Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, December 16, 2011


Well woke up after sleeping in a little this morning.  My beautiful wife came in and told me she was getting ready to leave for work and that Olivia was already up.

I got up and had to have my morning cup of coffee.  I am slowly weaning myself from caffeine.  I have been drinking up to 5 cups in the morning and a few soda's throughout the day.  Happy to report I had 2 cups of coffee this am.  Olivia wanted eggs and toast for breakfast so I whipped her up two eggs over hard and a couple pieces of dry toast.  She doesn't like anything on her toast.  She then made an egg sandwich and had a cup of chocolate milk.  It was a daddy/daughter morning.  Love them :)

She then told me that she doesn't want to stand outside in line before school today cause it was cold.  So we headed to school a little later than usual.  Daddy went out and preheated to vehicle to include the seats for her.  When we arrived the line was already going in so she was happy.  She gave me knuckles.....note that is our hug and kiss cause you know for a 4th grader a hug and kiss are embarrassing :).  When she was getting out she said dad don't pick me up from kids club till after 5 cause I want to stay and play with my friends.  Olivia is such a people person and has a heart of gold that goes along with her emotions.  We love that so much about her.

Today's workout was only a swim but was my 1000 yard swim for time.  This tells me what my T time is and sets my workout times per 100 for the next 8 weeks.  Just wasn't feeling it this am but knew I needed to swim.  I am swimming only on Monday and Fridays.  During the OutSeason (OS) with Endurance Nation (EN) we do not swim or it is advised not to swim.  So why most of my teammates are having a rest day on Monday and Friday's I am working on my stroke and technique.

My warm up was 100 swim, 100 kick, 100 swim, 100 kick and 100 swim.  I do not know for sure why but I do not like to kick.  Probably cause I am lazy.

I then set out on the 1000 yard test.  Set out with a decent pace which felt to be about 1:30-35 and just concentrated on pulling through the water and being sure I was rotating.  After 500 yards I was right on target so I then grabbed a pull buoy and swam the second 500 with that.  When I am using a pull buoy I really concentrate on my roll cause it makes it so you don't.

I was happy with my time.  I ended up with a time of 15:20 so around 1:30/100 yards.  My goal is to be around 1:20 come race time.

Note I am going to be swimming a lot with a pull buoy this season cause my first two races being Ironman St. George in May and Ironman Wisconsin in Sept both will be with wet suits.  Therefore, using a pull buoy somewhat mimics the wet suit and allows my hips to float and therefore I can concentrate on my stroke.

After the swim I decided to hit the weight room for a little chest workout.  Haven't lifted since leaving for Jamaica.  So did a quick chest workout and then did my 120/120.  This is a challenge the OS Oct crew with EN are doing.  It is 120 push ups which I do in sets of 20 and 120 sit ups with I again do in sets of 20.  With both the sit ups and push ups I vary them.

My outseason ends on February 12, 2012 and I then take a week off and then flip into a 12 week Ironman plan in preparation for St. George.  This race consists of a 2.4 mile swim ( in a body of water that is around 55-60 degree's---trust me I am hoping for high 60's), a 112 mile bike ride with two very significant climbs in the mountains.  Note I will be coming from the basement of Iowa to the mountains of St. George.  Many state that IM St George is the hardest Ironman in the United States with Wisconsin being the most technical.  I then get to top this off with a 26.2 mile run coming off the bike.  They changed the running course in St. George for 2012 but it was my understanding the run was a very difficult course so the change is welcomed by me.  Once my OS is over I am only going to lift for fun and not often.  Instead, I will be concentrating my efforts on my lower back and abdominal to assist me along the way with my bike and run.

Here is a link to the bike elevation and course in St. Geroge:

Here is the link to the run elevation and course in St. George:

Have a great weekend all!!!!

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