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Monday, September 17, 2012

Week # 1 of 10....Leading up to Ironman Cozumel.....#3

Well received an email last week that this race has sold out for the 4th year in a row.  This will be Ironman number three this year for me and my last race.

Training started today and will consist of 10 weeks.  The plan is working out 7 days a week and 6 of the days are two a days.  It will repeat with some minor changes and will look somewhat like this:

  • Mondays- 60 min run which the main set are all intervals of 1, 1.5 or 2 mile repeats.  This is followed by a 60 min swim which is usually sprint work.  I however usually do the swim first and then the run otherwise my feet and toes tend to cramp up on me.
  • Tuesdays-is usually a 60 minute swim and will often mimic Mondays swim.  I usually do the prescribed workout from Endurance Nation and then add whatever is left to get 4500 yards in.
  • Wednesday-This is the first bike of the week and is 90 min long with 60 min of that being functional threshold work.  This is followed by a 30-45 min brick with speed built into the middle.
  • Thursdays-are always my long runs.  This Thursday is a 2hr10 min run.  Note in my plan I don't run anything over 2hrs30 min.  Note this is the plan I have followed the last three years and netted me a sub 4 hour marathon at Wisc.  Lots of speed work built into the middle of the run.
  • Friday-45 min run and I concentrate on hills.  These are done on a treadmill.  I start at an incline of 1% and end at 4%.  Great workout.  This is followed by a endurance swim from 60-90 minutes.  Looks like most of my Fridays swims are 90 minutes.
  • Saturday-This is a 4 hour bike with the first 60-75 minutes being FTP work.  Then it switches to .80-.85 intensity then the rest usually at .7-.75 intensity.  This is followed by a 20-30 min FTP
  • Sunday-3 hour bike and 30 min run.  This is the hardest workout of the week for me.  Its a mental game cause I am sore from Saturdays ass buster.  It is also all at .80-.85 intensity.  ADL riding....all day long.  Note all the bikes are done in the aero position and on a tri bike.  
Logistics on Ironman Cozumel:
  • The swim is an ocean swim.  We swim 1.2 miles out into the current and then turn around and swim back 1.2 miles with the current with us.  Ave water temp has been 85.  Will be wearing a TYR Torque.
  • The bike is a 3 loop venture.  We are not allowed to bike with a disc wheel d/t the severe cross winds.  Reported at times up to 40 mph.  Sounds like it is on the south side of the island. 
  • The run is a three loop venture and is flat.
  • The downside it is hot, humid, and with a high dew point.
Ironman Cozumel course description  Click to review more details

We will be flying into Cozumel directly on 11/21/12 and bringing the whole family.  Looking forward to having them all with me for this venture.  Will be there 5 days before the race and a few days after.  Hoping to be able to somewhat acclimate.  

My Wednesday rides will be inside a pool room where it is very warm and humid.  Will also be changing my Infinit to a more sodium base.  My goal is to up this cause I loose a lot of sweat which in turns takes away my sodium, chloride, potassium, etc.  

I have a lofty goal for this race but this could turn out to be the hardest race of the year with the heat, humidity, due point, and wind.  

I'll be racing with a 53/39 since the bike course is flat and maybe even a 54/42.  We will just have to wait and see.  Will leave the 28/11 for now and more then likely switch over to a 12/25.

So today was my first workout since Ironman Wisc.  The workout was a 60 min run to include 2x1.5 mile repeats.  Warm up felt great with 4x30 second strides.  Into the first interval I had to change the 1.5 mile repeats to 3x1 mile repeats.  Still feeling a little fatigue I believe and my HR was 180 which is way high for me.  Ended with 7.3 miles in 60 min.  Then off for the 60 minute swim.  Felt GREAT.  The workout was also intervals to include 50's, 100's, then a couple 300's and a cool down.  Ended with 2600 yards in 53 minutes.  

Recovered with some stretching and my recovery drink which is ARM (anabolic recovery matrix) from Max Muscle.  

That puts a wrap on week one for now.

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