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Lake Time
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week # 4 of OS and the build to Ironglüt

After digging deep last week and trying to fit everything into a few days the lesson was learned.  Funny thing is I new better then to do what I did but didn't want to miss a workout.  Funny how it feels good during and right after but each days wears on the body and by the fourth day your body gives you the warning signs of take a day or two off or we will lay you up with an injury.  The point was taken and I had Friday and Saturday off.

Come the start of week 4 I was ready to roll.  During this week I added a few more bike workouts from the SufferFest rides and videos.  Great workouts and really pushes you to the max.

Note I am also cont to build for Ironglüt.  This is an indoor century ride that must be completed in 6 hours or less.  Last year I completed it with about 10 minutes to spare.  Hoping to knock a lot of time off of that!!!  This is put on my our local racing team and all monies raised goes to benefit Children's Cancer Connection.  So on the scheduled Saturday rides we have been increasing the time in the saddle over many weeks.  Our hopes are come April 7th we are able to handle the 100 miles on a trainer and at the same time enjoy the event.

Click here to check it out: IM4RM's Ironglüt


  • Swim-5,000 yards.  Worked on rolling, bilateral breathing, and lots of propulsion drills.  Ended with a few 100's, 200's, and 300's.  I always warm up with a very easy 1000.
  • Monday evening I downloaded my first Sufferfest video and was like a child the morning of Christmas.  I just had to try it out.  This workout was called, "The Wretched".  They named it appropriately cause it was difficult but fun.  This was done in lieu of Tuesdays FTP work.
  • Duty day at the fire station.  I showed up early before shift and knocked out the prescribed 25 minute run at my EP(easy pace)-8:20 plus 5 up hill strides.  I do all of my running in the winter on a treadmill unless its above 35 degrees.  Up hill strides are done for me at a 4% incline and a pace around 6:20-6:00.  

  • Today was the prescribed 60 minute run with the main set being 2x1.5 mile repeats at TP(threshold pace) 6:44 pace.  
  • I warmed up for 1 mile which also included 4x30 sec strides.  
  • 1.5 mile repeats were done on 10:05 and 10:07
  • I then did 3x1 mile repeats with 2 min of EP running as rest in between each set.  They were done at 6:40-6:44 miles.
  • All were ran at a 1.5-2% incline
  • New 2013 record for me.  8.7 miles in 60 minutes
  • In the evening it was time for Sufferfest video #2.  This one was called, "The Hunted".  It was working on FTP's and then in the middle of the FTPs it threw in a few VO Max.  It was fun.  Struggled a bit during the 20 min FTP but came back and finished strong.

  • Today was the prescribed VO Max work.  With these the goal is to hit 120% of your current FTP.  My current FTP is 250 so my goal was 280-300.
  • Was a bit worried after doing yesterday big run and bike
  • Started out in the warm up and felt great and away we went.  
  • Had a great wko with all targets hit and was able to finish the last 12 minutes strong.

Logistics so far for week #4.  All info from Garmin Connect

Count:6 Activities
Distance:72.85 mi
Time:6:09:29 h:m:s
Calories:3,341 C
Max Distance:19.48 mi
Max Power:612 W
Avg Power:220 W
Avg Bike Cadence:82 rpm
Count:2 Activities
Distance:11.97 mi
Time:1:25:00 h:m:s

Count:3 Activities
Distance:58.04 mi
Time:3:00:00 h:m:s
Avg Speed:19.4 mph
Calories:2,392 C
Max Distance:19.48 mi
Max Power:612 W
Avg Power:220 W
Avg Bike Cadence:82 rpm

Count:1 Activities
Distance:2.84 mi
Time:1:44:29 h:m:s
Calories:949 C
Max Distance:2.84 mi

  • This is a scheduled day off.
  • 46 miles of biking with overall intensity of .86
  • Run 13.1 miles in 1:27:11
  • 1000 yard swim to loosen up and then soaked in the hot tub
  • 60 min ride...last Sufferfest vid of week......92 intensity

Week 4 totals:
Week 4 totals: 11 hours47min31sec
  • Total bike time: 6:31:37......123.46 miles
  • Total Run time: 3:10:16.....33.04 miles
  • Total Swim time: 2:05:38......3.51 miles
  • BOOM!!!!! next up......OSADV Week #5

Jan 2013 totals for the month:
  • Swim 8.01 miles and 5:26 hours
  • Running: 111.41 miles and 14:30 hours
  • Biking: 325.25 miles and 17:22 hours

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