Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week # 3 stats.....Great week of Training

Week three was a increase in run miles for me on top of a century ride.  Actually felt really good.  Goal is to run 50+ miles a week all under 8:30 pace for the remainder of the plan. 

All Three Activities totals for the week:
  • 13 activities
  • Total distance: 210.66 miles
  • Total time: 20:04 hours
  • Elevation gain: 3,787
  • Total Calories burned: 7,386
  • 3 activities
  • Total: 6.02 miles
  • Time: 3:15
  • max swim: 2.39 miles
  • 3 activitie (low mileage this week) Goal is 200+ remainder of weeks
  • Distance: 152.77 miles
  • Time in saddle: 8:41:16
  • Elev gain: 2,815
  • Ave Speed: 18.4
  • Cals burned: 4,268
  • Max distance: 100.08
  • Max Power: 557 watts
  • Ave Power: 180
  • Ave Cadence: 94
Run: Goal for the remainder of the this plan is 45-50 miles a week
  • 7 activities
  • Total: 55 miles
  • Time: 7:08:15
  • Ave Speed: 7.2 mph
  • Max run: 18.17 miles at 8:02 pace
  • Elevation gain: 1875
Week 4 brings in another century ride and this time it is my RR for Cozumel.  This past weeks century ride was Randy Pickards race rehearsal for Ironman Arizona and I went for the time in the saddle and to keep him company.  Happy to report he nailed the bike and was actually over a couple watts so he was happy. 

Now that it is getting cooler the biking pants, coats, gloves, insulated shoe covers are out.  Sometimes its hard to judge what to wear but I am slowly figuring it out.  6 weeks of training left and then Cozumel, Mexico look out cause here we come. 

So this coming week the mile repeats also increase to 1.5 mile repeats at 6:44 pace.  Afterwards I will swim and it looks like the swimming this coming week switches back to interval work then the endurance swim at the end.  Monday brings in another second run in the evening.  That is my goal to get 2 runs and a swim on Mondays.  Then Thursdays are the scheduled usual long run.  This Thursdays long run is 2hrs15min.

Well have a great up coming week and talk to you soon.

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