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Lake Time
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 4 of 10 Stats

Well week four has came to an end.  This week was harder for me.  Only thing I can chalk it up to was the cumulative build from the week before.  We also got stuck on the trainer for most of our Saturday and Sunday bike workouts.  Total over 100 miles on the trainer.  Just makes it mentally harder.

Stats for week #4

Total for all three disciplines:

Total hours for the week: 20
Total workouts: 16
Total distance: 199 miles
Total Calories burned: 14,900


  • 3 activities
  • 6.56 miles
  • 3:23 total hours
  • Max swim: 3 miles
  • 6 activities
  • 9 hours 
  • 148 total miles (105 were this weekend)
  • Calories burned: 5,300
  • Ave Speed 19.3 mph
  • Ave Rpm's: 88
  • Ave Power: 188
  • Max Power: 556
  • Elevation gain: 3800...not much since most was on the trainer

  • 6 activities
  • 47 miles total
  • 6 hours 38 min total time for the week
  • Monday's are my 2 a day: ran 8 miles of speed work in the A.M. then 8 miles of Temp in P.M.
  • Max distance: 16.33 miles
  • Calories burned: 4900
  • Ave Speed 7.5 mph

As another week closes my 3rd Ironman of the season is approaching.  This will take place in Cozumel, Mexico.  It is on Nov. 25th.  It looks like the ave temp is 85, ave humidity 88-90%, and ave dew point mid 70's (so tropical).  I have been lucky enough to be granted permission to do my mid week bikes inside the pool where it is hot and humid.  

I have been doing 95% of my training with Randy Pickard whom is preparing himself for his first Ironman which is: Ironman Arizona.  It has been a pleasure to push each other along our journey.  We are often up and on the road by 0300.  Yes, I love training at this time.  We do a majority of our VO Max and Functional Thresholds at the Water Works Park.  There is a large loop in the back that takes about 4:30-5 min depending on the power we are pushing.  There is never a car around when we are doing our workouts cause the park is closed at this time in the morning.  The wildlife is beautiful-lots of deer, raccoon, possum, ducks, and skunk.  They mind their business and we mind ours.  Then if there is a brick involved it us usually 30 minutes and we will do the large and small loop which is almost 4 miles.  Therefore, we run it once and we are done. 

 For the long stuff 3 hours plus we have been warming up at water works and taking off from there.  Often to Waukee and we take a bike path that is very technical so we work on our bike handling skills.  Lots of sharp turns and right after one another.  One morning Randy decided to miss a turn and go off into the grass-yep it wasn't me this time so LMAO.  

On the other hand though the first ride after getting my new tri bike back it had rained and I almost went down.  There was dew on the road and wet leaves.  We were banking right and the front tire must have hit the wet leave perfect....we went right then left.....she tried to buck me off but I was able to ride her for 8 seconds.....okay 3 but we stayed upright.  My heart was beating and the adrenaline was flowing.......scared the shitz out of me.  

Week 5 starts tomorrow (Monday, October 15th)  
  • Goal is to approach 200 miles on the bike.  The weather looks to be fair this week so I will be throwing in a few extra bikes.  Will be solo and calling on a few other training partners for some early morning Colfax, M'ville, Bondurant loops.  

  • Monday- 60 min run to include 4x1 mile repeats at 6:30 pace.  Will recover at .25 miles.  This is the A.M. run.  8-10 mile Tempo Run in the P.M.  Then followed by a 60 min swim with several sprints:
  1. WU: 200
  2. MS1: 4 x 200 (30"), last 50 of each is a sprint. 50 Easy
  3. MS2: 5 x 150 (20"), last 50 of each is a sprint. 50 Easy
  4. MS3: 6 x 100 (15"), Negative Split. 50 EasyMS4: 8 x 50 (15"), as 25 sprint, 25 easy.
  5. CD: 200 easyTotal: ~3100
  • Tuesday: 60 min swim-working on endurance
  • Wednesday: 60 minute bike-VO Max and 30 min run
  • Thursday: 2hr30min run tbd at race pace (8:30 min miles)
  • Friday: 45 min run (hills-treadmill with incline 2-4%) and 90 min swim
  • Sat: 4-5 hours as:
  • WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/Zone1-2/Easy
    • 10' (2') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard
    • 12' (3') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard
    • 15' (4') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard
    • 12' (5') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard
    • 15' (4') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard
    • Remainder of ride time is @70-75%/Zone2/Steady, in the aerobars, practicing steady riding: no surges, constant power, etc.
  • Sunday-is always harder for me following Saturdays ass kicker.  This ride is all at .80-.85 intensity: 
  • WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/Zone1-2/Easy
  • MS: Spend as much time @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard as possible. Take short recoveries as needed (eat, drink, etc), otherwise it's time to work!
  • WD: 10' Easy spin.
  • This is followed by a 30 minute run.  To be run at LRP(8:30 pace) but one mile at HMP (7:05 pace)
Well all until next week be safe out there and keep it real!!!!

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