Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday - June 24, 2011


Well after a busy night in the ER I think I finally fell asleep around 0130 and when that alarm clock went off at 0400 it was tough to crawl out of bed.  Coffee was good and strong....Thanks babe!!!

Swim workout this am was:
WU: 400 yds/m
MS1: 200 (10) @ T-pace, 300 (20) @ T-pace, 400 (30) @ T-pace, 500 (30) @ T-pace, 400 @ pace faster than 400 above. Set Total: 1800yd
MS 2: 8 x 50 (20), as odds Fast, evens Easy Set Total: 400yd
CD: 100 easy
Total: ~2700yds/m

Besides being tired the swim went well.  All target were hit.  Concentrated today on good form....rolling and breathing bilaterally every third stroke.  Use to think I would never get the bilateral breathing down but now it is natural.

Going to stretch this am and do yoga. 

Enjoy your Friday!!!!

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