Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday and the first set of VO2 Max intervals

The main swimming pool at Couples Negril with the water fall and swim up bar...Oh how it is calling my name.

Okay so now our mid week runs have a different focus.  We are now running repeat intervals.  Now please note these are at the Interval line and not the repetition line.  May find your pace here:;vdot=50
Note our data tool does not list out our 200's, 400's, 800's, 1000's, 1200's or 1600's.  They are found at the above site.  You wil also notice the 200's are only listed under the repetition line.  I asked about this during last years OS and you will need to add about 6 seconds to that so it falls within the Interval standard.
Also one of our teammates turned be on to this pace calculator.
So go to the vDOT attack page which is the first I listed.  Write down your time and then whether it is a 200, 400 etc.  You will then put in the time needed and the distance in if a 200 then like .13, 400 is .25, 800=.5, etc.  This will spit out how fast they should be ran on a treadmill.
Best of luck to each of you.......

I can not stress enough to PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR vDOT.  You have earned your vDOT which means run that pace.  This is where we will start to see injuries, injuries, and injuries.  We need to listen to our bodies and if we are too sore or run down then please be sure and take a day.  

Well today was Wednesday and my first day of running our intervals. I was scheduled for 60 min and 2x200, 3x400, and 2x200 and then the rest at as much HMP and MP as possible.

I warm up with 2 miles and included 5x30 second up hill strides.

Then set out.....My current vDOT is 46....So I ran all my 200's at 8.8 and a .5 incline, my 400's were ran at 9.0 and a .5 incline. I still felt like I had to much in me so I added 3 more 400's but ran them all at my scheduled vDOT.

I then was able to only hold MP for the remainder. Ended up with 7.6 miles in 60 min.

Came home and seen my beautiful wife, daughter, and son off to school. Grabbed some much needed calories, power nap and then headed to the gym. I then lifted biceps and triceps and knocked out the 100/100. Good day.......

9 days and my toes will be in the white beaches of Jamaica.  We are getting soooooo excited.  This Saturday is our scheduled last long run....well 10 miles so just a little jog around the block

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