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Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 11/12....The numbers are in

Well the taper is in full effect now for Ironman Wisconsin.  All the pains that weren't present before are now upon me.  All I ask is please keep the sickness away!!  Lots of hand washing and keeping low for the next 9 days.

Its been quite the ride over the last 12 weeks.  After St George I took a week completely off and then banged out two big bike weeks then back to swimming and slowly introduced running with the high intensity stuff being last.  It was a great transition and will follow those guidelines if possible again for Ironman Cozumel which takes place Nov 25, 2012.

Well the numbers below are starting May first through August 31.  Ironman Wisc is my AAA race and looking to have a great race despite the time on the clock at the end of the day.  This is the race I will push myself to a place my body has never been before.  Still not planning on bringing the suck to me and really hoping not to feel it till around mile 22 of the run.  From there I will reach deep and hopefully be able to pull out some magic dust and finish strong~!!!!

I am very meticulous about my training logs.  I use Garmin Connect software for everything and WKO which is a software with Training Peaks.  The numbers below are from May 1st through August 31.

Count:177 Activities May-Aug
Distance:2,834.80 mi
Time:222:12:02 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:120,243 ft
Avg Speed:18.8 mph
Calories:114,773 C
Max Distance:118.47 mi
Max Power:785 W
Avg Power:171 W
Avg Bike Cadence: 88 rpm

Total running miles: May-Aug

Activities Count:63
Distance: 670.36 mi
Time: 57:09:25 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:12,593 ft
Avg Speed:7.0 mph
Calories:33,489 C
Max Distance:26.14 mi(This was Ironman St George)

Total Swimming Miles: May-Aug

Count:49 Activities
Distance:51.01 mi
Time:35:13:27 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:0 ft
Avg Speed:1.5 mph
Calories:12,185 C
Max Distance:2.67 mi

Total bike miles by the month: (From WKO)

Aug-2012 35:51:22 hours 681.93 miles
Jul-2012 41:04:41 hours 767.86 miles (EN Tri Rally included)
Jun-2012 33:56:46 hours 637.56 miles
May-2012 35:36:33 hours 655.80 miles (Including St George) (Training started for IM Wisc)
Apr-2012 32:00:58 hours 583.61 miles
Mar-2012 48:58:40 hours 827.62 miles 
Feb-2012 29:53:39 hours 493.96 miles (Training started for IM St George)
Jan-2012 28:19:12 hours 493.54 miles (Outseason)
Dec-2011 16:59:26 hours 257.18 miles (Outseason)
Nov-2011 22:07:31 hours 319.69 miles (Outseason)
Oct-2011 19:27:12 hours 369.78 miles (Outseason)

May-Aug Total miles = 2,743.15
Oct-Aug = 6,088.53 miles!!!!  Lots of buttocks time.......

As you can see from the numbers above this has been my second full time job.  Special thanks to my wife Alison whom has allowed me to partake in this hobby.  I work as a full time firefighter so I am on 24 hours and off 48 hours which makes the training hours more conducive.  I also work in the Pediatric ER and have only been working 8 hours a month just to keep my status par.  These workouts have been two a days and sometimes three times a day.  I workout, eat, try and nap, and workout again.  Often meeting training partners at 0400 in the morning and knocking out a 5 hour bike my 0900 then getting the run in and done by 10.  This way I have time to shower, take a short nap, and spend time with the family.  On several occasions I was on the road by 0330 and getting my workouts done before going to the fire department at 0600.  Therefore, after Wisc some downtime, family time will be needed before ramping back up for Ironman Cozumel.  We are excited to be traveling with the family and spending Thanksgiving together in this Carribean destination.

Finished my last big bike wko today.  Now it is all baby steps.  The hay is stacked high in the barn and ready to roll.  Now to stay loose, stretch, and healthy.

See you on the roads!!!!!

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