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Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kansas 70.3 full report....sorry so late...

Overall result: 5:15:43

  • Logistical Note: Note we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. This is on Iowa Street and just over 5 miles to the race venue. This is the second year we stayed here and had been great. The morning of the race they have coffee, bagels, banana's and more for you. Paid 99 dollars Friday and Saturday and Sunday they dropped the price to 65.00. Also the movie theather is 1000 feet from the hotel.
Arrived Friday and headed to the race venue. Training partner and I ran around 6 miles. We went one loop of the run and felt strong except for the nice blister I obtained. Easy fix with needle and duct tape. (stuff fixes all).
  • Packet pick up started at 1500 hours. This went very smooth.
Met a few of the EN folks at on the border at 1830 hours. Had a great time chatting and drinking a few cold ones.
  • Saturday was mandatory bike check in. The Hy-Vee kids tri was going on so we new the traffic was going to be hectic. Met a few friends at a micro brew had a great lunch and then headed out. Again bike check in went smooth and quick. Traffic in and out was okay.
  • Logistical Note: For some reason they cancelled the shuttle bus from the althete parking to T2 this year. The walk from the parking to T2 is about 3/4 of a mile. When you arrive the morning of the race it is pitch black and it is then a guess where you parked after the race. So try and pick out a landmark and remember it.
Saturday afternoon was my large last meal. Saturday night had a couple pieces of pieces and my last gatorade. In bed at 2100 hours and tossed and turned all freaking night as usual.
Sunday morning up at 0300. Ahhhhh Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Breakfast was a banana and a bagel with PB and J.
Headed out to the race site and arrived at 0415. Actually got to park on the concrete and in the very first spot. Very easy to find. We were watching the weather d/t the fact there was storms all around and the wind was picking up.
Off to T2...about 3/4 mile walk. Layed out all the running stuff and nutrition for on the go. At this time they announced it was a wet suit legal race. Water temp was 74.8. Imagine that cause the day before we were told it was 80. No complaints here cause I was wearing a wet suit no matter what.
Logistical Note: Walk from t2 to t1 is around 1 mile.
Arrived in T1 and checked air in tires. Both needed about 40 psi. Then loaded up the nutrition and filled spedfill. Laid everything out and double checked. Then off to watch the pro's.
  • SWIM: Goal was 35 minutes. Last year it was at 41 min. (Actual time 41:08) -About 30 minutes before the start of my heat I sucked down a Roctane GU with 2x caffeine. After waiting 45 minutes after the pros went it was finally my turn. This is a water start. Off we went. At first the water seemed fine and it was warm. Started swimming and holy smokes I wasnt sure if I was swimming next to a wake boat or in an ocean but it was really rough. When attempting to get a breath I was getting smacked in the face by white caps. I told myself to relax and concentrate on my stroke. When sighting the buoys I had to laugh cause there were bodies freaking everywhere. Within the first 500 yards I seen the life guards throwing the saftey rings to people and the boats and bouys had several peeps clinging. I would like to know how many started the swim and didn't finish. The last 200 yards I could taste fuel in the water and was breathing it. This was not good. Exited the water feeling strong. T1 was smooth with no hiccups. Stuffed everything into the t1 bag. This way they would bring everything up to t2 for me and I would not have to make that trip down again. I was very happy with the time given the conditions. Even though I was a minute slower I knew in my head that I had to be stronger this year and if given a chance and the conditions were better I could have met my goal.
T1- 3:08
  • BIKE: Goal 2:50 (last year I was at 3:00) Actual Time: 2:43:36, 20.54 mph. The first 30 minutes I was going to relax as planned in training and get some nutrition in. First 30 min: IF was .80.
  • Bike: Ended up at IF .84, TSS 190, Pnorm 194, VI 1.04, and 88 RPM.
  • I felt awesome the entire bike except for around mile 35 I again got very light headed as I have been getting in my RR so I started taking in a little more Infinite and I was fine. Tried peeing on the bike by sitting and coasting, standing and concentrating and it just didnt work. So I ended up getting off the bike and letting loose in the ditch. It was pee or bladder explode. Ahhhh the relief. I am sure there is a penalty in that but others were doing it and I had to go.  Totals calories estimated on the bike were ~ 400.
  • The hills were fun to ride them this year with EN's philosphy and it was great to cheer on the others getting out of there seats and pushing it. I was the one yelling that a boy get out of that seat = and get up that hill.
  • T2 - 2:46 well not so smooth and my rack was right there. Went past my rack twice looking for it in all the excitement then had trouble racking it cause the bottle were catching. I then decided to throw on a pair of socks cause of the blisters I got Friday.
  • Run: Goal 1:45 (actual time 1:45:05, 8:01 pace per mile) Felt awesome on the run. First 3 miles were dialed in to an 8 minute pace. MP plus 30 sec. Had to make myself slow down. I knew from my RR this was in the books.  Every water station except for one I stopped walked no more than 10 steps but drinking down the fluids.  Did this to be sure I consumed the liquids vs wearing them. My body really wanted to go faster. Miles 7-10 were to be at 7:24-7:30 but I just couldn't hold that pace.  This run has two hills in the same spot cause it is a double loop course.  I made the mistake on the second loop to take a GU they were offering before the hill and chase it with some water.  Well you guessed it....Noftsger did the puke as you run up the hill.  Got a few ewww's and ohhh's but damn it I ran that hill both times.
  •  Last three were survival mode. I still laugh at the last 1200 yards I thought I was flying and look down at my watch and it told a different story!!
Finished the race by flashing the EN gangster sign and with the Blazeman roll. I was very happy with my execution and the 12 weeks leading up to this race.
Now taking a week off, getting a massage and preparing myself for the next 12 weeks leading up to IM Wisc.

Kansas 70.3 is in 2012 is scheduled for June 10th.  See you all there.

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