just outside of Dubuque on Hwy 51 d/t some flooding.  Time for some calories and a nap.  Group run at 1700 hours sharp.

Pic of Oki Tri
Well the first run of the camp is in the books.  6 miles in the town of Madison.  Got to see where the swim takes place and where I will be staying come Sept.  Very active city peeps biking, running, rowing, and boating.  We had a handful of people run with us.  We then had our meeting and got to meet coach Rich.  He put on a great talk.  Having a cup of cheerios and off to sleepy land.  Good night all.

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