Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Monday, August 1, 2011


Welcome to week # 7 of 12 with the Intermediate IM Plan from Endurance Nation.

After watching True Blood with my wife last night I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I was so ready for bed so took my ZMA (Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) and some Ibuprofen for my aches and pains I turned the fan on next to the bed and I was out cold.  Don't think I moved until my wife woke me up telling me it was 0630.

Info in ZMA here:

I got out of bed and OMG was I sore.  It was that sore that makes you smile cause you know you accomplished what you were out to do.  Took a quick ice bath, foam rolled, and stretched.  A few cups of coffee and off to the office for the day.  

Took my files from WKO to review cause I was and can't quit thinking about why my variable index from this past weekends rides were so high (1.1).  I was very careful riding the course-meaning I watched my watts, stayed in the saddle, etc.  After getting a few responses from my teammates and the coach we hit the hammer on the head.  My total time of zero watts, meaning I was coasting was over 30 minutes for each day.  That with the hills adds up to the high VI.  Therefore we all know there is a lot of free speed on the Wisc course and things will be done differently.  How?  Well I am glad you asked.

  • I will be riding a Rotor 3D TT (Round 53/39) in the front and a Shimano Ultegra 6600 12-28 cogg in the back.  Note I had a 12-25 for race rehearsal and it was not even close enough for me.
  • I will be coming over the hills and going until I am spun out and then getting right back on it for what lies ahead.  Therefore there will me minimal coasting and a lower VI hopefully.  There are a few spots on the course you just can't help but to coast.
  • Stay aero when feeding, drinking, itching, etc.  
  • Pee on the bike no matter what it takes-ahh now that will feel good.
Well the day in the office was uneventful.  Preparing power point for the up coming recruit class.  I am assisting teach the EMT portion to the new recruits.

After work got the scheduled swim in which consisted of:

WU: 500 yds/m
MS1: 4 x 200 (30 ), last 50 of each is a sprint. 50 Easy
MS2: 5 x 150 (20 ), last 50 of each is a sprint. 50 Easy
MS3: 6 x 100 (15 ), Negative Split. 50 Easy
MS4: 8 x 50 (15 ), as 25 sprint, 25 easy.
CD: 200 easy
Total: ~3000yds/m

Then came home and my wife had dinner ready.  Had grilled chicken and a Turkey hot dog, watermelon, and some of her yummy homemade cookies!!  Chocolate milk for recovery.

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Alison said...

Ohhh papa ! I am so very proud of you and all the training that you have done these past few months. It is nothing short of amazing ! I can't wait to watch you in WI ! Your family will be waiting for you at the finish line !!! We love you !