Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011


After Saturday's disappointing workout I got up this morning feeling sore but pumped for a workout.  A buddy was going out for a ride and a run and wanted to be pushed a little so I thought maybe I could be the guy for that.

Again here in Iowa the weather this am was very humid but comfortable.  Very calm wind when we started out put it picked up straight put of the south.

Nutrition on the bike was one bottle of Infinite=250 cals.

Duration: 1:58:58
Work: 1235 kJ
TSS: 127.2 (intensity factor 0.806)
Norm Power: 186
VI: 1.08
Distance: 40.082 mi
Elevation Gain: 907 ft
Elevation Loss: 897 ft
Grade: 0.0 % (15 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 442 173 watts
Cadence: 33 239 85 rpm
Speed: 0 35.4 20.2 mph
Pace 1:42 0:00 2:59 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 25 6 lb-in
Altitude: 876 1084 1000 ft
Crank Torque: 0 629 171 lb-in
Temperature: 75.2 80.6 76.4 Fahrenheit

We then decided on a 40 minute run


Avg Moving Pace:08:13 min/mi
Best Pace:06:02 min/mi
Very satisfied with todays overall workout and giving it a rating of 8/10.  Today was suppose to be a day off but I have decided to make this my big bike and run week.  Minimum of 2-3 hours of biking per day and a 30-45 minute run.  Taking Friday off to have 24 hours of rest for the Okiboji Tri this coming Saturday.
Following the Endurance Nation Intermediate Ironman plan...well I veer off once in awhile but hardly miss a prescribed workout.

If you have not check them out and want to take your racing to a new level and get more education then you ever thought of and actually understand it then check them out:

My Power output started at 171 on Nov 1st 2010 and today according to WKO I am at 240.  I can see it and feel it in my workouts and race. 
My running started at a vDOT of 45 and I am currently at a 50!!!!

If you are looking for a local coach and one that will spend some time with you check out:

If you are wanting to join a local club then check out:

Best of all they understand we have families and a job.  The training plans are so doable!!!!!!!
Avg Pace
100:08:30 1.00 08:30
200:08:27 1.00 08:27
300:08:39 1.00 08:39
400:08:16 1.00 08:16
500:08:00 1.00 08:00
600:00:06 0.01 08:40

Well I couldnt take it so I went and got my swim for tomorrow done a day early so I could just worry about biking tomorrow before work:

Speed + Endurance

WU: 500 yds/m
MS1: 3 x 100 (20 ) Descend 3 x 100 (15 ) Descend 3 x 100 (10 ) Descend Set Total: 900
MS2: 4 x 50 (20 ) Descend 4 x 50 (15 ) Descend 4 x 50 (10 ) Descend Set Total: 600
MS3: 400 any pace you like, counting strokes and focusing on form.
CD: 100 easy
Total: ~2500yds/m

Felt great but it sure does look easier on paper.  Stroke coach was assisting my.  Felt the push all the way through and was hitting 25 yards in 16 strokes.  100's are hitting 1:20-1:21 slightly uncomfortable still but hell of an improvment for this old man!!!!

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