Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cheers from Jamaica.....Friday, Dec 9, 2011

Well I am writing this on our last day here in paradise.  It has been the best trip and the weather as always has been perfect.  Sunny and around 85 daily.  We had one day of rain so that is hard to complain about.  We met up with several of our friends that we have met from around the world and did nothing but just be lazy....soaking up the rays, drinking minimal, exercising, boating, fishing, etc.....

We flew in to Montego Bay on Friday, Dec 2 and then from there took a little 2 engine plan and loved it.  The ladies however were not fans of this.....The pilot was Curtis and he allowed Troy to pilot us for a brief period.  It was stunning to see Jamaica close up in the air vs taking the 75 minute bus ride from the airport to resort.  Our flight was maybe 15 minutes.
Noftsgers and Morris
We then arrived here at the resort, put our stuffs in our rooms, and took a taxi to packet pick up for the marathon the next morning.  They were having a pasta party so we hung around for awhile and chowed.  Alison found nothing to eat so we then arrived back at the resort and she and I sat down and had some fresh red snapper.  Then hung out for a brief period and attempted to go to bed around 8:30 cause we had to be up the next morning at 0330.  The last shuttle running picked us up at 0415.  Well our toilet in the room's handle broke so they had to come and fix it and trust me its island time here.  We got to bed after freaking 2200 hours :(.  As usual we both tossed and turned and the alarm went off before we new it.

Alison and Lea walked ran the 10K and Troy and I ran the marathon.  When waking in the morning I was very sore and just wasn't feeling the best.  Was going to attempt this marathon anyhow.  We hard worked so hard training and logged the hours and I was here.  Two years ago we finished this monster in just over 4 hours.  Well it was around 78 degree's at the start and very humid.  At 0515 off we went.  We were hitting 8:45 -9:20 pace and at mile 10 I was a mess.  I had pain up my left leg into my hips.  I told Troy that I was pulling the plug at mile 13 and he understood.  Sometimes it's just best to do what is right for the body.  I am on vacation and didn't want to hurt for 4 days which I would of if I would have pushed the body.  Yes, it was doable but not happening.  Well finished in a moderate time and then slowly walked jogged the two miles back to the resort.  I met up with my wife, showered and got some calories in.  By the way prior to the race we had coffee cause our resport had no food for us :(.  Afterwards I went and grabbed a cup of coffee and found Morris at mile 23.  It had now heated up to 88 degrees and he was an hour off of his time.  Coffee hit the spot.  I believe he finished around 5:15.....which is an hour over our last time here.  Looking at the ave it was 5 hours!!!!!!  Well I was disappointed in myself so I told myself we are making up for that by hitting the pavement this week.  

Since I am not able to bike while here I turned this week into a high mileage intense running week.  My goal was 70 miles for the week.  That would be a new PR week for me.

After the marathon I had a deep tissue 80 minute massage and holy smokes did she hurt me.  She was the smallest lady I had ever seen and took me down.  Looks are very deceiving :).

Wednesday Troy and I went deep sea fishing and had a blast.  Very high waves and a rocky boat but it was worth the 4 hours. We had 6 of us on the charter and we landed 12 fish.  10 Stripped Tuna and 2 barracuda.  We gave our catch to the Capt and his crew.  Poor guy on board from Holland got sick 45 minutes into the trip and was that way the entire 4 hours.  He was so damn happy when it was over.

Thursday and Friday we just again laid on the beach, played sand and water volleyball, took at the Hobie a few times and relaxed.  Ate dinner with crew in the evening and watched what they called show time.  Last night they had a AWESOME steel band play.  Phenomenal!!!!!

Today we are doing nothing but soaking up the last of the Caribbean rays and swimming in the sea.  Seen a huge sting ray swimming close to shore, caught and gutted a star fish~it's currently drying out.  Alison is getting a full body scrub to get all the sand and dead skin off.  Dinner tonight with the Grego's and to bed.  Planning on getting up early getting our workouts in, eating breakfast and off to the airport in Montego Bay via bus.

The food here had been delish!!!  Fresh fruit, sea food, curry, jerk chicken.....mmmm mmmm mmm.

We have been Skyping our children and yesterday was a little rough.  We were late and or missed our daughter at the time we set up to Skype her.  We decided to come back to the room a little early and try again.  Poor frog she had been waiting by the computer for over 2 hours.  Her little eyes were puffy from crying and boy did she let us have it.  It is getting harder and harder to be away from our two little Noftsger'sKeegan and Olivia on a vacation to Cozumel for 8 days.  We are really looking forward to the time with them.  Keegan will be 15 almost 16 and Olivia will be 10.  We wont make it back to Jamaica for a few years.  

My miles for the week are:
Sunday ~ 5 miles on the beach
Monday~ 7.4 miles
Tuesday~ 7.4 miles
Wednesday ~ 8.25 miles
Thursday~ 10 miles
Friday~ 10 miles

Goal is 7 miles in the morning and hello new weekly PR.....70 miles in 7 days.  I was very sore this am but after a couple cups of coffee and some calories it was game on and it felt great.  Did my main set at 2 mile warm up the 6x30 up hill strides.  I them did 6x800's, 6x400's, and 6x200's.  I them just played around every mile but never going below 7.2 on the treadmill and had it at a 1-2% incline.  Tomorrow's run will be a 7 mile all EP!!!!!!

Well the next blog we will all be home safe in the states.  Be safe out there!!!!

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