Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday= 4hr ride....

Saturdays bike ride turned out at the start to be cool and beautiful soon to be rain and a little windy.  I was glad I made myself do the ride even though I wanted to be a full energy for tomorrows race.  Wisc Ironman is my Tripple A race and Copper Creek is my c race so the long ride trumped the full energy.

  • 79.86 miles
  • IF .798
  • TSS 230
  • Burned 2400 calories
  • Pnorm 188
  • RPM 85
  • Ave speed was 18.6
  • 5 min Pnorm was 242
  • 20 min Pnorm was 220 so very happy with that.
  • I have to say if I was going to climb one more hill I might have cried
  • Over 2 hours was in the rain
  • Overall very happy with the progress
Rode with the Power Twin to packet pick up for Copper Creek Sprint Tri tomorrow
No T-shirts but we got an awesome transition bag from TYR.  These things are huge!!!!

I am just dropping the hammer on everything.  Plan is to red line the entire race and hopefully have enough juice in the box for the last 1.25 miles of the run cause I am planning on blowing a piston.  If I dont vomit at the finish line tomorrow then I did not go fast enough.

  • Swim goal is 1:33 per 100
  • Bike goal is 23 Plus MPH
  • Run goal is 7:00 min miles
The local club known as aTc (Altoona Tri Club) I heard has over 30 of us racing.  Best of luck to each of you and see you at the finish line!!!!!

Then after the race grab a drink, say hi to the family, and meeting a training partner for a 3 hour training ride.

Have a great day.

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