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Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Middle of the week!!!

The middle of the week brought 1.5 mile repeats for me.  The workout was 45 minutes.  Consisted of a 15 min wu at EP.  Then 2x1.5 mile sprint at TP.  I was able to hold 6:30-6:40 for both 1.5 mile repeats.  Made a very happy person.

Then it was shoulder and back day.  Grrrrr.  Slowly but surely the shoulders are building.  Was able to shrug 315 pounds x 2 (in a smith machine so minus I thing 20 pounds) still it felt good.  Lat pull ups came easy with 65 pound dumb bells.  Then did the daily 200 sit-ups and 100 push ups.  Push ups are finally coming with ease.  On my duty days we have a pull up bar so I try and do 50-75 pull ups.  It is like 4-5 at a time throughout the day.  I am finally able to do a full set of 12 slow and steady though.

The left knee is at ~ 93% now.  I am still not able to fully flex it but I can extend it with no problem.  Very minimal pain with running and no pain with biking.  During PT we found my gluteal media to be weak so we have been concentrating on those.  These ass muscles when this is said and done will be truly buns of steal!!!!!

Tomorrows workout is going to be fun....The morning consists of a very hard leg workout with training partner C. Pike.  Ugly hard!!!!  At 0900 I am then swimming-nothing big but really working and concentrating on my stroke and technique.  At 1300 hours I am meeting a couple of peeps I train with for the bike workout which consists of:

10 minute WU
2x8 min FTP (2)
then the rest at 80-85%.   ****my goal is to not kill the bike workout and stick to the FTP****  I have been going like 110-120% which is more vmax workouts vs ftp and I can't afford to be injured again.  Too much fun coming this next season and I really want to stay healthy and have fun.

Have a great day

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