Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The week after Kansas 70.3

Kanas 70.3 is over after 12 weeks of training with Endurance Nation.  This was a great race prepped with great training.  For me it was a 39 minute PR from last years race.  My training started in March and it was with EN (Endurance Nation).  I did their Intermediate HIM (half ironman plan).  All my goals were met within the 12 weeks and some were a struggle but we hit them therefore I know I choose the right one.  I was leaning towards the advanced plan but glad I didnt.  Prior to this on Nov 1, 2010 I joined EN and did what is called their OS (out season) plan this consisted of no more than 6 hours a week of high intense short training.  When I started my watts were at 170 and when I finished I was at 236 watts so for me it was a great choice. 
The day of the race was overcast and breezy but the rain held off.  The swim looked like a normal swim.  This was a deep water start. It was a great start untill about 200 yards in then the water was very choppy.  It felt as if you were swimming in a boats wake.  I am sure I drank a large amount of the lake.  I knew that everybody else was in the same boat I was so I put my head down and concentrated on my stroke.  There was a time I could actually smell and taste the oil and gas from the boats.  Exited the water in 41 min and change.  Last years time was 40 minutes.  I knew with the conditions that I was a much stronger swimmer this year and smiled. 
T1 was smooth and much faster than last year.
The bike and the run were great for me.
When I crossed the finish line I gave the EN gangster sign and did the blazeman roll and loved it. 

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