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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 got a head of me

Wow off to a blazing start already.  Close my eyes and relaxed after my last event and January is almost gone already.

Lots happening this year and it looks to be an even more exciting year then last believe it or not.

I am continuing to train with Endurance Nation and am currently in the OS-OutSeason Advanced Plan week #3.  Things started off a little frustrating on the bike d/t the fact I laid down 2 of the very demanding tests for my FTP and came in respectively at 236 the first and 232 the second.  I was frustrated cause my last outside FTP was 270 back in May.  Then I started thinking a majority of my rides were no higher then a .85 intensity and I had done 3 Ironmans since and did a successful running block leading into the tests.

Well during the past 3 weeks my FTP has been climbing and this was noticeable right away cause the workouts were just too easy and the loaded FTP of 236 and the ending IF's were all well over 1.0.  Then yesterday I did two bike workouts and the last was a 60 min VO max efforts and I ended with a 1.065 intensity and a normalized power of 253.  My best workout of the year.  So I did adjust my FTP to 250 off of that workout.  I always ride 20-25 watts lower indoor on a trainer so that puts my back to my last outdoor test!!!!  Makes me happy.

Now my vDOT was improved by a point from my last test which was like last February.  I was a 50 then and my test this Jan I was able to score a 51.  Very happy and the workouts are going great.  I am running over the paces currently so I really believe I may see a jump in my vDOT coming in week 8's test.

I was recently accepted on to a local bike racing team called: Sakari Racing.  Excited about that and doing a few crits this year.
Here is our community face book page: Sakari Racing

Currently on Saturdays we have been riding 2-3 hours and still building as we prepare for the Ironglüt Deux coming on April 7th.  This is an indoor century ride.  You are riding your bike on a trainer and you get a total of 6 hours to complete the ride.  I finished last year with only 5 minutes to spare.  Would like to improve that this year.

Also I am remaining on team IM4RM this year as we continue to raise awareness and monies for Children's Cancer Connection.  The website has been getting daily updates and we are starting to look good.  The sponsors are flowing in so that makes us happy.  At the end of the month our fearless leader Caleb Pike will be getting our racing kits ordered.  Be looking for one of the most bad ass racing kits on the circuit this year.  You can find our web page here: IM4RM



Anonymous said...

BOOM!! Nice to see you're catching up with the craziness that is 2013 ;)

Carl F. Noftsger said...

Thanks for following and commenting!! Appreciate it.