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Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 9/12

Well week nine is finally here!!  This is my last hard week prior to tapering for Wisc.  Feel like I am peaking again at the right time.  Now just to be able to really keep the diet in check during the taper.  I am riding at 3.9 watts/kg which will really assist me in Wisc on the hills.

On top of this I was lucky enough to get a severe sinus infection and bronchitis.  Finishing up a dose of Prednisone which has me totally wired and a strong bout of Amoxicillin.  Hoping it knocks it out of me cause it really settled into the chest area.

So this week being the last big one really in perspective isn't all that bad.  It looks like this:
Run to include: 15 min Wu with 4x30 strides, then 3x1 mile repeats with a .25 mile recovery.  Run the remaining time at your HMP.
Swim for 60 min to include: WU: 200
MS1: 16 x 100 (20"), as 50 Sprint, 50 Easy Set Total: 1600
MS2: 16 x 50 (20") as 25 Sprint, 25 Easy Set Total: 800
CD: 200 easy
Total: ~2800

Only a swim but a little longer...May switch Monday and Tuesdays swim.  I have to work a 24 hour shift at the FD on Tuesday therefore must do the swim prior to and Mondays is a little less yardage.

The Workout:
WU: 200
MS: 6 x 500(30") @ your RR pace minus 2-3". Set Total: 3000
CD: 100 Easy
Total: ~3300

This is out last test day prior to Ironman Wisc.  This is to test your FTP (Functional Threshold).  I will not be doing the final test d/t the fact I am comfortable at racing at the power number I am currently at.  Again I am riding around 3.9 watts/kg.  Should get my bike back tomorrow from Kyle's Bikes where I had the front crank which is a 53/39 changed into a compact 50/34, new tires, wheels trued up, and new bar tape placed.  Plan is to take it out for a nice 2-3 hour ride and do some .8--.85 intensity riding.  

Last run over two hours!!!!  This will be a 2.5-3 hour run.  Looking for 18-22 miles.  First hour will be around a 9 min pace then hope to finish off with 8:15-8:30's.  

This will consist of my last swim race rehearsal test prior to Ironman Wisc.  So a 500 warm up then 4200 yards.  I will split out each 1000 and try and negative split each of them.  I have to play head games in the pool otherwise I start to go a little crazy.  I can only stare at that black line for so long.  

My last bike/run race rehearsal!!!!  This will consist of 112 mile bike or 6 hours whichever comes first.  The goal is to ride this at my Ironman race pace.  I will be racing Wisc ~ .71-.72 intensity.  Therefore around 182 watts for power.  Should be a nice comfortable ride.  Shooting for a TSS around 290-300.  This will hopefully set me up for the marathon to follow.  Coming off the bike Saturday we have a nice 6 mile run or one hour whichever comes first.  Again this will be at Ironman pace.  So first 3 miles at 9 min and second 3 at 8:15-8:30's.

After this week my slow three week taper starts.  Its nothing overly aggressive but more if a slow steady decrease in all three disciplines.  This will be my second Ironman of the year but my Triple A race.  Again my only goal is to execute this race to a T and come down that finishing chute and cross that line hearing, Carl Noftsger you are an IRONMAN prior to my cut off time of midnight.  

Anything is possible if you just push yourself to the point of no return.  Free your mind and the rest will follow.  


The End Point!!!!

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