Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great morning run and chest workout

Well today and tomorrow brings a 48 shift at the fire station.  After Saturday all my paybacks are done and then they start paying me back.  I have a majority of July off and all of December so my time is coming and I cant wait.  December 2-December 10 I will be in Negril, Jamaica soaking up the rays.  On December 3rd the twin dynamic duo power and I are running the Jamaica Marathon but after that it is game on. 

This am brought a 4 mile run.  Minimal right hip tightness so I just let loose and didnt bother looking at the watch until I was home.  27:22 was the time so very happy with the mile splits.  Came in to the station early to lift.  Great chest workout followed by 35 minutes of Yoga, stretching, and foam rolling.  Will continue to stretch throughout the day and use the tennis ball to relieve a few tight spots.

Tomorrow morning I have a 1 hour and 50 min run.  Being at the station this will all be done on the treadmill.  We moved our treadmill to a front room area in the station and placed a TV in there so we can workout whenever.  So while everyone else is sleeping I will be striding away.  After this we have 7 long runs left.  They appear to go up by ten minutes every week and top out at 2:30.  I will try and make a three hour run out of one of them.  Need to run my yearly course from the Colfax Fire Department, through Mitchellville, and onward to Altoona. 

Friday brings a 4 hour bike and a brick run:

BikeWU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/z1-2/Easy (150-162 watts)MS:
2 x 15' (5') @ FT/z4-5, 10' Easy.-----oh yesssssss (220-231 watts)4 x 15' (2') @ 80-85%/z3 (185-196 watts)Remainder of ride time is @75-80%/z2, in the aerobars, practicing steady riding: no surges, constant power, etc.
WD: 10' Easy spin.

z1/LRP out-8:30 pace
z2/MP back-7:20 pace30 min total

Saturday will be a day of Yoga and stretching only

Sunday brings a nice ABP (always be pushing) 3 hour ride to Monroe, IA and around.
WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/z1-2/Easy
MS: Spend as much time @ 80-85%/z3 as possible. Take short recoveries as needed (eat, drink, etc), otherwise it's time to work!
WD: 10' Easy spin.

I have a FTP test coming up in the next couple of weeks and see a moderate bump coming.  Would like to be at 250 before 9/11/11 (Ironman Wisconsin).  I am going to challenge myself the next FTP and say it will be 240 from the current 231.

vDOT test also coming up.  I am currently at 49 and would like to be at 52 before Wisc.  Feel like I can be at 50 for sure this next test.  The vDOT is where we get our training paces from.  I have been running now for 15 years and have completed 16 marathons and have to say the vDOT is the best training tool out there and wish I had known about it then.  For my Marathon in Wisc I will be running the first 6 miles at my EP, then miles 6-18 at MP and mile 18-26.2 just put my head down and get it done.  Would like to have my marathon completed in 3:45-4:00 hours.  That is a challenge to myself. 

Ironman Moo 9/11/11
Well my family, friends, and well.........Wishing each of you a great HUMP day.

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