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Monday, August 6, 2012

Four (4) weeks till Ironman Wisconsin

Wow only 4 weeks until my second of three Ironman sanctioned events of the year.  This one will take place on Sept 9, 2012 in Madison, Wisc.  This was to be my first one last year until an unfortunate bicycle wreck took me out for the rest of the season.  What a perfect day it was last year.

Well this past week and today has been a real struggle for me training wise.  I am just constantly hungry, tired, sore, etc.  Looking back through my blogs and notes this is exactly where I was prior to Ironman St George.

The month of July was huge in training stress scores and hours.  The week of July 9 I logged 24 hours and the week of July 23rd I logged 26.4 hours of training (this included the Endurance Nation Tri Rally).  This past week and weekend I was just physically exhausted...the training cont and we had two pretty big house fires...Note the first one was the first time in my firefighting career I have ever vomited in my mask.  The second and please note in the same week myself and Iron Mike Broderick were the first in a multistory complex and physically carried and moved 6 people from the 4th floor.  Yep that added to the soreness.  Yet it was quite fun the use our training and bust open locked doors and seeing people laying on the floor and needing our assistance.  By fun I mean this is what we train for everyday but very seldom if ever get to use.

Today was the start of week 16 out of 20 for training.

Woke up to have a cup of coffee with Alison and see my daughter and Olivia off for the day.  Keegan was at golf practice then off to drum line.  School starts soon and the craziness begins.  My son turns 16 this year and is a Sophomore and Olivia turns 10 and is a 5th grader.  Can't wait to just not train and spend much needed time with them.  I am telling you they are growing so fast.

My last Ironman of the year is in Cozumel and we are arriving a week early to relax, deep sea fish, and just hang out.  Then staying for a couple days after.  This will be much needed family time for us all.

Today was just a swim workout and no run.  I had to skip a couple of the shorter runs last week cause my quads were just fried.  When I say just a swim trust me there was still some work.  I have been swimming with a training partner who really pushes me.  I tend to get lazy in the water and when he is there we go.  After the 400 wu I almost got out of the pool, pouted and went home.  I just was not feeling it.  I had to talk to myself and yep I answered to.  I told myself this is where the mental aspect of Ironman comes into play.

Here was the swim wko:
WU (warm up): 400 yards
MS1: (main set) 8x100 (15") as 50 sprint and 50 easy
MS2: 5x200 (20") and this was to be a negative split
MS3: 3x300 (30") Last 100 of each us @ Temp pace minus2-4 all out
CD: (Cool Down) 300
3400 yards.

Swim WKO from the Garmin:

This week looks to be around 18 hours of training and next week is my last race rehearsal but one long day of training.  So next weeks hours will be around 20.  Then weeks 18-20 we taper slowly.

I can't say how nice it is to have a network of friends that are always willing to ride, swim, and run.  Without this network things would be a little.....well a lot harder.

Tomorrow morning brings in a 0430 bike start with Dr. Chad Johnson.  So it will be a good hard ride probably to Monroe and back or the Colfax, Valeria, Mville loop.  Hills, hills, and hills.

Aug 18 is my race rehearsal.  It will consist of a 112 mile bike or 6 hours whichever comes first followed by a 6 mile run or one hour.  Looking for a gaggle of peeps to join.  Looking to be on the bike and headed down the road by 0600.

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