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Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011.....Recovery run

Well today was my first run since KS 70.3 and I still am a little sluggish in the run.  Ran some hills today but only at my EP.  Right knee and hip yelling a little but nothing a little foam rolling stretching, and YOGA can't handle.

Run Info below:

  • My EP is around 8:40.
  • So for EP + 30 sec = ~ 9:10 min miles.  So right now this is what the first 6 miles of my marathon in Wisc will be following the 112 mile bike ride.  I then drop to the 8:40 pace till mile 18 and from mile 18 on it is put your head down and get it done.
  • Note my running numbers are derived from the Jack Daniels formula known as the vDOT.  My vDOT is currently at 49 and I am hoping to be around 51 come Kanas. 
  • Info on Vdot =
Special thanks today for a few of my sponsors who have been assisting me along my journey:
  • My FAMILY- I can't say enough when it comes to my wife Alison, Son Keegan, and daughter-Olivia.  They push me and hug me, and love me.  They come to the pool and time my laps, they stand around for long periods of times at the races and  when they see me who is the first to yell and meet me at the finish line.  Thats right your guys are.  I love you more than anything in this world.  Thanks.  To my wife Alison, sorry this sport is not cheaper but the little mini vacations we get to go on and take our children on are priceless.  Next year is already looking to be the experience of a lifetime.  Lots of fun places and races.
  • Team ENDURANCE NATION-  Take a minute and check them out.  I started in Nov and raced Kansas 70.3 for the second time this year and had a 39 min PR.  They are the real thing and it doesn't cost a house mortagage to be on the team. 
  • Dr. Swain - for keeping my back/hips/muscles in alignment.  The taping of the lower back made a huge diff in Kanas.  No right foot numbness and no lumbar pain.  You are the best.
  • Pre and Post massage coming in live is Teresa Faust The one hour deep sports massage is da bomb.  If you are close check her out.  She is a private massage therapist and works out of her home. 
  • Kyles Bikes out of Ankeny, IA.  The only team allowed to touch the Princess (yes my Cervelo).  I get everything thing there from Bike work, shoes, nutrition, etc.
  • aTc - If you are from central Iowa and looking for a second or third family this is the place to be.  We strive for family involvement and you see this from the team meeting, to our gatherings and even at our competitions its all about family.

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