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Lake Time
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Full Taper in effect......We made it

Well I finished my last what you can call full workout of the plan today.  The rest will be to stay loose and mentally sane!!!  What a year this has been.  I kicked off the start of this on Oct 1, 2011 and will bring it to an end on 11/25/12.  

I was even lucky enough to crash, flip over the handle bars, tear my chin open to the bone, crack my helmet in two different spots, slightly stunned and all because of the Easter Bunny.  Had a buddy drive me to the ER.  I then walked into the triage area.  They proceeded to place a rigid C-collar on me and WALK me to a bed and called a TRAUMA ALERT.  Not sure of the criteria but the doctor and staff were all great.  Not a scratch on white lightning but tore up the training wheel pretty good but can be replaced.  That damn rabbit was no where to be fine.  He was cruising right along me-we were even racing and I remember saying a few things.....He said something to me and did the unthinkable......took me out on purpose!!!!

Noting like last August 2011 wreck where I went down in a pace line going about 27 mph and had a 250 pound Brut land on me......Much worse!!!  Cracked helmet, torn acl, mcl, way to much road rash and a demolished TT bike.......Pic here:  Oh no trauma alert here:) but 10x times worse.

I swear today that if I ever hit the ground like this again and go through the hell I did I was done riding and racing!!!!  Yes take a good look!!!!!

Since Oct 1, 2011 to today I have logged 503 very demanding hard working hours!!!

Here are my stats from the day after Ironman Wisc 9/10/12 to 11/17/12-In prep for Ironman Coz

Total Activities for all three disciplines:
  • Count:115 Activities
  • Distance: 2,003.72 mi
  • Time: 166:50:15 h:m:s
  • Calories: 80,335
Now will break the disciplines down from the same time frame:
  • Count: 26 activities
  • Distance: 48.49 miles
  • Total Time: 28 hours
  • Count: 37 activities
  • Distance: 1,472 miles
  • Total Time: 79.42 Hours
  • Elevation gain: 44,457 ft
  • Ave Speed: 18.7 mph
  • Calories: 56.887
  • Max Distance: 132.98 miles
  • Mac Power: 882 W
  • Ave Power 202 W
  • Ave Cadence: 88
  • Count: 52 Activities
  • Distance: 417.88 miles
  • Time: 51 hours
  • Elevation Gained: 5498 ft
  • Ave Speed 7.6 mph
  • Calories: 33,708
  • Max Distance: 22 miles
So as you can see I am ready to roll.  I have even pushed harder for this race then I did for Ironman Wisc.  This was on the schedule to be my C race but I am treating it like a B race.  Would like to take some time off my Wisc race but can't make any promises.  This will be my first race that I have to swim in the sea/ocean so really looking forward to that.  Never had a bike race where it is completely flat.  My first was in the mountains-St George followed by Wisc.  This bike portion however has its challenges though with heat, humidity, and strong cross winds coming off the sea.  Because of the cross winds we are not allowed to use disc wheels.  The run is also flat, hot, and humid but 3 loops of looking at the same thing over and over.  Loops get in my head.  
This race is being dedicated first of all to my beautiful wife: Alison and my children, Keegan and Olivia.  Thanks for everything.  Truly my Iron Sherpa's.
To our Sponsors: Schalls Heating and cooling, Vermeer, Des Moines Fire Department, Local #4, Travis Audio and Video, STC Tire and Exhaust, Endurance Nation, Chad Johnson, DDS, Legacy Stone of Eastern Iowa, Overbergen Family.  What a season we have had!!!  THANKS!!!
A special thanks as always to Kyle's Bikes and Discount Tri.  You all have made my season seamless without a doubt!!!!!!
In closing I as always will be doing this race for a special person and for a much bigger reason/purpose then just for me:
A good friend of mine (no names being disclosed for privacy) his wife has been battling cancer and just received the news this week that her cancer had spread and is now in her meninges so her brain and spinal cord along with her lungs and liver.  She was given x amount of time.  She has a husband and 2 young boys.  When I start to hurt here there will be NO question for I will go to the deepest darkest parts of hell and grind this out for I know in my heart and soul that when I am about to fall on my face/blackout that the lord will have already dispatched  an ANGEL for me and she will spread her wings and assist me in floating to the finish line.  I thought I was going deep and dark in Wisconsin, well Ironman Cozumel will be the place to push my body, heart, and soul to the limits and beyond.  Will there be tears coming down the chute and when I cross the finish line: WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!!!!!!!!!  There will be nothing left in me physically but those tears. 
So come and follow along.  I can be tracked on 11/25/12 starting at 0700 at Track me here at Ironman live
I just ask that you as my friends, family, enemies, followers give me those special positive vibes all day long.  I promise to soak them all up.  
Once again I have had the time of my life this year but ready for a break.  After Nov 25 I am off until my outseason starts on Jan 7th.  Only races paid for so far are Ironman Kanas 70.3 and Ironman Kansas.  Will do 1-2 more Ironman Branded events but the rest will be close to home.

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