Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Middle of the week

Well this week has been very busy and a lot accomplished.  We are now in week 3 of 20 with the Outseason program with EN.  Things are going well.  Forgot how damn sore I was last year and how deep we have to dig to complete some of the workouts.

Decided to drink the kool aide this year regarding to the swimming portion and only really work on my stroke and technique.  Things are going well cause I have not been in the pool yet.  Funny thing is I don't really miss swimming.  My coach gets back from vacation next week so things will change soon.

Yesterday we lifted chest and legs way hard and then decided to knock the bike and brick run out.  Well the bike was the best one we have had in a long time.  A training partner, Jonathan and I went almost 25 miles in 1:06.  The bike ride was scheduled for 60 minutes and the FTP's were 2x12 min.  We nailed them.

  • FTP #  Intensity 1.036, Norm Power 249, speed 24.1, cadence 90, VI 1.01
  • FTP #  .98 (had to stop a few times), Norm power 237, speed 21.1, cadence 92, VI 1.01
  •  Entire Workout 1:06, 22 miles, Norm Power 210, Cadence 90, 19.9 mph. 
  • Then ran the brick...easy 30 min 3.75 miles at 8:53 pace.  The run I felt tired and had to dig a little deeper than I expected I would have to.
Today workout was 50 min of running and within this 3 x 1 mile repeats at Tempo pace.  The first two miles were at E pace and I thought this was going to be hard.  I felt sore and tired.  After the wu I started to loosen up and off I went.  The repeats were done ~ 6:55 pace and that is all I had.  Ended up with 6.67 miles in 50 min.  Then off to lift biceps and triceps and crush the abs.

Tomorrow morning is a workday for me so I will be doing the bike workout early am.  It is again 60 minutes with 2 x 10 min FTP and the remainder at 80-85%.  Then Friday is a day off.

Saturday is a hell day for us.  The power twin and I have a 18 mile run which we will start at 0400 and hopefully be done by 0645-0700.  Then we have our bike workout which is 75 min total with 2x12 min FTP and 2x15 min at 85%.  Hope to move later that night.  

My next scheduled event this year is a a fun one: Living History Farms Off Road (Cross Country) race.  7,000 plus runners.  Always a fun, cold, muddy, crowded time.  Looking forward to it.  Then we are vacationing in Negril, Jamaica this winter and are running the Jamaica Marathon.  

Well all be safe and train hard. 

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