Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long bike and run

Well the alarm went off at 0300.  Slept well and felt rested.  Thanks to my beautiful wife for setting the coffee for me cause it was mmm mmmm mmm good.  Took in my vitamin packet from GNC to include Nitrox, glutamine, creatine, and more.  Had two cups off coffee and a glass of water.

Nutrition for the 4.5 hour bike included Infinite 250 cals per hour and back up was Roctane Gu with caffeine at 110 calories each.

Chance of rain was 50% and the wind was East at 14 mph.  Very humid and Dew point in the 70's again.  Tropical out.

Meeting a friend this am at 0400 whom is riding till 0700 with me then hooking up with a few more members of the aTc at 0700.

BIKE workout this am was brutal for the first 90 minutes thanks to all the FTP work.

270 Minutes
WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/z1-2/Easy
  • 8' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 10' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 15' (3') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 10' (4') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 8' (4') @ FTP/z4-5
  • 5 x 12' (2') @ 80-85%/z3; for each interval include 2' standing WITHOUT spiking watts or effort, ie, standing for position change only.
  • Remainder of ride time is @75-80%/z2, in the aerobars, practicing steady riding: no surges, constant power, etc.
WD: 10' Easy spin.

The FTP numbers: Note my FTP or 100% is 247.  These are to be done at 95-100%.  Overall very happy.  Note this is my first test with the new numbers.  

Duration: 8:02

Work: 117 kJ
TSS: 13.2 (intensity factor 0.994)
Norm Power: 246
22.1 mph
92 rpm
HR 154

Duration: 10:05
Work: 145 kJ
TSS: 16 (intensity factor 0.976)
Norm Power: 241
Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Cadence:  93 rpm
Speed:  26.5 mph

Pace: 2:16 min/mi
Temperature:  75.2 Fahrenheit


Interval 5:
Duration: 15:04
Work: 210 kJ
TSS: 22.2 (intensity factor 0.94)Norm Power: 232
Heart Rate:  155 bpm
Cadence:  92 rpm
Speed:  23.3 mph
Pace  2:34 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 75.2 74.6 Fahrenheit

Duration: 10:06
Work: 138 kJ
TSS: 14.3 (intensity factor 0.923)
Norm Power: 228
Heart Rate:  151 bpm
Cadence:  85 rpm
Speed:  19.6 mph
Pace  3:03 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 75.2 74.9 Fahrenheit

Interval5-Duration: 8:06
Work: 107 kJ
TSS: 11 (intensity factor 0.901)
Norm Power: 223
Heart Rate:  147 bpm
Cadence:  86 rpm
Speed:  19.8 mph
Pace  3:02 min/mi
Temperature: 73.4 73.4 73.4 Fahrenheit

Entire workout:
Duration: 4:32:55
Work: 2826 kJ
TSS: 269.3 (intensity factor 0.768)
Norm Power: 190
VI: 1.14
Pw:HR: 10.87%
Pa:HR: 0.59%
Distance: 93.455 mi
Elevation Gain: 1897 ft
Elevation Loss: 1955 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-66 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 136 bpm
Cadence:  88 rpm
Speed:  19.4 mph
Pace  3:06 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 410 6 lb-in
Altitude: 820 1044 952 ft
Crank Torque: 0 749 161 lb-in
Temperature: 73.4 78.8 75.2 Fahrenheit

Bike overall felt great.  Got caught in two down pours that lasted about 20 minutes each.  The first one felt great cause I was dripping wet and started to smell so it was like a natural shower.  The second one was during the last 20 minutes of my ride so I was just ready to be done.

Again need to pay attention to my intake (nutrition) I only took in 2 hours worth of infinite so 500 calories and one gel at 110 cals for a total of 610.  I did make a stop though at Caseys and got a full strength coke and drank 1/2 of that but not sure the calories intake.  I had no effects regarding the nutrition.  I felt great on the bike.  Wore my bibs and was without butt or taint pain.  No chamois butter either.  They just stay put and don't move.  Not so sure I wont be wearing them in my race.  So far they are by far the most comfortable.  

Arrived home and it was till pouring rain so I decided to quickly change go to the basement and run on the treadmill.  The run was 30 minutes.  First 15 at LRP which is 9:05 for me and the second 15 was EP or MP but needed a negative split.  I ended up at 3.57 miles in 30 minutes.  I started at 9:05 and played each quarter moving the speed and incline up and down.  Held the Marathon pace for the last 10 minutes with a 2% incline.  Felt really strong throught the entire workout today.

Tomorrow brings a 3 hour bike ride at 80-85% concentrating on staying in the aerobars!!!  Usually Sundays are a challenge for me.  No the three hour ride but holding the 85% the entire time.  We will give it a strong go though.

Watched the tour and good for Evans!!!  He delivered when he needed to.

Going to watch the Zoo Keeper tonight with Olivia and Alison. 

Have to throw in a plug for our local tri club, aTc (Altoona Tri Club) we are putting on our 3rd annual 5K race which is called STINKFOOT. 

It is October 2nd and benefits a great cause please check it out and sign up. Wish we would be there to join you all but we will be in Pierre, South Dakota celebrating Alison's parents 50th wedding anniversary!!

You can register direct on our website www.altoonatriathlonclub.c​om. Proceeds to benefit AT Cure, www.atcp

Time for some calories and a nap.

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