Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

TGIF!! Run and Swim day

Slept in this am and got started about 10 am.  Woke up and watched some of the tour while drinking coffee trying and hoping my mojo would return.  Minimally sore after yesterdays long run.  Thanks to my recovery drink, Anabolic Recovery Matrix provided to me by Max Muscle through Pat Thomas.  Check the specifics on this drink out here:

Quads and hamstrings minimally sore.  The hamstrings are tight just distal to my gluteal muscles so this are hard to target and stretch.  So got to them by rolling to elongate first and them using a tennis ball to pinpoint and get in deep.  Ahhhh always feels good to feel that release.

Off to the gym to do 40 minute of running with 8 sets of 30 seconds uphill strides.  Incline was from 2-4% and speed during the sets were 9.3-11.  Overall miles today was 5.18.  Weekley mileage after today is 44 miles.

WU-15 minutes at LRP
6-8 uphill 30 second strides
Remainder of run at LRP or MP depending on how you feel

  Then stretched for a few minutes, changed, and got into the pool.  Note the pool I swim in is a 25 yard pool and they keep it around 82 degree's so it gets hot fast.

SWIM:  Weekly total 10.800 yards.

  • Warm up today was 400 yards and I concentrated on front quadrant drills, rolling drills, and bilateral breathing.  Someday the bilateral breathing will get easier, I hope.  Felt weak during the warm up and noted some left elbow pain.  Concentrated on once the arm enters the water to pull all the way through and brush my hand off the hip.  A friend in our local club was watching and noted I was not pushing or pulling all the way through so I was cheating myself.  I have to say I have noticed when this is being done it makes a big difference.  Other issue I have really been concentrating on is the dropping of the right elbow and this is coming slowly but surely.  Over all swim today was 3300.  Today was another day of endurance and then ended with 50's for speed work.
Just think that is Monday through Friday.  This weekend is the bulk of our bike workouts.  Saturday is a 4.5 hour ride followed by a 30 minute run.  We are pushing the bike out just 30 more minutes for a total of 5 hours.  Saturdays bike workout brings us 60 minutes of FTP work then 36 minutes of 85% intensity with the last two minutes of each interval out of the saddle but concentrating on not spiking the watts.  This drill is very difficult for me cause my watts always want to take a jump.  Remainder of the ride is .7-.75 intensity.  Hoping to get 100 miles in. 

Nutrition for Saturdays ride will be 250 calories of Infinite an hour.  This will be mixed in 2-3 hour bottles. I will also have 42 oz of water in the speed fill and will carry gels for supplements if needed.  These are 110 calories each and 60 mg of caffiene.

Sundays ride is 3 hours and the goal here is 100% in the aerobars at 80-85% intensity.  Only time out of the bars is to eat/drink/stretch/pee.

After this weekend we start week 6!!!!!  YEA this is the halfway point.  

  • Wednesday of next week I am riding from Boone, IA to Altoona, IA with some friends in Ragbrai.  
  • Thursday I leave for my Tri camp in Madison, Wisc and will be doing some big time riding and running.
  • Thursday is a piece of heaven cause it consists of a 6-8 mile run.
  • Friday is a 112 mile bike on the Ironman Wisc course followed by a 6 mile run
  • Saturday is a repeat of Friday
  • Sunday we are running one loop of the Ironman Wisc run course.  So will consist of leaving from T2 and running 13.1 miles.   We are then dismissed and heading home.  

The camp is being put on my Coach Rich from Endurance Nation.  He will also be giving his 4 Keys speech, going of the transitions with us and giving other insider pointers.  This will be nice d/t the fact come race day 9/11/11 I will have spent some hours on the course.  

As always be safe out there and always be on the defense when riding.  Remember to be respectful and stop at all stop signs, obey the traffic lights, and when you get the occasional honk and mouth just wave and smile.

GOD Bless!!!!

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