Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week two comes to a close.

Well week two of twenty comes to a close after today's scheduled 17 mile run which turned into 18.5 miles.

This weeks totals were:

BIKE: 114 miles
RUN: 31
SWIM: 0-note swimming is not recommended in the Out Season with EN.  However starting next week I have a coach that I have luckily apprehended and we will be working on my stroke and technique for 18 weeks.

This week was another week of improvements and accomplishments for me.  Meaning the left knee is really responding to my workouts and lifting.  I lost 2.56 inches of girth from the left quad compared to the right.  Well we are with in .22 inches from being back!!!!

The bike workouts this week were 8 and 10 minute FTP's.  These were all hit pretty easy as was the remainder of the ride.  My rides this week were all 2 plus hours.  Since it is so nice here in Iowa I have decided to continue to ride outside and incorporate my workouts within the long bike rides.  Soon enough I will be on the trainer and I am not a fan of that.  Very hard workouts and just drains me.  Noted I am hitting 300 watts pretty easy and now able to hold for over 2 minutes.  I am seeing a nice bump in my week 8 bike test.  It would be nice to be able to test outside but that is doubtful here in Iowa.

The run this week was also two thumbs up.  My vDOT if you remember dropped from 49 to 44.  My threshold runs are to be at a 7:12 pace.  Tuesday I had a 45 minute run with 2 x 1.5 mile threshold runs.  I was able to hold them both at a 6:38-6:40 pace.  Very happy.  Today we capped our marathon training off with a 18.5 mile run.  We are running these a little slower than usual.  My training partner and I are both gimps right now.  He is suffering from ITB in his left leg and I am not yet 100% with my left knee so we make a great training pair.  We are trying to prep ourselves for the Jamaica Marathon on December 3 in Negril Jamaica.  This will be our second time running this race.  We were both just over 4 hours 2 years ago.  We start out at 0515 due to the humidity and heat.  Afterwards though they have ice cold red stripe waiting on you and you get to soak in the Caribbean sea.....ahhhhhh!!!!!!

I have started lifting again with this out season-why?  Trying to build up the leg muscles, lats, and shoulders for this next season.   Hoping it will add to my endurance training and overall outcome with my races this next season.

Caleb is meeting with a couple business's this coming week regarding our team and charities we are looking raising monies for.  Things are coming together nicely it sounds like.

Got signed up for the biggest cross country race in North America.....The Living History Farms Cross Country Race.  Note this year the race sold out in 4 days!!!!!  It is scheduled for Nov 19th.  I will be coming off shift from the Fire Department so praying for some sleep.  The race is a total blast.  Crossing several streams, its cold, lots of obstacles, and people!!

Well week three of my Out season plan with Endurance Nation is looking tough.  The FTP's are increased to 12 minutes and the threshold runs are mile repeats this week.  My long run this next weekend is 18 miles.  We then back down the following weekend to 12 then up the 19 and the dreaded 20 miler.  We will run two 20 milers before we start tapering down.

Well all be safe out there and train like you mean it.

Congrats to Crowie and Chrissie Wellington.

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