Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, July 29, 2011


Well I see now why they say this is the second hardest course in the United States for a sanctioned Ironman event.  Besides the hills it is very technical.  You are going 44 miles per hour down a hill......well hell there is a sharp left hand turn or a right hand turn or loose gravel.  I am so glad I get to ride this course two days in a row and then come and lay it on the line 9/11/11.  Very valuable to know and understand the course.  Lots of free speed on this course if you know where to catch it and what lays around the corner.

Very hot today.  Applied sun screen but didn't carry it with me.  Had to stop at the store in Verona to by some lip protectant cause these lips were getting fried along with a coke for some instant sugar and calories.  Woke up this a.m. with the aches and thought I had a fever.  Through 800 of Ibuprofen and off we went.  Took another 600 on the course and felt decent.
Hardest to easiest bike course

109 miles in about 5:48 minutes.  Havent downloaded yet but the Joule is telling me.  Pnorm at 162 and goal was 170.  That is 70% of my FTP but it then tells me I rode at almost 73% and was giving me and TSS of 313.  Will know the true numbers when downloaded into WKO.  Burned over 3000 calories and took in around 1200.  I thought I had rode hills before but never to the technicality this animal had for us.  I can see why it eats and spits so many ironman out.  If you are smart on the bike you will have a great run.  If not this EN member will see you walking on the run course as so many have in the past and you can tell me later how awesome your bike split was but then have to walk the entire marathon.  Like coach says a IRONMAN is NOT ABOUT FITNESS IT'S ABOUT EXECUTION!!!!!

Well we then went to the Great Dane for a burger/braut sabdwhich and a beer.  Ahhh Calories.

Now time for a meeting and bed time.

We get to repeat this whole process again in the am.

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